CAIR Is Suing Trump Over The “Muslim Ban” But Was In LaLaLand As Obama Burned The Islamic World

by Jonathan Azaziah

So the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is filing a federal suit against Donald Trump over the “Muslim ban”? You have got to be FLIPPING kidding me. Where were these Saudi-owned, Qatari-paid, Emirati-serving, Kuwaiti-bought, Jew-boot-licking House Muslims to slap Barack Obama with some kind of court injunction when the Kill List President was making massive arms transfers to Al-Saud as it brought genocide down upon Yemen? Where were they to sue “Swag On 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW” when he unleashed ISIS and Al-Qaeda on both Libya and the Syrian Arab Republic? And where were the legal-eagle heroics of these disgusting excuses for “Muslims” when “Hope and Change” was cheering on the Jewish supremacist entity’s murderous hellstorms on the Palestinian people of besieged Gaza in ’12 and ’14? Where? Yeah. That’s right. Nowhere for the latter and cheering on the Takfiri death squads and the “Kingdom” of Terrorism for the former two.

Furthermore, CAIR was too busy being giddy over invitations to the White House and pathetically building coalitions with liberal Jews in the false name of “anti-racism” to give half a damn. There are really no words for how reprehensible these collaborationist stooges are. And since there’s no need for analysis either, let’s get right to the profanity: Fuck these hypocrites and fuck their lawsuit. They’re a disgrace to Islam and where it really counts, i.e. fighting World Zionism and World Wahhabism, they have always been absent from the front lines of the struggle. GCC petrodollars do indeed tend to render one’s tendencies towards Mouqawamah null and void. In all honesty though? At this stage of the game, post-“Arab Spring”? CAIR’s duplicity is just as unsurprising as Chabadnik rabbis raping children in the back-alleys, synagogues and yeshivas of Williamsburg with complete and utter impunity.

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