Egypt, Israel Turning Gaza Into Super-Max Prison

TEHRAN (FNA) – A despicable conspiracy is being unfolded along the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip: Egypt’s military rulers are expelling the civilian population from the area to level the entire neighborhood and build a “buffer zone” with the besieged city, where roads, schools, hospitals, mosques and the electricity plant are still in ruins.

According to Egypt’s Al-Yom a-Sab’a, “The buffer zone will extend between 1.5 and 3 kilometers. The security forces will work to clear the area of underground tunnels leading to Gaza and it will also level any buildings and structures that could be used to conceal smuggling activity.”

Other arbitrary actions are also expected to be taken in order to further the isolation of Gaza, use Sinai and its inhabitants as a platform for political opportunities to be exploited, and reassert the relevance of the “buffer zone,” the army AND its annual US budget. No wonder Israeli media outlets are lauding the Egyptian move:

Gaza has long used tunnels into Sinai to smuggle in basic goods denied them by the Israeli blockade, and the Egyptian-Israeli plan includes trenches full of water to drown anyone in those tunnels. The ultimate goal is to create the biggest super-max prison on earth and make the enforcement of Israeli occupation more efficient.

Egypt’s military rulers would like us to believe that they are trying to stop Hamas from smuggling weapons out of the tiny strip to support the various Sinai militants that have been opposing them since last summer’s coup!

There’s no evidence to support this bizarre claim, and it seems extremely unlikely, as smuggling usually goes the other way with those tunnels, and Sinai was awash in American-Israeli arms long before this conflict. Besides, Hamas, which is working to end the siege, has no interest in carrying out bloody attacks on Egyptian soldiers that will only prolong the suffering of Gazans.

The new conspiracy being unfolded within the political corridors of Cairo, Tel Aviv and Washington is far more despicable than the failed Arab-Israeli peace plans of the past: Predictably, they are working together to ensure Palestinians will never get a bigger share of their occupied lands, will never have a normal life, will never see any return of refugees to their homeland, and will never be able to resist Israel’s next onslaught.

At a time when aid agency Oxfam warns that it may take 50 years to rebuild Gaza, it is evident that the “buffer zone” is not being built to facilitate reconstruction efforts either. Quite the opposite, it also seeks to ensure that international reconstruction efforts will fail and Palestinians will never be able to continue to fight for survival – this time, of course, in a modern super-max incarceration facility.

Sadly enough, the United Nations has also agreed to conspire in this new version of the blockade, as it is not doing anything about it, despite the fact that it violates international law and Palestinians’ rights.

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