Free Marzieh Hashemi: African-American Muslim Revolutionary And Press TV Journalist Targeted By The FBI For Her Anti-Zionism

by Jonathan Azaziah

The United Snakes of IsraHELL’s war on African-Americans and Islam continued in utterly wretched and absolutely vile fashion tonight as it was confirmed that Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV, was detained at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri by the FBI this past Sunday. She has since been transferred to a detention facility in Washington DC. No charges have been filed against her and to add insult to injury, the Feds are also denying any information to her family as to why she was illegally nicked in the first place. She had traveled to America to visit her sick brother and other family members. Most despicably of all, she was shackled as if she was some sort of a murderer destined for a maximum security stint and her hijab was ripped off. The bag of swill that is the FBI even snapped mugshots of her once she arrived to the prison while her hair was still uncovered. And putting the cherry on top of the imperialist sundae, when they finally offered her some food, it was swine. She hasn’t had anything to eat but a small bag of crackers in the last 48 hours. Beyond unjust, the FBI’s actions — true to its historical behavior and raison d’être — are anti-Black and wildly Islamophobic.

Astute political analysis isn’t needed here at all. We know damn well why the parasitic Feds stuck their talons into Marzieh Hashemi. Born Melanie Franklin, and just like fellow Black/African revolutionary luminaries Mujahid Abdul Karim and Sheikh Zakzaky, she joined the Shi’a Islamic school of thought not too long after the Islamic Revolution prevailed in Iran. She is a gifted Mouqawamist personality, intellectual and guerrilla journalist who has been challenging World Arrogance for as long as she has been immersed in the light of Islam. She has had ZERO issue calling out Yahoudling ownership of the media. She has had ZERO issue with stating bluntly that Zionists were behind 9/11. And she has had ZERO issue calling out ‘Israel’ and the American ZOG for every psychopathic atrocity they have committed against the Ummah and the Moustazafeen at large, most especially Palestine, of which she has been an impassioned supporter and defender. Her work on Press TV, from around-the-clock reporting on key issues like Yemen, Kashmir and Syria, to documentaries, short films and interviews, has been critical to the counter-assault against the hegemonic media of the Empire.

Mrs. Hashemi is now the fourth African-American Anti-Zionist in recent weeks to come under fire from Dajjal. First there was Marc Lamont Hill, who was canned by CNN – controlled by ‘Israeli’ terrorist Aviv Nevo – and nearly lost his professorship at Temple because he simply said Palestine should be freed “from the River to the Sea” during his UN speech. Then there was “The Color Purple” author Alice Walker, who faced a proverbial media firing squad for writing a poem that called out the evils of the sickening Anti-Gentilism in the Talmud and also noting she was reading a book by David Icke that happened to be critical of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Then veteran struggler Angela Davis had a human rights award stripped from her in Birmingham, Alabama after pressure from the Zionist Lobby. In Marzieh’s case, her detainment by the FBI comes RIGHT on the heels of the Clarion Fund, an Islamophobic organization founded by ‘Israeli’ wingnut Rabbi Raphael Shore and bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, attacking her for participating in the 2018 MSA-PSG conference. That’s not a coincidence.

Nor should this be mistaken for a recent phenomenon. We know, historically, how Washington and its “law” enforcement agencies have actively sought the silencing of Black revolutionaries. Especially Black Muslim revolutionaries.

The American regime murdered Fred Hampton (rip)–with help from the Zionists; the fake “human rights” lawyer Luis Kutner ratted him out to the Feds.

The American regime murdered Malcolm X (R.A.)–with help from the Zionists; the ADL and the Mossad had been spying on him heavily up until the moment the bullets flew in the Audubon Ballroom.

The American regime murdered Martin Luther King Jr. (rip)–with help from the Zionists; the ADL was spying on him too, increasingly so after he had turned against his former handlers Stanley Levison and the American Jewish Congress and planned on meeting with the PLO.

The American regime murdered Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad (R.A.)–with help and more than likely direction from the Zionists, who have been trying to destroy the Nation of Islam for decades.

The American regime murdered Malcolm Latif Shabazz (R.A.)–with help from the Zionists, just like they did to his grandfather, out of sheer fear over what the young Shi’a Islamic trailblazer could have achieved.

Now the American regime is wrongfully imprisoning Marzieh Hashemi with the aforementioned help of the Zionists. As we noted in our opening, the United Snakes of IsraHELL’s war on African-Americans and Islam continues. Her arrest exposes every grotesque facet of America: Its Anti-Blackness, its Islamophobia, its symbiosis with Global Zionism, its oppressiveness, its hatred for women, particularly Women of Color and Muslim Women of Color at that, its disregard for democracy, its disrespect towards the actual rule of law and its governance through the thuggery of its intelligence agencies.

The sister must be freed immediately. Every Muslim and supporter of the oppressed, the truthful, the just, the free and the resistant must do what they can to make it so. Speak up. Speak out. And speak loud. Death to the American ZOG. Death to Global Zionism. And death to the hateful, monstrous, racist FBI. May anyone who participated in this egregious incident never live down what they’ve done… Either in this life and the next. #FreeMarziehHashemi

4 thoughts on “Free Marzieh Hashemi: African-American Muslim Revolutionary And Press TV Journalist Targeted By The FBI For Her Anti-Zionism”

  1. Indeed!! I found this originally at Press TV, where I enjoy watching Marzieh on “The Debate”. This is getting beyond ridiculous and these pusillanimous, pompous pigZ need their asses handed to them big time for arresting her. She’s guilty of nothing and should never have be touched by their filthy claws!! What utter gall! What BULLSHIT!

  2. Free Marzieh Hashemi
    Marzieh’s power has shaken the Zionist in the world, resulted them sending their thugs to cause trouble for her, but these thugs & their masters don’t realize she is powerful than them.
    Death to united terrorists & israhell , long live justice.
    FREE Marzieh Hashemi, coward, cheap, blood thirsty empire.


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