El Comandante Hugo Chavez Has Been Gone 4 Years Now But He Still Thunders Triumphantly In Our Hearts

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hard to believe that it’s been 4 years to the day already. Ever seen animations of hypothetical scenarios in which giant meteors collide with Earth and leave unprecedented ruin in their wake? Metaphorically speaking, that’s what took place on March 5th, 2013 when Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, the father of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and among the most important, successful and paradigm-shattering revolutionaries of the last century, departed from this plane of existence. His passing, or, more appropriately and accurately, MARTYRDOM, left a gaping hole in the fabric of the worldwide struggle against Zio-Imperialism and an even bigger tear in the heart of humanity. As official stories go, it’s said that El Comandante died of cancer. On the surface of course, that is the case. ***HOW*** the founder and ever-enduring source of Chavismo contracted the disease though is a different matter entirely. Even before his death, Chavez repeatedly accused the US ZOG of poisoning him and other Latin American leaders with cancer.

And Nicolas Maduro, Hugo’s successor, friend, confidant and powerhouse revolutionary in his own right, noted that the illness of the Bolivarian Revolution’s sire had been caused by the enemies of Venezuela and also said that “dark forces” wanted him removed from the geopolitical equation. This could be a reference to the malevolent intelligence agencies of the Great American Satan but another possibility very well may be the Mossad, which Chavez had also openly accused of stationing agents in the Caribbean in a plot to assassinate him. Whether it was the US regime, ‘Israel’ or a combination of the two, there are more indications than not that Chavez’s death was orchestrated from the outside by the Anglo-Zionist Imperium. The Monsters murdered El Comandante in hopes that the positive social, political and economic upheavals in Venezuela, all of which are a result of Chavez’s efforts, would be reversed. But here we are, 1,460 days later and while the “regime change” conspiracies continue, the Bolivarian Revolution still holds its head high as mesosphere travelers in defiance.

El Comandante Chavez’s historic accomplishments which not only changed the face of Venezuela and the region, but the Arab-Islamic world and really all downtrodden peoples across the planet, have been covered elsewhere in numerous settings, including by your favorite Iraqi iconoclast in print and in rhyme. So today, on this 4th anniversary of a Latin American and Global South icon’s martyrdom, I’m just going to share this photo because it encapsulates everything good, righteous, heartening and Mouqawamistic about Hugo. It was October 4th, 2012 in Caracas and the setting was the final campaign rally as the battle for the Venezuelan presidency winded down between Chavez and the vile, collaborationist, maggot-like Zionist Jew Henrique Capriles Radonski, a man who had long served the interests of Washington and “Tel Aviv”. The turnout was massive, with numbers according to several reports varying from a crowd of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It was supposed to be a lovely day but then… Rain began to gush from the sky in buckets.

Undeterred by the savage tropical weather, Hugo Chavez, with nothing on his mind but holding down his people and fighting for the Revolution that he built from the underground up… Stayed. He told his Chavistas that he had to be brief because of the conditions, but in classical, fiery Hugo fashion, started his speech and didn’t finish until nearly two hours after. He unleashed a tidal wave, promising that there wouldn’t be a homeless person in Venezuela in less than ten years, saluting the people for saving the nation and building anti-colonialist foundations for the future, praising the efforts of his team that has preserved the dignity and integrity of the Bolivarian Revolution all these years and railing against the American regime for attempting to facilitate the demise of Chavismo. The crowd… Never stopped cheering. El Comandante would go on to win the election of course, defeating Radonski soundly and capping off a legacy that will serve as an example on how to implement true democracy in the face of a satantic empire for generations and generations to come.

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias could’ve gone home that rainy October day. He already had the election locked up from the perspective of most honest observers both at home and abroad and he really could’ve used the rest. But instead, being not only the man of the people that he is but THE BELOVED of the people, he put on a show for the ages because he refused to abandon Venezuelans when they needed him most. Lightning and thunder couldn’t stop El Comandante because he ***WAS*** lightning and thunder. Chavez didn’t run from rain, he ***MADE*** rain–monsoons in fact that quite literally rained on the parade of the Empire. This fearlessness and beautiful loyalty to the people of the Bolivarian Republic and all Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) is what made him a figure adored by the Wretched of the Earth and despised by the Kehilla and its tentacles. And to think we now live in a world without his presence is almost too much to bear. I say almost because it is only in the physical capacity that Chavez no longer resides here with us. Spiritually, he remains a fist blackening the eye of the US-‘Israeli’ Dragon at every turn.

Indeed, as I rhymed on “Eternal Bolivarian V: Comandante’s Second Ascent” off my 2015 album “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly”: “So nobody dare say Chavez is dead, put that nonsense in the shredder/Comandante, the Global South is united in your memory so take solace in the knowledge we’re together/Viva, Chavez, he who cannot die because, Chavez is forever/” Usually, I’d say rest in power… But considering these lyrics… And also considering that Maduro and Tareck El Aissami are doing one hell of a job steadfastly keeping the Bolivarian Revolution intact, I’ll just say this: LIVE IN POWER, ya Hugo. Live in power for eternity. Live in power, o’ Comandante Chavez, Liberator of Venezuela and Upholder of Global Resistance, ’till we all join you on the other side after your murderers and our oppressors have been vanquished and the Meek, our people, inherit the earth. #VivaChavez #LongLiveChavez #VivaLaRevolucionBolivariana

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