Bahrain’s Sheikh Ali Salman: Pillar Of Peace & Oasis Of Revolutionary Thought In A Barren Wasteland Of Zionized Despots

by Jonathan Azaziah

One of the gravest injustices in the world today is what the Khalifa dynasty, which illegally invaded Bahrain from the Najd and were backed in full by the British colonialists centuries ago, is doing to the indigenous Shi’a Muslim population of the tiny island nation. And the microcosm of it is the ongoing oppression of Sheikh Ali Salman, the leader of Al-Wefaq, the largest Bahraini political party, which is now banned by the illegitimate rulers of the country. He’s also the purest successor to Bahraini opposition spiritual godfather Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem, who has been besieged by the regime too. To understand the barbarity enforced against the Bahraini revolutionary as well as the Bahraini people generally, we first have to understand just how servile and serpentine the Khalifa family is, which can really be summed up in three words: Usurping. Zionist. Entity.

Bahrain’s tyrant has bragged about his ties with ‘Israel’ not only at the political level, but also with its international death squad, the Mossad, and has ordered his minions to stop referring to Waram Khabeeth as “enemy” and “Zionist entity”. Above beyond the political and “defense” ties, there is also cooperation in the field of propaganda, with the putrefying Zionist cancer giving a platform to the “This Is Bahrain” operation–which has been going around the world the last couple years saying that the Khalifa family isn’t a gang of sectarian despots. “King” Hamad has even forged an alliance with America’s Zionist Lobby, solidifying the bond with the terrible and vile Simon Wiesenthal Center in September ’17 and announcing his rejection of the Arab boycott. The Khalifa dictatorship has gone as far to uphold the fake “right” of ‘Israel’–the perennial aggressor–to defend itself. Lest we also forget the war in Yemen, where Bahrain has been intimately involved and has seen many of its criminal invaders sent to Jahannam by Ansarullah, is a Zionist war from top to bottom and by participating in it, Manama is unabashedly serving the agenda of the artificial Jewish “state”.

As mentioned in the opening, the Khalifas are Najdis–from the Bani Utbah tribe. Rumors have raged for years that like Al-Saud, they are crypto-Jews, with their origins resting in the Dönmeh exile community of Basra. That they were expelled from none other than Basra by the Ottomans for piracy and excesses on the banks of Shatt al-Arab, as well as attempts to undermine and overthrow the local government, has only given further credence to the speculation. Moreover, one wonders where they got the funding necessary to launch an invasion of Bahrain in the first place. Was it simply the monies that they had hijacked from innocents in southern Iraq through their extensive practice of violent larceny? Or did they receive funding from powerful Baghdadi Jewish families–in other words, their cousins–like the “Rothschilds of the Mashreq”, the Sasoons, and their lieutenants, the Yadgars (textiles), the Nonoos (banking) and the Khedouris (money-changing). It’s also paramount to document that the Khalifas made a fortune off pearls, using the wealth to consolidate power and turn Bahrain into the capital of the Khaleej for the trade. They couldn’t have done so without cooperation, and truly, DIRECTION from the Jews in and around the island, who had controlled the pearling industry since the 12th century.

The British Empire was militarily supporting the Khalifa family as early as 1805–no doubt on orders from its Rothschild controllers who were informed of the pearling success, which translated into fistfulls of dollars into Rothschild-linked banks, by the Sassoons–and had an unofficial alliance with the despots as early as 1820. It was formalized with the “Perpetual Truce of Peace and Friendship” in 1861 and it has endured to this moment. With the support of the UK ZOG, as well as the American ZOG, of which Bahrain houses the ultra-strategic 5th Fleet, the Najdi Khalifas ruthlessly and systematically marginalized the indigenous Shi’a Muslim population. There has been a deluge of uprisings from Shi’a Muslims against the Khalifas going back to the very beginning, with the latest one kicking off in February 2011. US-UK-Zionist-backed Saudi Arabia invaded Bahrain with the Khalifas’ glowing approval to put down the rebellion. Since then, thousands have been arbitrarily arrested and tortured. Dozens of mosques and Husseiniyyahs have been destroyed while nearly 100 journalists have been targeted. Thousands of others have been expelled from their jobs for expressing democratic views. Hundreds of students have suffered the same fate. Bahrain ranks number one in the world in political prisoners per capita, with the most prominent being Sheikh Ali Salman.

