Did Mossad Disappear Lebanese-Iranian Hero Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr On This Day 40 Years Ago?

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Lebanese-Iranian revolutionary hero Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr wasn’t just the founder of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance that would later become Hizbullah. He wasn’t merely a Brobdingnagian intellect who was brilliant enough to go toe-to-toe with the world’s greatest minds, both Islamic and non-Islamic, in the fields of fiqh, comparative religious studies, philosophy and international relations, and dumbfound them. Al-Sadr was an institution. Such a giant, it was like he had his own orbit. With an imposing physical presence, commanding charisma, love of humanity and passionate commitment to resistance and liberation, he gave the Shi’a Muslims of Lebanon a voice for the first time in hundreds of years and laid the groundwork for them to exit the degradation and squalor they had lived in at the hands of colonialist-backed factions for the same amount of time–first the Ottomans then the French.

But the Lebanese Shi’a weren’t the only ones who adored him. Christians did too. So did many Sunnis along with many Druze. He was a towering, unifying figure that exuded a familial energy, seeing all Lebanese as branches of the same tree, at a volatile time when the “civil war” engineered by the usurping Zionist entity was ripping Lebanon and its people apart. Beyond just being a mystery that turns 40 years old today, his disappearance is the greatest tragedy relating to an individual in modern Arab-Islamic history–one which burns and breaks the hearts of all who know it.

We all have heard and read the story. Sayyed Moussa and his two companions, Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoub and journalist Abbas Badreddine, traveled to Libya to meet with Colonel Muammar Qadhafi after being officially invited to discuss developments in Lebanon, with the chief matters on the agenda being what were the best means available to end the “civil war” as well as the confrontation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy. After arriving in Libya safe and sound then checking into their hotel, Sayyed al-Sadr and his comrades set out to meet with Qadhafi and several Libyan government functionaries. After that… It all goes dark… As the Sayyed, Sheikh Yaqoub and Abbas Badreddine were never seen or heard from again. Vanished. Right into thin air.

All the explanations from international media outlets and so-called “eyewitnesses” over the last four decades are either sensationalist, sectarian or outright nonsensical and rooted in hasbara. Some say Qadhafi felt intimidated by the Sayyed’s handsomeness and fierce presence and saw him as a threat to potential proteges, clients and “fans” across our region so he had him tortured then executed. Others say Qadhafi and al-Sadr got into a heated discussion about Sunni-Shi’a differences then the former ordered the latter to be killed after insults and profanities flew. Another group swears that Qadhafi had Sayyed Moussa butchered as a favor to Yasser Arafat. Many more like-similar piles of hot garbage exist within the “news” realm and all are equally horrific, not to mention entirely baseless.

Make no mistake however, the Qadhafi government is, at the bare minimum, culpable for what happened to Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr as well as complicit. The following three reasons demonstrate that rather clearly:

1) After putting down multiple Mossad-CIA-backed “student” rebellions led by the Mossad-CIA-created National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), not to mention coming out of a military conflict with US-‘Israeli’ stooge Anwar Sadat’s Egypt just about unscathed, Qadhafi had total–not partial or near-full but TOTAL–control over the Libyan state, centrally the capital of Tripoli. Nothing… Absolutely… Positively…. NOTHING could have gone down without Qadhafi knowing about it, most especially something of this magnitude.

2) While the official Libyan government line is that al-Sadr and his people left for Italy — which is in and of itself absurd as they were in Libya at Qadhafi’s personal invitation and on official Mouqawamah business no less — all of their belongings remained at the hotel they checked into in Tripoli. Why’d they leave without their bags? Moreover, the Italian government categorically denies the three Shi’a Islamic Liberationist revolutionaries ever set foot on Italian soil–or even on an Italian plane. Now, while Italy’s savage colonialist crimes against the Libyan people and support for the despot Idris have to be taken into consideration, the Italian state was in chaos at the time due to the political instability triggered by GLADIO and had zero to gain for lying about al-Sadr’s whereabouts.

3) Despite repeated invitations from both Hizbullah and AMAL to come to Lebanon, Qadhafi never took them up on it. He never sought to make amends either. Nor did he ever come out with any additional intelligence/information on the subject, instead clinging to the laughable and debunked “Italy flight” story. That’s not the behavior of an innocent man. If he had nothing to do with the crime, why not just go to Lebanon and clear the air?

With that noted, Qadhafi couldn’t benefit in any way, shape or form from disappearing Sayyed Moussa. Quite to the contrary, he had everything to lose–mainly his reputation as an Anti-Imperialist stalwart and proper successor to Gamal Abdel Nasser (R.A.) Al-Sadr could’ve been his partner in peace, his friend and his ally. Which makes his decision all the more bizarre. So why do this in the first place? The most plausible theory is that he made a deal with the Anglo-Zionist Imperium: They get Al-Sadr in exchange for the Libyan state being left out of the Empire’s monstrous assault on the African continent. He would lure the Sayyed to Libya, welcome him, prepare him for their meeting, then, as the Sayyed and his companions are about to be on their merry, Mouqawamist way, they’re snatched by Mossad. It’s a deal we’ve seen the Washington ZOG make so many times before and will continue to see until Pax Americana is no more. It’s also a deal we’ve seen broken many a time before and broken it was when Reagan bombed Libya and killed Qadhafi’s daughter based on false intelligence derived from Mossad’s Operation Trojan. It’s a deal, that if true, Qadhafi no doubt regretted until the day he was murdered by Zio-NATO terrorists in 2011.

