Felicity Of The Oppressed Ain’t Just An Album, It’s A Lyrical Movie!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

My ancient bruv from another muv Shan Cee FiftyOne aka He Who Signals The Truth asked me to write this so here goes. My fourth album, “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, is more than just an ode to Yemen in Beats-Rhymes-Life(form) or a mere collective of cohesive songs; it’s a lyrical movie… A Hip-Hop play in 3 acts that starts with a bang, tears your guts out, enrages you and then crescendos with a feeling of victoriousness that soothes and consoles. While every joint stands alone as an individual experience and I did indeed write it that way, F.O.T.O. is meant to be listened to in totality so you can grasp the fullness and connectedness of the concept: Yemen’s pain and suffering at the hands of Earth’s Most Evil, followed by Yemen’s struggle against these oppressors, followed by and concluding with Ansarullah’s triumph over the forces of Dajjal and the globalizing of their win which I am humbled to be part of. You don’t skip around when you’re watching a flick, do you? Because doing so, you lose critical plot points, right? Same idea applies here.

Act 1 (Tracks 1-5) introduces our heroes, the lovable and righteous Houthis, (Lions from The Highlands), the villains, including despots Al-Saud, Al-Nahyan, Al-Maktoum and Al-Khalifa (Emperors’ New Clothes), tyrant Sisi (Pharaoh Must Go) and collaborators Hadi, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and traitorous Sudan (May You Rot) and the massacre of so many Yemeni innocents, which is the key turning point that fuels the fierceness of the angelic Resistance (Screams Of The Slain).

Act 2 (Tracks 6-10) documents Yemen’s blistering counter-invasion campaign (Run For Shelter II [Striking Stars]), the Houthis’ love for Palestine which motivates their Resistance (Falasteen Is Yemen’s Heart), the shocking betrayal of Eritrea which quite literally came out of nowhere (Hero No More), the ancient, religious and political history of the Houthis and their descendants which strengthens their Resistance endlessly (Can’t Uproot Us) and the incandescently righteous leaders guiding them (For The Sayyeds).

And then Act 3, the final stanza (tracks 11-15), is just pure Defiance Music breaking down the triumph of the Yemeni people against all odds, from the channeling of Zayd (A.S.) in the eternal slogan they chant in defiance of Saudi Arabia’s bombs (Zayd Lives), to the blind Yemenis of Al-Nour Center for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Blind still protesting in defiance after the Wahhabi tyrants destroyed their homes (Promise To The Blind [Moustafa’s Song] feat. Khanverse), to their infinitely steadfast, infinitely defiant Resistance ruthlessly exposing Al-Saud and paving the way for the end of the Takfiri dynasty (The Land Where Kings Kneel), to the globalizing of their heroics which are a manifestation of all the resistant giants who came before them (Globalized Yemen), all before closing with my heartrending open lyrical letter to these most dauntless people who give light to the world with their bravery (Leave It All Behind).

Yemen’s story is one not just to be heard but FELT, DEEPLY, WITH AND IN ONE’S HEART AND SOUL, and it is on this principle that I penned my bars. This record shouldn’t be rushed through like some wackness you hear on Zionist-owned MTV or BET. This ain’t ringtone rap. So listen intently when you let F.O.T.O. knock; let it envelop you and penetrate your being. Absorb the knowledge, don’t choke on it.

Like Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the greatest, most important revolutionary of our age, noted recently, the speech he gave on the second day of the aggression against Yemen, in which he ripped out the Saudi regime’s rotten core for the entire Arab-Islamic world to see, was the thing he was most proud of in his life. I echo this sentiment in a way I really am not capable of describing. Maybe other records I’ve done were doper than this joint, I leave that to y’all to decide, but “Felicity Of The Oppressed” is the thing I am most proud of in my life. I love Yemen, its people and its Resistance like they’re my own flesh and blood (something I rhyme about on Leave It All Behind), and to give back just a small bit of what they’ve given me (and all of us) in terms of hope and inspiration, is an honor beyond any measure known to man or jinn. Long live the Yemeni people! Long live the courageous Yemeni Mouqawamah led by Ansarullah! And an elephantine Striking Star Salute to anyone on this planet who has stood with Yemen through thick and thin regardless of criticisms coming from certain subversive “activists”. F.O.T.O. is for y’all most especially.

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