This severe repression has culminated in plots of communal cleansing, with the Khalifas running a “naturalization” scheme, which Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described as “similar to the Zionist project”, to replace indigenous Shi’a Muslims with “Sunni” (read: not Sunni, but Wahhabi-Takfiri) citizens from across the Islamicate, chiefly the Khaleej and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Jews of Bahrain, all three dozen of them, actually have more rights than the indigenous Shi’a Muslims themselves, who are second-class, if not third-class, if not FOURTH-class citizens. A Jew serves as Bahrain’s US Ambassador and there are Jews on the Shoura Council’s Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee. No Shi’a hold similar distinctions–not that they would want to, mind you, it’s just vital to note. The Jewish community, which has intimate links to ‘Israel’, proudly swears loyalty to the Iranophobic, Zio-bought regime, towing the line of the “King” against the opposition. It’s also more than a bit ironic that today’s “Bahraini” Jews aren’t Bahraini at all, but rather settlers from where else but Southern Iraq who had planted roots in the country in the 1880s. The names should be familiar. Khedouri. Nonoo. And Halwachi, the barons of the sweets industry. The Najdi-Judaic alliance, bonded together to crush Muhammadi-Husseini Islam, has been intact for hundreds of years and now flaunts itself out in the open.

It is amid this festering, bubbling Zionist subservience and barbaric sectarian repression that Sheikh Ali Salman grew into the hero and struggler we know today. Born on October 30th, 1965 in Bilad al-Qadeem, a Manama suburb known for its dates, figs, pomegranates, roses, jasmine, and almonds as well as Masjid al-Khamis, a house of worship built just after the death of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), the Sheikh had an affinity for the Holy Qur’an at an early age and knew before he was even a teenager that he wanted to study religious sciences. He had a special attachment to Imam Reza (A.S.) due to his fierce rebukes of despots with a mere handful of sharp, eloquent expressions. Apart from the Deen – or perhaps, more correctly, BECAUSE of the Deen – he was also intensely concerned about the suffering of the Bahraini people under the Khalifas’ savagery and proclaimed his desire to play a role in counteracting this oppression in any way, shape or form. As the Sheikh himself would go on to say, “The only choice that our religion, coupled with our humanity and patriotism, impose upon us, is to reach far beyond our capabilities in resisting the tyranny, injustice and marginalization against our people.”

Salman would find solace in numbers as well, displaying a knack for swiftly processing equations and proofs, so he quietly traveled to the Hijaz where he would attain a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. From there he made his way to the holy Iranian city of Qom where he would strive to accomplish his dream of becoming an Islamic authority. He initially followed Ayatollah Sayyed Abul-Qassim al-Khoei (R.A.), a personality with a wealth of knowledge in all matters pertaining to fiqh, but one who didn’t apply this treasure trove to politics. To ensure that he wouldn’t get hindered by what he considered apolitical constraints, he adopted Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani as his new Marja, and ultimately completed his studies with high honors, easily attaining the rank of Sheikh. While in Qom, one of the highlights of Sheikh Ali’s life was striking up a friendship with the Babyfaced Brave of Bourj Hammoud, the revolutionary saint who would go on to liberate Lebanon not once but twice… Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Their brotherhood has endured for over two decades now–over half of their respective lives. The Hizbullah Secretary-General of course has been one of Salman’s fiercest and most committed defenders.

Returning to Bahrain from Qom, Sheikh Ali had an immediate impact on the political climate of his homeland and strategically began laying the groundwork for the uprising that would shake the Khalifa dynasty to its rotten, Imperialist-backed core. It began in June ’94 when nearly 2,000 unemployed, mainly-Shi’a workers picketed and staged a sit-in right outside the Ministry of Labor. They were met with deadly tear gas that the Khalifas had purchased from CSI, a security contractor and arms company founded in 1981 by ‘Israeli’ terrorists Jacob Kravel and Michael Brunn. Like-similar events were organized in August and September, with both being put down again in a cloud of CSI tear gas. The rage of the workers was growing.

