Degenerate London Anti-Trump Demos II: The Anti-Parasitic Demands You Won’t Hear From These Tools

by Jonathan Azaziah

Reinforcing the fact that the anti-Trump demos in Britain are an abomination, notice that these degenerates make just about ZERO noise regarding the UK ZOG’s very own global regime of militarism and really can’t be bothered protesting the debauchery that unfolds at 10 Downing Street daily. If the aforesaid “movement” was anything real… Long before Trump set foot on the shitty, rainy Island that is Britain… ***THESE*** are what the preeminent demands would be:

1) Abolish the racist, thieving, inbred, blood-drinking, pedophilic, murderous, Rothschild-owned British monarchy.

2) Speaking of the Rothschilds, arrest them. All of them. And all their familially-interwoven, tribalist accomplices. Close down their banks and other business ventures. Then freeze their assets and distribute them among Britain’s White, Black and Brown poor.

3) Destroy all pedophile networks across Britain and have each and every pedophile castrated and locked up indefinitely or executed.

4) Publicly rebuke the Balfour Declaration, unrecognize the Zionist entity and throw the ‘Israeli’ Ambassador to the UK along with all the “diplomatic” (read: Mossadnik) staff right out, especially since the scandal involving the ‘Israeli’ terrorist Shai Masot is still fresh.

5) Shut down all 13 American military bases on British soil and eject all 24,000+ American military personnel. Post-haste.

6) Remove American nukes from British soil too.

7) Hang Tony Blair, Lord “Cashpoint” Levy, David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen and every other warmongering maniac who played a role in the evisceration of Iraq.

8) Release all classified documents pertaining to the Mossad-MI5 false flag on 7/7/05.

9) Stop all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and ban all Saudi funding of British mosques.

10) Cease the colonial occupation of the Malvinas Islands and return them to Argentina.

11) Dismantle all British museums and give the colonially-plundered wealth and artifacts back to their rightful owners across the Global South and Ireland.

12) End all British military involvement overseas, centrally in the Arab-Islamic world, and even more specifically in Yemen, where the UK is helping the House of Saud commit genocide, and Syria, where British intelligence officers are running Takfiri death squads.

Instead we got nothing in the same universe and the focus was strictly on the Tangerine Toad as if no evil existed before him and no evil will exist after him… “No misogyny! No racism! No xenophobia! No to Trump! Fight Trumpism! Love Trumps Hate! Dump Trump! Fight sexism! This pussy grabs back!” Wow. Sublime. Thanks so much for that. Let me tell you. Because of this moving and all-encompassing wisdom, I feel like I could simultaneously have a philosophical smackdown with Sheikh Nasiruddin al-Tusi (R.A.) and Arthur Schopenhauer at once. Truly. I’ve never been so enlightened as I am now. “Together Against Trump”, you say? Piss the fuck off. And death to the British regime.

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