Blackout by Hackout In Venezuela: A Tactic Routinely Deployed By The US-‘Israeli’ Empire

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Zio-Amreeki war on Venezuela continues to eclipse the depths of barbarity. Following mass power outrages last week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the democratically elected leader of the Bolivarian Republic, declared that the country’s electrical grid remains under siege and he is openly accusing Washington of being behind the terror, utilizing cyber attacks and other forms of sabotage to terrorize the Venezuelan people. The US ZOG, ever the liar, denies it of course. But a pesky little thing called evidence puts the deception to bed. Neocon sociopath Marco Rubio’s erroneous tweet about blackouts in a place that doesn’t even exist indicates foreknowledge, as does the fact that he was posting about it a mere THREE MINUTES after it unfolded. Moreover, the Sulzberger-owned NYT of all places has revealed that brutal American sanctions are at the heart of the darkness, as they affect “Venezuela’s ability to import and produce the fuel required by the thermal power plants that could have backed up the Guri plant once it failed.” The blackouts are also causing major damage to Venezuela’s oil industry, with the main export terminal and several heavy crude upgraders operated by PDVSA all shutting down. There’s another pesky little thing that undermines Sahyu-America’s “we ain’t do a thing! don’t look at us!” narrative: History.

During the US ZOG’s assault on Chile to overthrow Salvador Allende, spearheaded by that horrible, horrible Jewish-Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger, the CIA triggered a blackout across Santiago in the middle of the Chilean revolutionary’s speech on August 13th, 1973. At the heart of it was then-US Ambassador to Chile Nathaniel Davis, who had also been linked with right-wing death squads in Guatemala. It was so obvious to anyone paying attention to the Zio-Imperialist-orchestrated crisis in the country that the American regime was indeed responsible, that Davis didn’t even bother denying it.

Fast forward nearly 40 years later to Syria and we find the NSA causing blackouts in Syria at the opening of the destabilization of the country under “Arab Spring” banners. Edward Snowden, arguably the world’s most famous “whistleblower”, says it was done “accidentally”. But considering ‘Israel’ planned and executed Syria’s plight from the jump, this sounds like Snowden covering for his former spook buddies or should we say, more correctly, his ‘Israeli’ handlers.

Yes, lest we forget that, Snowden, a limited hangout from top to bottom, speaks at ‘Israeli’ conferences with former Mossad chiefs; that Snowden talks of [alleged] American spying on the usurping Zionist entity, but not much on the flipside, and certainly nothing about the Five Eyes Alliance that he “exposed” actually being the SIX Eyes Alliance because of the Zio-Tumor’s heavy-handed, openly Talmudic role within the global spying superstructure; that Snowden caused ‘Israeli’ tech firms to capitalize on his “revelations” and go through a massive boom while American companies in the same sector took a $180 billion hit; and that Snowden’s “heroism” boosted calls for the Zionist demon Jonathan Pollard, the worst spy in US history, to be released. Bottom line, ‘Israeli’ asset Snowden isn’t to be believed. The NSA didn’t “accidentally” set off a blackout in Syrian territory. The NSA was hacking Syrian cyber defenses and engaged in a blatant act of state terrorism.

The famed US-‘Israeli’ cyber attack on Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility through the Stuxnet virus was only part of a larger scheme called Nitro Zeus, which was intended to target the Islamic Republic’s air defenses, communications systems and yeah, no doubt… ITS POWER GRID. The plot was to put electronic implants in Iranian computer networks so they could be triggered whenever Washington and “Tel Aviv” decided to pull the pins out of the digital grenades. It never came to fruition–but that doesn’t mean the same plot or a recalibrated one isn’t still on the books.

In other words: Blackout by Hackout is a time-tested tactic routinely deployed by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire to undermine any country that won’t submit to its hegemony. Nor is outright bombing power plants and electrical grids beyond the “Shining City On A Hill” and the “only democracy in the Middle East”. Lest we forget how frequently it happened during the American aggression against Vietnam, something that Jahnnam-residing war criminal John McCain personally participated in. It’s been done to Germany. Japan. Korea. Iraq. Hell, there’s a whole damn manual laying out the “benefits” of such criminality and staunchly advocating for it, entitled “Strategic Attack of National Electrical Systems”, by Major Thomas E. Griffith Jr. of the Imperialist American Air Force; printed by the Air University Press of Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama; approved and produced by the DOD under the guise of “interest of academic freedom and the advancement of national defense-related concepts.” That’s not a parody, mind you. Additionally, ‘Israel’ has done it to the besieged Gaza Strip as well as Lebanon–with the latter in particular not only causing massive human suffering but a major environmental disaster too.

So don’t take American denials of being involved in the Venezuelan blackouts as anything but the knee-jerk, face-saving reactions of a psychopathic, supremacist gang of pathological deceivers. It isn’t difficult to figure out why the American regime has resorted to this sort of terrorism now anyway. Its attempts to manufacture pretexts for greater intervention on Venezuelan soil, the first one being the border-bridge fiasco and the second being the accusations that security forces of “the Maduro regime” burned humanitarian aid, have both blown up and are now unclothed as frauds.

The Venezuelan people continue to back Nicolas Maduro full-stop and in gargantuan numbers. Washington and “Tel Aviv” are out of strategic options so they’re doing what all packs of wild hounds do when they’re hurt and lusting for blood: Lash out like any other group of wounded animals. May ALLAH (SWT) increase the strength, faith, unity and resistance of the Bolivarian nation as the dogs of Empire bark and bite with greater viciousness. And may the overall neocon regime change operation sink further and further into oblivion until those very dogs suffer a [mental] blackout of their own, and come to the realization that Chavismo, and its people, won’t have their backs broken by the terrorist likes of any Zio-Yankee.

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