Then the uprising surged and kicked into high gear in December ’94 when the Khalifa despots organized a unisex “charity” marathon which would run through Shi’a villages in Manama and Sitra to deliberately provoke fury from the conservative citizenry. The blatant and shameless manifestation of Ikhtilat (gender-mixing) did just that and it was Sheikh Ali Salman who declared that enough was enough and the Bahrainis’ rights would be trampled on no longer. A massive demonstration, with the banners of Islam and Imam Hussein (A.S.) flying everywhere, erupted. As the Eminence of Bilad al-Qadeem would thunder, “We will not back down from upholding our right to true democracy, no matter the threats and pressures of arbitrary arrest, unjust sentences, extrajudicial killings, decadence, degeneracy and other forms of oppression.”

Protesters were yet again crushed with CSI tear gas as well as rubber bullets and even live ammunition. Mass arrests were carried out and by December, the number of political prisoners, among them Sheikh Ali Salman, had reached nearly 1,000. Fearful of what the Sheikh and his confederates had in store next, the Khalifas took the cowardly route and disgracefully expelled him to the UK, where he would routinely be monitored and harassed by MI6, and then to the UAE, where he’d receive the same repressive treatment by the Emirati mukhabarat. He is said to have been tortured too–by the Najdi usurpers and their allies.

While maliciously targeted and kept from the land of his birth, the Muhammadi-Husseini resistor aided his brethren from abroad with a style of leadership that was eloquent and unifying, breathing life into the uprising and keeping it afloat until 1999, when Hamad took over for his father “Emir” Isa (L.A.), who died of a heart attack. Many a Bahraini revolutionary say that it is the pressure from the revolt that caused the stress which brought about the tyrant’s demise. Allahu A3lam of course but it’s an interesting suggestion to say the least. Before that point, the illegitimate rulers of Bahrain blamed Iran for the “unrest”. They blamed Hizbullah. They used every anti-Shi’a trope under the sun to discredit and demoralize the opposition. They used false flag violence–possibly with the help of saboteurs from the CIA (smuggled in under the cover of the 5th Fleet) and the Mossad (called in by the Khedouris and the Nonoos). None of it worked. Hamad, weary of making the same mistakes as his father–at least at the time–succumbed to the demands of the Sheikh Ali-led movement, issuing a general amnesty for all political prisoners and adopting the National Action Charter that restored the country to constitutional rule in ’01.

This victory emphasizes three qualities of the soft-spoken but stern Sheikh: 1) His opposition to Western-Judaic secularism. While he may be committed to establishing true democracy in Bahrain, this does not mean under any circumstances that he is the Westoxified “democrat” that individuals and organizations of the Sorosite-controlled NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex make him out to be. He ain’t a faux-Muslim. He’s an Islamic revolutionary who governs himself and guides others by Shari’a, not any other ideology; 2) His Khomeini-like ability to unite seemingly irreconcilable factions. The uprising that began in 1994 was comprised not only of adherents of Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology, as well as Sunnis, but leftists of all sorts and even liberals. The Khalifa dictatorship did not expect all the sectarian and political divides it had manipulated and exacerbated across Bahraini society to be rejected in favor of a cohesive front; 3) His commitment to peaceful struggle by any means. Despite all of the hasbara mentioned above by his oppressors, never once did he, his partisans or his partners resort to violence. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described this perfectly by noting that Sheikh Ali “insisted” on maintaining salaam and also said that the Bahraini struggle was raised in a “culture” of peacefulness.

After a decade in exile, Salman the Strong returned to Bahrain in 2001 and spearheaded the creation of Al-Wefaq. Despite the National Action Charter being put into place and Parliament being restored, Al-Wefaq, under Sheikh Ali’s leadership, rebuked the general elections in 2002-the first of their kind–declaring it to be a “sham” and an insult to all the sacrifices the people had made in the most recent uprising, the Martyrs especially. “King” Hamad, yet again apprehensive of being deposed by an increasingly vocal and powerful movement, began to put more reforms into motion until Al-Wefaq had come to be satisfied and trusting of a real election. In 2006, when the next general election was finally ready to rock, and with Sheikh Ali Salman now leader of Al-Wefaq, the party performed spectacularly and took nearly half the seats in the 40-member Parliament. For the next four years, Sheikh Ali Salman and company did all they could to change the sectarian tyranny from the inside out. They faced obstacles at every turn. And when the next uprising broke out in February ’11, largely because of the blockage of the Bahraini people’s democratic will, the democratic protesters were mowed down in a hail of American bullets and ‘Israeli’ tear gas. Fed up and enraged, all the MPs of Al-Wefaq resigned.

