Crimea River Full Of Gefilte Fish: Ukraine’s Presidential Election Is A Farce Designed To Shore Up World Jewry’s Interests

by Jonathan Azaziah

The fight for the presidency in Ukraine is some wild kinda circus, let me tell you. A nation with an ancient Orthodox Christian history and who is vying for the control of it? Two Zionist Jews. Could there be anything more absurd? Could there be anything more insulting to the millions on top of millions of Ukrainians murdered by Jewish Bolshevik terrorists? Could there be a bigger abomination of the historical record? Actually… Yes… Yes, there could. How about a Christ-hating rabbinical wizard having de facto control over a CIA-fostered breakaway church in the name of undermining Russia? ASIDE FROM THAT THOUGH… And in this specific context… You’ll be hard-pressed to find another one. Let’s meet the contenders, shall we?

In the red corner, we have Petro Poroshenko, a Russian-hating war criminal with the blood of tens of thousands of Novorossiyans on his hands. Not-so-fondly known as the Chocolate King. Dual-citizen ‘Israeli’ with extensive business ties in the usurping Zionist entity who tries arduously to conceal he’s a Small Hat.

And in the blue corner, we have Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The newcomer. The out-of-nowhere “anti-establishment” people’s champ. The underdog-turned-frontrunner. The entertainer-turned-reluctant-politician. The funny man. Mr. Anti-Establishment however has had his entire career bankrolled on TV channels owned by Igor Kolomoisky, another war criminal, Ukrainian-‘Israeli’ Jew and billionaire oligarch who has financed “fascist” death squads in the Donbass that happen to be armed with ‘Israeli’ weaponry. Zelenskiy is Jewish and he isn’t just a star in Ukraine and Russia but the usurping Judaic entity too. Him and his friends call themselves the “Jerusalem Gang”. Whether this is just a tribalist joke or an ominous acknowledgement of a deeper Colonizer/Mossadnik value remains to be seen.

What unites these “chosenites” is that they’re both basing their campaigns on “recovering” Crimea from Russia, motivated on the surface by each of them allegedly having assets seized there by the Russian Federation. So what it SEEMS they’re saying is they’re moving to make such a “recovery” in the name of Ukrainian nationalism. But this would indicate Ukraine’s geopolitical worthlessness and disconnection from the Grand Chessboard–as if there aren’t bigger interests at work here. Such reasoning, obviously, isn’t only false, it’s moronic. Arch-Imperialist and Al-Qaeda father Zbigniew Brzeziński infamously said, “It cannot be stressed enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire.”

That makes Ukraine… All by its little lonesome… An immensely vital piece of real estate to say the least. Tack on Crimea, a strategic-beyond-strategic Black Sea region, and you have a flashpoint for global war between Hegemony and the Bloc(s) resisting it. NATO wanted it to the point it was salivating. When Russia took it back following the CIA-Mossad coup that toppled Yanukovych in ’14, Washington and Brussels went into a frenzy. And while it wasn’t made very public… There was another player also foaming at the mouth, grinding its teeth and crawling up into a fetal position while screeching unbearably: The usurping Zionist entity.

Because unbeknownst to most, including staunch Anti-Imperialists who stand with Russia against NATO expansionism and US-EU thuggery, Crimea has a little-known but exceptionally important Jewish history. One that is particularly vital to the JNWO of today. Yes, it’s true that Crimea has been linked to the ancient bastions of Christendom since the time of Jesus Christ the Messiah himself (A.S.), starting with Rome and then Byzantium before the inauguration of the Holy Rus. The Mongols, the Tatars and the Cossacks would all make a play to take the territory before (something resembling) stability prevailed in 1783. Thus, Crimea was and is Russian. For 1,000 years that has been the case. Nikita Khrushchev, the Jews’ hand-picked puppet following the assassination of a J-Woke-but-too-late-to-the-party Stalin, inexplicably “gifting” Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 doesn’t change these facts.

Scattered throughout this history though, you find the hands of Jewry and at junctures of the utmost peculiarity at that. It began with who else but the Khazars, who used the peninsula city-state as their “ultimate domain” according to one noteworthy historian. After the overthrow of Khazaria, the Judaic presence in Crimea was muted at best until the rise of the Mongols. Using the chaos to their advantage, Jews launched a movement called the “Judaizers” and they sought not only a Jewish revival, but a subversion of both Muslim Tatars and the Christians of the Holy Rus. Under Tsarism, Crimea was included in the Pale of Settlement to scale back Jewish-led usury. The Torah-only-reading Karaite Jews, a fixture in Crimea for hundreds of years (some say longer), escaped anti-Jewish legislation through successful lobbying and commitment to helping build up the Krym’s Sevastopol. This occurred much to the chagrin of their anti-Tsarist, anti-Christian coreligionists.

