Comandante Chavez Would’ve Been 62 Today and Damn It Do We Miss Him So!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Comandante Hugo Chavez, the liberator of Venezuela and unifier of Latin America, should’ve been 62 years old today. But instead his life was taken by the US and ‘Israel’ with what the Bolivarian Venezuelan government called a “cancer implant”. Getting infected by the Zio-Yankees with some kind of biological weapon was something that Hugo spoke of openly, as well as the Mossad trying to kill him, so this shouldn’t come as some sort of astonishment. Quite to the contrary, it should make the fire in our hearts against his murderers blaze that much brighter and our commitment to defending Hugo’s legacy of Bolivarianism that much firmer. To say that we miss him isn’t just an understatement but almost an insult, as it is more like we ache for his presence. If only the Benevolent Bull of Barinas was here, and healthy, the US-Zionist counterrevolution we’re now seeing regionwide wouldn’t be rapidly advancing in its destructiveness but dead in the water.

From the mud hut he was raised in to the legendary hero he became, Hugo’s achievements were beyond tangible, they were world-changing and historic. He eliminated illiteracy, wiped out extreme poverty, vastly reduced regular poverty, built dozens of universities and over 13,000 clinics, established systems of free health care and free education (Mission Robinson, Mission Ribas and Mission Sucre), eviscerated homelessness, took back lands long held by the old Spaniard colonialist families and returned them to the poor along with free housing, put an end to malnourishment, specifically among Venezuelan children, and gave millions of Black and Indigenous Venezuelans a political voice for the first time. He nationalized oil, rice, fertilizer, banks, glass, cement, gold, telecommunications, steel and power, and then used all this new wealth to better his people and his nation unlike anyone before him.

El Comandante positioned Venezuela as the leader in the new Latin American chapter of the Resistance Axis which came into being because of his Earth-shaking Bolivarian Revolution. Anti-Imperialists/Anti-Zionists and nonaligned, anti-IMF nationalist-socialists would rise in Nicaragua (Ortega), Brazil (Lula then Rousseff), Ecuador (Correa), Bolivia (Evo! Evo! Evo!), Paraguay (Lugo), Honduras (Zelaya), Uruguay (Mujica) and Argentina (the Kirchners). And on the global stage, he built strategic ties and friendships with the Islamic Republic of Iran–his brotherhood with Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinjead is a particular high point-the Syrian Arab Republic and Dr. Bashar al-Assad, Libya and Muammar Qadhafi, Russia and Vladimir Putin, the DPRK, China, Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe, and Belarus and Alexander Lukashenko. He opened up Venezuela’s doors to Palestinians without a visa–the first and only leader in the world to do so–thrashed the Zionist enemy for its aggressions against Gaza and Lebanon whilst “Arab” tyrants collaborated in the genocides, and, ultimately, kicked out the ‘Israeli’ ambassador and told him never come back.

Hugo was Anti-Zionism in the flesh and outside of Hizbullah and Iran, the greatest champion of the Palestinian cause in the world. And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah would agree, as Hugo Chavez holds the distinction of being the only head of state other than the Iranian and Syrian leaderships that the Sayyed ever saluted. Masha’ALLAH. Chavez was also instrumental in exposing the “Libyan Revolution” for the gargantuan fraud that it was, as well as a key financial and political backer of Syria in its struggle against the US-Zionist-NATO-GCC-spawned Takfiri terrorists.

What reverberates the most in my mind however is Hugo’s trip to Iraq in the summer of 2000, when Iraq was under siege, a crippling sanctions regime was starving Iraqis to death, and all international travel to the ancient land of Mesopotamia was banned, but El Comandante ain’t give a damn. He went anyway in solidarity with Iraq and its people. This was a testament to his revolutionary spirit and his unwavering bond with the Moustazafeen. It was during this visit that he famously declared, “Imagine what the Pharisees will say when they see me with Saddam Hussein.” Years later, he would also say, “The descendants of those who crucified Christ, have taken ownership of the riches of the world, this minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands.”

It was here that I knew that Chávez Frías did not only have a geopolitical understanding of the problems plaguing our world but a uniquely spiritual one. Perhaps this is why Sayyed Abou Hadi tipped his black turban to him and Dr. Ahmadinejad loved him so dearly. El Comandante knew, in his bones, that the Killers of the Prophets, the Poisoners of the Holiest Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and the Persecutors of the Messiah (A.S.) were in control. He fought these devils with all he had, in every sphere, until the day he could battle no more.

Chavez’s contribution to the struggle to liberate humanity isn’t comparable to any other soul, living or dead. He prevailed over multiple coups, defeated more plots that any of us care to count, built a revolutionary state from the ground up after centuries of colonialism and capitalistic pseudo-democracy and instilled Anti-Parasitic Consciousness in hundreds of millions of Latin Americans, not to mention tens of millions of others throughout the world. So Washington and ‘Israel’ can do their little “regime change” ops here and there, they can even carry out assassinations and then pat themselves on the back for reinstating control over their “backyard”, but all of this is false and temporary. And this is solely due to Hugo. Because of Hugo Chavez indeed, Venezuela and the entire Latin American region will never be the same again. Never will the Empire EVER be able to firmly plant its feet in the lands of Bolivar without worrying for its very existence.

Pablo Neruda famously said that Bolivar awakens every 100 years when the people become awake. That saying now needs an addendum which includes the founder of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Republic, because the work of Simon Bolivar is already done. From here on out, when the people of Latin America awaken and rise against Zio-Imperialism, it will be Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias smiling, screaming in defiance, raising his fist and guiding them to victory. Make no mistake about it. Allah yerhamak El Comandante, and happy, happy birthday.

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