Whatever Qadhafi’s motivations were though, perhaps the reason that Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr has yet to be found is that we’re not looking in the right place. Perhaps it is not Libya where the father of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance is being held in a dungeon… Or… La sama7 ALLAH (SWT)… in a coffin. Perhaps… he’s in the usurping Zionist entity, either in Ktzi’ot Prison in occupied Al-Naqab, the world’s largest detention center and a hellhole known for the most sadistic depravities, or Shikma, in occupied Majdal, where many high-profile prisoners have been held, including Mossad-kidnapped Palestinian-Ukrainian engineer Dirar Abou Sisi and Moroccan-Jew-turned-Christian Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on the criminal ‘Israeli’ nuclear program.

Lest we forget that the four Iranian diplomats abducted by ‘Israeli’-backed Phalangists on July 4th, 1982–IRGC legend Ahmad Motevaselian, Sayyed Mohsen Mousavi, Taghi Rastegar Moghadam and Kazem Akhavan–remain holed up in Zionist custody as does Lebanese SSNP fighter Yahya Skaf, who was arrested by IOF on March 11th, 1978 and never heard from again. ‘Israel’, which denies knowing a thing about any of the five, has a knack for such deceptions. ‘Israel’ wanted Sayyed al-Sadr dead for impeding its plan to balkanize, occupy and colonize the Levant. Considering the extensive network of agents and assets Mossad had (and has) across North Africa, particularly in Libya where the NFSL was birthed as its proxy, ‘Israel’ had (and has) the means. David Kimche, Mossad’s most prolific spy in Africa and top anti-Libyan agitator, was the likely executor of the entire op. And no doubt that ‘Israel’ was (and is) the biggest beneficiary of his vanishing. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) said that al-Sadr’s disappearance was a “critical problem” and a “blow to us”. Who else but the Zio-Tumor and its Western-GCC allies sought to rollback the Islamic Revolution and anyone who identified with it?

‘Israel’ has a long and malicious history of assassinating Lebanese lions. Are we to believe that the Zio-Tumor wouldn’t take a shot at the grandsire of them all when presented with the opportunity? Or rather, that the Zio-Tumor wouldn’t make the move after CRAFTING the very opportunity? Are we to REALLY believe that Muammar Qadhafi, who defied Zio-Imperialism at both the beginning and end of his political tenure in a huge way, would simply disappear one of the most beloved Resistance personalities in modern Islamic history all on his own based on an overblown theological disagreement and without any poking and prodding to do so from an outside force? No. No. And NO.

If we apply Occam’s Razor to this occurrence, what we have is the leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya making a deal with the literal devil and allowing Mossad to kidnap Imam al-Sadr so Zionist plans in Lebanon rage on unopposed while he builds up Libya also unopposed. And where is the Sayyed? In a dark and dank cell of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime. Not Libya. But occupied Palestine. Needless to say, nothing went according to plan as Qadhafi was betrayed before he could blink and ‘Israel’ was ultimately defeated in Lebanon years later by none other than the ideological sons of Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr.

Which brings a quote of the Imam’s to mind from Ashoura ’77, “The ‘Israelis’ will fail to make the South [of Lebanon] submissive. They won’t be able to humiliate this nation because we are the nation of Imam Hussein (A.S.) We are the nation that wishes to be a thousand years back in time so we could be with Imam Hussein (A.S.); so we could fight with him; pray with him; and die with him.” Was he right?! Or was he RIGHT?! Imam Moussa al-Sadr may have disappeared but the essence of his teachings lived on in burning, beaming brightness within Hizbullah and all of its legends, many of whom, including Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, were personally trained by the Imam himself. Hizbullah, powered by Sayyed Moussa, liberated Lebanon twice and sandwiched a Divine Victory between each of those triumphs.

‘Israel’ might have disappeared the Imam physically, but spiritually and transcendentally, the Mouqawamah he inspired and built in the militant hearts of Lebanon’s Shi’a prospered, grew and prevailed. As Nasrallah said, addressing Sayyed al-Sadr during his Martyrs’ Day Speech in November 2011, “Ya Imam, when you come back to us insha’ALLAH, you will take pride in your sons, your admirers, your students, your followers, your friends and your allies. You will take pride in the Resistance you established and sacrificed for so it would serve as a bulwark for Lebanon and especially South Lebanon which once suffered because of ‘Israel’ and pained you so greatly due to this suffering. Today, ya Imam, ya Sayyed, I say to you that this South is strong, secure, tranquil, firm and immovable! It is no longer a weapons testing ground for anyone! Rather, it has become powerfully present in every equation in our region! Today, this South imposes itself on the enemy! It is not imposed upon!”

That is most definitely what we pray for–Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr’s safe return to the resilient, resistant and resplendent South of Lebanon where he can finally bask in the victories of his children and live out what’s left of his gargantuan life in salaam. Until then, we won’t stop searching for the truth. And now, going forward, we will do so with a better understanding of the circumstances, a rejection of hegemonic narratives, a condemnation of all collaborationist forces (and persons) involved, and our eyes focused on the enemy that profited most from what befell him: World Zionism.

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