Demented: Occupying, Usurping, Colonizing Ethiopian-‘Israeli’ Jews Cite Tupac Shakur As Inspiration

by Jonathan Azaziah

If this isn’t the very personification of cognitive dissonance, I seriously don’t know what is. Here we have Ethiopian-‘Israeli’ ‘rappers’ (or as my fam Khanverse likes to call them, wackers), who are part and parcel of the Zionist settlement project and squatting on Palestinian-Arab land that ain’t theirs, citing the late, great Tupac Shakur as their main influence, because, get this, he represented a struggle against racism and oppression. Astounding.

While it is true that Ethiopian Jews do experience discrimination within the confines of the usurping Zionist entity, and a cornucopia of awful things–from Shin Bet killings of non-compliant community leaders to the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jewish women–has happened to them since they were airlifted to Palestine during Mossad’s Operation Moses and Operation Solomon, the fact remains that they still serve in the Judaic occupation forces; they still colonize, usurp and demolish homes; and they still participate in massacres against our people, be it in Lebanon, the West Bank or Gaza. They are Zionists through and through. They are Jewish supremacists from top to bottom.

And this is the fundamental mistake made in all analysis of Zionism, that it is merely another system of white supremacy. Hate to break it to y’all, but it ain’t yo. It’s Jewish supremacy first and foremost. Yes, there is a racial hierarchy within the entity: Ashkenazi Jew, Sephardic Jew, Mizrahi Jew and then Ethiopian Jew, but this amounts to more of a gang war between colonizing lunatics than some kind of Jim Crow-like system comparable to what brothers and sisters of the United Snakes of Israhell lived (and continue to live) under.

How are they different? Simple. Because there is a hierarchy in ‘Israel’ that supersedes the aforementioned one everyday of the week and twice on Sunday when it comes to dealing with the Palestinian people and Arabs more generally speaking: Jew and non-Jew. And despite the very ugly history that Ethiopian-‘Israeli’ Jews have endured, despite the very anti-Blackness intrinsic to Judaism (i.e. the Curse of Ham) itself and despite the highest-ranking rabbinical authorities in ‘Israel’ making it clear that Ethiopians don’t even qualify as Jews, they STILL see themselves as ‘Israelis’ and have consistently put the Halakhic-Talmudic heritage they share with their ‘white’ Ashkenazi coreligionists over their Brown and Black brethren. Bottom line: Fuck them and their duplicitous excuse for a struggle. Don’t give anything even close to a damn about what color you are or what your country of origin is… If you’re a land-thief in Palestine, you need to depart; end of story. ‘Pac is spinning in his grave over the mere thought of this shit.

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