First Jummah Of Ramadan And My Heart Is With Palestine’s Makhamreh Heroes

by Jonathan Azaziah

First Jummah of Ramadan 2016 (1437 A.H.) and my mind is squarely focused on Falasteen. All my love, my du’a, my thoughts and my solidarity are with the Palestinian heroes of Al-Khalil’s Yatta town, Muhammad Ahmad Moussa Makhamreh and Khalid Muhammad Moussa Makhamreh, for their absolutely epic Mouqawamist operation in the corroded colony known as “Tel Aviv” this past Wednesday night. The two cousins marched into the Zionist usurper stronghold in suits and ties, like complete and utter badasses, and opened fire on the enemy occupiers as these maleficent maggots obliviously enjoyed their despicable supremacist lives squatting on land that doesn’t belong to them. At least four Zionist settlers were sent to the hellfire and six more were wounded before the Makhamreh warriors bounced, leaving fear, terror, heartache (if the ‘Israelis’ even have hearts, maybe dead ones comprised of blackened, bed-bug-infested, demon parts… It’s truly debatable), screams, pain and nightmares amongst the colonizers in their wake.

It’s just beautiful, ain’t it? Wonderful, ain’t it?! Know why?! Because this is known as the “balance of terror” in asymmetrical warfare. If the oppressed, occupied Palestinian people can inflict just a tiny, tiny FRACTION of the hurt on the invading Halakhic-Talmudic enemy that they receive daily at its gnarled hands, then they are victorious. And don’t doubt it for half a second, the Makhamreh moujahideen are most certainly victorious. With nearly 7 decades of Zionist occupation and over 130 years of Jewish colonization registered in the bank (Rothschild’s Bank of Satan, that is), it’s shameful that it actually has to be said that no ‘Israeli’ has any right to safety, any right to calm, any right to “peace”. Their only right… is the right to get the f*** outta Palestine.

Anybody who doesn’t praise this operation for the dauntless act of resistance that it was, as Hizbullah and several Palestinian Mouqwawamah factions did, and instead attempts to justify it with flowery liberal language or even despicably condemns it as a means of placating certain persons of a certain “chosenite” ethno-religious background in our midst, is a traitor to the Palestinian cause. Period. Palestinians have the right to resist by any means necessary and anyone who doesn’t like it can just give up their increasingly tiresome “Palestine Solidarity Activist” facade and join the land thieves already, ’cause that’s where they really belong. Ten thousand Striking Star Salutes to the lionhearted Makhamreh cousins for their spectacular heroism. May ALLAH (SWT) grant you steadfastness in the next phase of your struggle in the barbaric Zionist entity’s dungeons. You gentlemen are an inspiration to us all. ‪#‎DeathToIsrael‬ ‪#‎Ta7yaFalasteen‬ ‪#‎LongLiveTheMakhamrehHeroes‬

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