Fireworks In Jizan and Asir: Ansarullah Lights Up The Saudi-Wahhabi Usurpers On Madd Cold’s Birthday

by Jonathan Azaziah

ALLAHU Akbar. Earlier on, Ansarullah fired a Badr-1 ballistic missile at a Saudi “security” forces outpost in Jizan Industrial City. Casualty numbers remain unknown at the moment but reports indicate a direct hit, so no doubt it’s a rather high number of parasitical Zio-Wahhabi occupiers sent to the hellfire. Also, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance launched a massive assault on Saudi Arabia’s army of usurpers in Asir, swiftly taking a large swathe of territory and scorching dozens of enemy aggressors. Do take note please that both Jizan and Asir, along with Najran, are not “Saudi” but Yemeni, going back a few thousand years, and only because of the Rothschild-controlled British colonialists drawing a fake line on a fake map some eight decades ago are these regions even known as “Saudi” today. Needless to say, mighty and Godwary Ansarullah’s performance on the battlefield continues to impress and galvanize with each passing millisecond.

Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. #LongLiveAnsarullah #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #FeelinLikeAHouthi

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