For Land Day 2019, Martyred Palestinian Hero Omar Abou Layla (R.A.) Lights Our Way

by Jonathan Azaziah

Land Day, Youm al-‘Ard, has been commemorated annually in Palestine since March 30th, 1976 when the usurping Zionist entity, in full, unfiltered, hateful, anti-Gentile rage, launched a murderous crackdown on Palestinian protesters in Al-Jalil (the Galilee) who were demonstrating against the ‘Israeli’ theft of two ancient Palestinian towns. At least 6 Palestinians were martyred while hundreds of others were wounded and arrested. The pieces of real estate in question were Sakhnin and Arrabat al-Battouf. This was part of the overall Judaization of the Galilee that had been in effect since the Nakba and as DFLP leader Nayaf Hawatmeh reminds us, the explicit goal was create a Jewish majority in the area through the construction of 8 Jewish industrial villages. And while there were strategic reasons for this aggression, with Sakhnin producing tons of olives, figs, oregano and sesame, and Arrabat al-Battouf being known regionwide for its onions, watermelons and cantaloupes, ‘Israel’ had ulterior, “Torah”-and-Talmud-driven motives.

Both of these towns were populated by a friendly, familial Muslim-Christian mix and the history of each of them didn’t (and doesn’t) sit right with the fake Jewish “state”. Beyond just wanting to divide Muslims and Christians on communal lines, the Jews that run the occupation regime were operating with the mindset of “regaining” what “Yahweh” gave them after the “evil Goyim” took it. Sakhnin used to be known as “Suginin” when it was in the hands of the Assyrian Empire under Sargon II–the Assyrian King who overthrew the “Kingdom of ‘Israel'” and factors in greatly to Zionist stratagems against Syria. Arrabat al-Battouf is said to have been the hometown of Yohanan ben Zakkai (L.A.) for 18 years. Known also as “Rabban” and “Ribaz”, this critter is actually the very first “sage” ever to be called “rabbi” in the Mishnah. In other words… He’s the Jew of the Jews and a rabbinical grandsire. He also despised the Galilean (read: Palestinian) people for loving Christ (A.S.), declaring, “O Galilee, Galilee, thou hatest the ‘Torah’; hence wilt thou fall into the hands of robbers!” So the Zionist murderers sought to erase the residents of Al-Jalil to “avenge” their defeat to Sargon II and to “restore” the “glory” of Ribaz (L.A.), a fanatic who “did not go four yards without reflecting on the ‘Torah’ and without the phylacteries.” This psychopathy is what Palestinians were (and still are) resisting.

But this year, the significance does doubtlessly feel like it is heightened as it comes in the midst of three simultaneous pivotal events that encapsulate our struggle looking forward: The one-year anniversary of the Great March of Return; US ZOG Figurehead 45 Donald Trump’s foolish “recognition” of Zionist “sovereignty” over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights; and the martyrdom of 19-year old Palestinian hero Omar Abou Layla (R.A.), deemed the “Palestinian Rambo” by ‘Israeli’ media, who righteously sent an IOF terrorist and a rabbinical colonizer–a “Ribazite”, if you will–straight to hell, and critically wounded another IOF terrorist, before achieving martyrdom in a blaze of glory in the village of Abwein just north of Ramallah after the ‘Israelis’ hunted him for two days.

That Palestinians in Gaza–liberated from Zionist settlers but still illegally besieged on all sides for 12 years now -are continuing to stage demos with the Great March of Return, despite hundreds of Martyrs and thousands upon thousands of wounded after a year of protests, displays that the Palestinian people are not willing to give up their land; are not willing to submit to the enemy; and are not going anywhere any time soon.

That Trump “gifted” Al-Jaulan to Netanyahu reflects his Imperialist thinking as well as his Imperialist folly because ‘Israel’ will inevitably demand even more–GUARANTEED–and it also confirms that the “peace process” as well as “diplomacy” are but farces for Zionist land theft coupled with American, European and Khaleeji capitulation to dictation from “Tel Aviv”.

And that Omar Abou Layla (R.A.), sneaked up on an IOF terrorist in the illegal “Ariel” settlement and gutted him with a blade… Jacked that IOF terrorist’s weapon while the IOF terrorist laid in the ancient soil bleeding out like a rat… Then opened fire on three cars driven by ‘Israeli’ colonizers, hitting several and killing a rabbi… Jacked one of the whips of the colonizers he hit and drove to the illegal “Gitai Avishar” settlement and blasted another IOF occupier… Then slipped into the village of Burqin where he evaded IOF and Shin Bet for 48 hours… Is, apart from being a thing of Mouqawamist beauty, an affirmation of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s powerful words from his most recent speech, “The only way to regain occupied Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian lands from the Zionist entity is through resistance, resistance, resistance and nothing but.” He also exposed the supreme vulnerability of ‘Israel’. The questions should be asked: How did a 19-year old with no supply line from any Resistance group strike two settlements, multiple soldiers and a prominent rabbi then hide out for two days before he was even found?! The answer is two-fold: The kid was that slick and the ‘Israelis’ are that pathetic.