The religious Karaites, like Christians and Muslims, would be savagely persecuted by the Yahoudling-Bolsheviks and in their place, a set of Jewish colonizers would arise and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s AgroJoint would set up a regime for training and leadership mastery for farms that would become part of the brutal Soviet collectivization system. A Jewish farm known as Icor would go on to become one of the most prosperous farms in all of Crimea. Jewish colonizers indeed because all of this agricultural training wasn’t for Russia’s benefit, nor even Russian Jewry’s. It was in fact for the yet-to-be-birthed entity of ‘Israel’.

Verily, Crimea became a cesspool of Zionism. Joseph Trumpeldor, a famous Zionist terrorist, was a Crimean Jew who had trained many other Crimean Jews to head to Palestine and settle there. As criminal colonies on Palestinian land continued to be built, so did criminal colonies in Crimea, with financial backing from Julius Rosenwald, leader of Sears and grandfather of Islamophobia queenpin Nina Rosenwald. And just as Muslims were being displaced in Falasteen by Jewish terrorism, so were Muslims in Crimea, with tens of thousands of Jews moving in and stealing Islamic land after nearly 200,000 Tatars had been forcibly removed by Stalin’s goons.

Yiddish cultural activists Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Fefer from the Soviet Jewish “Antifascist” Committee were dispatched by Stalin to the US, UK and other Allied states to drum up financial support from Western Jews for the Soviet Union’s war against Germany and Japan. They did do that certainly but behind Stalin’s back, they also pitched the idea of raising capital for the ever-growing Jewish colonization project in Crimea. They wanted the Black Sea jewel to be a Jewish homeland. And they got the funds too. They subsequently ran the conceptualization by Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov and he was more than fine with it.

Stalin on the other hand smelled the Halakhic-Talmudic stench and perhaps it was in this moment where the more devious and deviant elements of the Jewish Question became apparent to him. He couldn’t get over the sheer pomposity of these Yidlings that they wanted not one but two “homelands”–with neither of them belonging in Jewish hands at all. Rather, each of them were being swindled out of the true owners’ possession by the Jews for purposes most nefarious. Prior to Stalin signing the death warrant on the project – literally – the Krym was known as a “Jewish utopia”. A disturbing phrase, as this is the exact verbiage used for the title of Texas-based Rabbi Michael Higger’s hateful book, in which he describes a paradisaical empire where Gentiles are absolutely ruled by a rabbinical elite, who will be the judge, jury and executioner of the ‘Universal State’. Sound familiar at all?

With one illegitimate Jewish regime coming to life on the ruins of Palestine’s 531 villages in the Nakba, another illegitimate Jewish regime died in Crimea. The people who run Ukraine today, the “miserable Jews” as martyred Donetsk People’s Republic Premier Aleksandr Zakharchenko (rip) called them, have this history and this “Crimean dream” very much at the forefront of their consciousnesses–as it not only represents what they feel was “taken” from them in the past, but how valuable it is in the here and now vis-a-vis their current plan to set up a second Zionist entity in Ukraine. It would be akin to a New Khazaria. One of the central movers and shakers in this scheme is Igor Kolomoisky, Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s television benefactor. And the man standing in their way is Vladimir Putin.

In conclusion, Ukraine’s presidential election is a farce through and through. A scam. A joke. A hodgepodge of smoke and mirrors designed strictly to shore up World Jewry’s interests. Maintain the “chosenite” hold on power. Get closer to NATO. Stage a false flag or two to provoke Russia. Get your new NATO attack dog to step in for you. Prosecute the war. Take back Crimea. Set up ‘Israel’ number two. And if Poroshenko and Zelenskiy don’t get the job done, how about Yulia Tymoshenko? She’s throwing her hat into the ring with the backing of NATO and Georgian war criminal Mikheil Saakashvili, who, as the 8/8/08 war proves, is a total ‘Israeli’ tool bathing in Russian blood. She’s also a Jew. She was the partner-in-crime of Yushenko in the Orange “Revolution”–backed to the hilt by George Soros, who’s been working closely with Poroshenko nowadays to pilfer Ukraine’s assets. She’s tight with neocon Jewess and Euromaidan “Revolution” architect Victoria Nuland, who admitted the American ZOG has spent $5 billion on subverting Ukraine. She’s an excellent choice for Project New Khazaria.

The good news is… Irrespective of who Ukraine’s next Rabbi-In-Chief happens to be, Putin isn’t having any of it. And regardless of how many different stratagems Shlomo, Chaim, Moshe and the rest of the Mishpucka Mafia put into place, they aren’t ready for a throw-down with the Russian Bear. They’re just not. Moreover, as Sheikh Imran Hosein has repeatedly pointed out, the liberation of Crimea and its restoration as the crown gem of Holy Rus by the Putin-led Russian Federation has major eschatological implications. It has set in motion a chain of events that can’t be undone as per the decrees of ALLAH (SWT). Centrally… The Krym’s Russian again. As it was… And as it is meant to be. All these “miserable Jews” don’t like it? Crimea river full of Gefilte Fish.

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