Dear Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.): Now 11 Years Since Your Martyrdom, We Pray For The Day You’re Avenged In The Galilee

Dear Hajj Redwan (R.A.),

Knowing that today is the day you were taken from this world by the accursed and self-proclaimed-“chosen” enemy, I can feel cracks, ever-so-tiny but ever-so-jagged, snap off inside of my heart. That you were snuffed out with a car bomb in the Kfar Sousa region of Syria’s Damascus at this time of the year is a sign from the Most High (SWT)–because the winter does indeed feel a few degrees colder and the hypothermic gusts pierce through our skins down into our bones with a bit more ferocity. Like the flames of the explosion that mutilated your blessed, resistant frame weren’t embers, but manifestations of freezer burn. How is it that we have gone 11 years without your physical presence? A tear drips from my right eye and turns into an icicle, hitting the ground and shattering like the aforementioned shards of my heart. Two more drip from my left eye and transmogrify into ice-bits just as quickly. I can’t stop the lacrimal river. I also don’t know if they’re from sadness or fury. What I do know though is that I miss you and miss the feeling of security knowing that you were out there confronting the Beast. Making it tremble. And planning the Counter-Hegemonic Bloc’s next triumph.

Almost immediately thereafter, with the longing seemingly warming the brokenness in my chest, the winds subside. As do the chills. And I am at peace in the calmness and coolness of the evening. Clear-headed and above me are the twinkles of stars that cover the sky like a blanket covers a newborn. This too is a sign from the Most High (SWT). Because Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) did not die on February 12th, 2008. He merely shifted gears, shifted planes and shifted command posts. He ascended. He claimed his rightful place in a station of Jannah not yet known by any of the righteous ‘ulema present or past (R.A.) He was done with the Dunya. It was time for him to keep up the struggle against the GCWs (Golden Calf Worshipers) from the Akhira. For no martyr dies. Especially not the Jihadi General of the Martyrs. Dear Hajj Redwan (R.A.), I know this to be as true as I know that I am typing these very words, because I see you and your signature on every battlefield in which the confrontation against the Imperium rages.

There are Imad Mughniyehs from your homeland’s Jnoub, Dahiyeh and Bekaa, defending Syria and Lebanon from the New Khaybaris and their Revamped Khawarij. There are Imad Mughniyehs from Iraq, operating with Mukhtari-Zaydi vigor as they fight the same fight and passionately struggle to make your liberationist dreams in the Golan Heights come true. There are Imad Mughniyehs from Falasteen, your beloved, adored, precious and treasured Falasteen, preparing for the next showdown against the Violators of the Covenant. There are Imad Mughniyehs from Yemen, innovating like you, striving like you and winning like you, only on their bare feet or in their sandals, as they lay waste to the murderous, invading House of Saud and its Sahyouni overlords.

There are Imad Mughniyehs from Afghanistan and Pakistan, bearing the names of Fatima al-Zahra (A.S.) and Zaynab al-Kubra (A.S.), on the front lines of Bilad al-Sham with the same love of martyrdom that beat with such a beautiful rhythm in your soul when you walked among us. There are Imad Mughniyehs from the Islamic Republic of Iran, humbled that you, the student, became the ultimate teacher and now want to emulate you militarily the way they emulate Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and Imam Khamenei spiritually. I mention the Imams of the Islamic Revolution because I know they revived you in your center and we, your weapons, want to feel such a revival too. And there are Imad Mughniyehs across the conflict zones of the Soft War, applying each and every one of your brilliant asymmetrical lessons to the cultural and intellectual spheres–shooting polemical bullets and launching iconoclastic missiles that the Pharisees and Zealots never see coming.

Dear Hajj Redwan (R.A.), may there be an Imad Mughniyeh School of Writing; an Imad Mughniyeh School of Poetry; an Imad Mughniyeh School of Emceeing; an Imad Mughniyeh School of Photography; an Imad Mughniyeh School of Art; an Imad Mughniyeh School of Movie-Making; and an Imad Mughniyeh School of Journalism. May every artist and activist drive their God-gifted daggers into the eyes of the Serpentine, Dajjalic Entity, straight to the back of its devilish head, like you gloriously did in 1993, 1996, 2000 and 2006. May the Imad Mughniyeh School of Fighting live forever. Just as you, o’ Mouqawamah Architect, live forever.

Hizbullah began with an Open Letter To All The Oppressed. So I write you this open letter from my soul’s caverns because no rhymes ever spat nor any prose ever scripted can successfully convey how much you mean to me and everyone who identifies with the Mouqawamah across the planet. I give you my blood in word; with the truth at its rawest, I express that now, in death, even more so than in life, I am in awe of your sacrifice and that of your family. I write to you to say that I pray, everyday, for you to be avenged in the Galilee. For you shan’t ever have deliverance from a mere Mouqawamist counterattack, with this or that ‘Israeli’ occupation official being hurt or removed, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said. The Zio-Tumor is a hydra. Cut off one head and two more, three more, or 666 more appear. It must be obliterated in totality for there to be true peace; true justice; true liberation; true harmony; and yes, true vengeance. Only when your beloved, adored, precious and treasured Falasteen is freed from the tyranny of the Revelation Distorters will the file on your murder be closed.

And that will begin when by sea, land or air, your sons, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, enter Al-Jalil, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised. At that point, there will be no turning back. Zion’s plunge into the abyss will be complete. And you can finally rest in serenity. Then it will not only be we, your disciples, who will be literally and figuratively singing your praises through various mediums. It will be the whole of the world. Because they will know… In the depths of their cores… That Palestine could not have been retaken… ‘Israel’ could not have been defeated… The Empire could not have been crumbled… Dajjal could not have been toppled… Imam al-Mahdi (A.J.T.F.) and Jesus Christ (A.S.) could not have returned… Had it not been for Hajj Imad “Redwan” Mughniyeh (R.A.)

With Love, Resistance and Anti-Parasitism,

Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

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