The rabbi in question that the “Palestinian Rambo (R.A.)” sent to the depths of the hellfire was Ahiad Ettinger (L.A.), of “Eli”, a gigantic, hideous settlement built on Palestinian lands stolen from Sawiya and Qaryout in the occupied West Bank. When he was hit by Abou Layla’s bullets, he was in the midst of preparing for Purim, the Jewish holiday of anti-Persian hate and genocide that has a distinctly anti-Palestinian tinge to it too. One of his 12 terrorist children, Elyashiv, serves in an “elite” IOF combat unit, and he said that his father brought “more and more ‘Torah’ to the world.” That’s true alright, as Ahiad Ettinger was indoctrinating tends of thousands of ‘Israelis’ a year in southern “Tel Aviv” through his Oz Vemuna (strength and faith) yeshiva. He knew both IOF goons that Abou Layla (R.A.) struck. Gal Keidan (L.A.) was a 19-year old mandocello player and Alexander Dvorsky, an invader from Moldova, volunteered for the occupation army. Keidan should’ve found a music class to play his mandocello in perhaps somewhere in Europe and Dvorsky, who survived unfortunately, should’ve stayed in Moldova.

And therein lies the roots, branches and canopy of our issue in a nutshell… Or rather… A shell casing from Omar Abou Layla’s (R.A.) Palestinianized weapon. While Palestinians on numerous different fronts – like Algerians before them – attempt to push for peace, reconciliation and integration, ‘Israelis’, from the military-intelligence-industrial complex to the rabbinate, from the colonies in the West Bank and Al-Quds to the colonies in the ’48 Lands, push for war, ethnic cleansing, outright extermination and prep the next generation of occupying Jews to further the project if they don’t implement it. Such people, such a regime, such an endeavor, cannot be reconciled with. It’s as impossible as tying both hands behind your back and sniffing a few rounds of crushed up dilaudid before challenging Ernie Shavers to a fight.

Which is where we will conclude. Omar Abou Layla (R.A.) is the embodiment of what came after the Algerian people’s failure to reconcile with their French occupiers: The glorious, bloody and brutal revolution that ultimately sent the Froglings packing back to Wineandcheesestan. While some commentators have said that the latest inductee into the Palestinian cause’s pantheon of heroes was a Fatah or PFLP supporter and pointed out the support expressed by Hamas for the operation, we actually don’t know what his politics were, if he even had any.

Abou Layla (R.A.) was a moujahid of unknown affiliation. He didn’t have labels attached to him. He was just a Palestinian fighting for his land; his people; his family; his friends; his culture; his history and his freedom. This is arguably the second-greatest fear that the usurping Zionist entity has. In addition to a well-organized, supercharged Mouqawamah Bloc firing upon the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime from every angle and every arena, it has to deal with a population of oppressed people who have lost their will to endure the suffering any longer and have taken the decision to live as champions or die as martyrs. It is something that ‘Israel’ cannot predict; that it cannot control; that it cannot influence.

Again we invoke Algeria. This is the Palestinian people’s Algerian moment. For 131 years, the Algerian people toiled under French colonial occupation. Between the acceleration of the colonization in the mid-1800s to the Nakba, Palestinians are flirting with that very number of subjugation at the hands of foreign interlopers. Nothing like this lasts forever. Never before has it happened in history and this Entity won’t be the first, for this Entity is weaker than a spider’s web–referring to the words of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah once more–a spider’s web that is chopped down bit by bit with each passing day by young Fedayeen like Omar Abou Layla (R.A.)

That he is not receiving the appropriate amount of coverage from the so-called “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and many other “pro-Palestine” activist currents says much about these very groups. They will plaster Palestinian victims of ‘Israeli’ terrorism and aggression on their websites, blogs and social media profiles day in and day out, as they should, but no justice for them is really done as Palestinians are presented as lambs instead of lions. Yet when young Fedayee-Jihadi princes like the “Rambo of Ramallah” prove that comparison is an inverted one and Palestinians are indeed lions, not lambs, we hear crickets. Is this not proof positive of an agenda at work to “disprove” the legitimacy, effectiveness and most importantly, NECESSITY of armed struggle against a hegemonic occupier which has all the world’s big powers in its pocket almost without exception?

Arms liberated Lebanon. Arms liberated Gaza. Arms liberated Lebanon again from the Jewish supremacists’ Takfiri proxies. Arms liberated Syria and Iraq from the same marionettes. And arms are all that are standing between Yemen becoming an ‘Israeli’ colony via Saudi Arabia. Arms will liberate the rest of Palestine too. Rest assured on that.

So on Land Day 2019, let us reinforce this paradigm. With vigor. Let us snatch back the precious Palestinian cause from the jaws of liberalism and appeasement of Organized Jewish Interests, setting ablaze the narrative-prioritization of “Western activist imperatives over indigenous courage and sacrifice” until it burns to ash. Let us not find ourselves in the caverns of cheerlessness or the depths of disconsolateness. Let us rejoice. Let us hope. Let us even have a laugh because expansionist-minded ‘Israel’ won’t be expanding anywhere but the trash heap of history in 25 years or less. The people of Palestine will have their final victory. And it will be warriors like Omar Abou Layla (R.A.)–only warriors like Omar Abou Layla in fact–who will and do light our way.

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