Once more, the Sheikh’s lightning-like words come to mind, “We will proceed on this path, holding on to the truth, with hope and unbroken faith in ALLAH (SWT), until our very last breath. Plot your plots and scheme your schemes! We shan’t bow to despotism!” He became more outspoken than ever before, criticizing the regime at every turn as well as its ties to the American ZOG, ‘Israel’, the UK and the Saudi monarchy. Day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, the position of Sheikh Ali was reverberating across Bahraini society and the whole of the globe. Towards the end of 2014, “King” Hamad, emboldened by Washington and “Tel Aviv” to clamp down on all opposition to Zio-Imperialism and prop up the prevailing security order which is connected to the 5th Fleet, issued the directive to lock up Salman for the “crime”–Orwellian to the core–of “inciting hatred against the regime”. More charges followed, including “publicly insulting the Interior Ministry” and “publicly inciting others to disobey the law”. In other words: Instructing oppressed people to resist their oppression. A sham trial followed, his fallacious conviction was upheld and his prison sentence was extended from 4 years to 9 years. Like Imam Reza (A.S.), the 8th Infallible of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) that moved him so much, his careful yet cutting words had struck the foundation of the ruling regime, and he was put behind bars for it.

Sheikh Ali was not in shambles though. Quite the opposite. With no hesitation, he has declared, “I am willing to spend my whole life locked inside the walls, striving in the way of ALLAH (SWT) for the freedom of our people and for the dignity of our children.” His steadfastness only infuriated the Khalifas more and they lashed out at him with childish and monstrous vindictiveness, atrociously refusing to issue a passport and an identity card to his 3 1/2 year-old daughter Sarah, which prevents her from attending school, traveling or receiving health care. Hurting a child to break an oppositionist–an ‘Israeli’ move par excellence and one more confirmation of the Najdi-Zionist linkage. They took his comment about spending his “whole life” in prison literally because their next move was to ABSURDLY charge him with spying for Qatar and bump up the travesty of his 9-year sentence to the abomination of a lifetime sentence. The London-based Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy called the maneuver “political revenge” and an “insult to justice”. A most appropriate phrasing.

This is, indubitably, revenge. Not only for Sheikh Ali Salman’s tireless efforts to facilitate revolutionary change in Bahrain, but for what he stands for in regards to our region and our Ummah’s most sacred cause: That of Palestine. Because as we have established, the Najdi Khalifas and the Zionists are as close as mushrooms and rotting logs. Despite living under a regime dishing out a sectarianism so venomous that the indigenous Shi’a of Bahrain are fearful of giving their children Shi’a names, because it will automatically lead to discrimination, the Palestinian quest is what moves and drives the Sheikh the most. As he said, “Palestine remains, regardless of other wounds, the greatest of all wounds and it remains our greatest concern as well.” Several London-residing Bahraini students told Mouqawamah Music that while they were listening to a lecture from Salman in 2009, he declared the following: “We have one major pursuit here in Bahrain: Democracy. Regionally, in whatever way we can assist peacefully and by raising awareness, we have three major pursuits: Freeing Palestine. Freeing Palestine. And freeing Palestine.”

Verily, under Sheikh Ali’s leadership, Al-Quds Day has been observed with full-on militancy. Furthermore, and much to their credit, with Sheikh Ali guiding them, Bahrainis have been the VERY FIRST people to come out and protest against the usurping Zionist entity when it attacked Lebanon brutally in 2006; when it launched Operation Cast Lead in late 2008; when Operation Pillar of Cloud was initiated in 2012; and when Operation Mighty Cliff was waged mercilessly in summer 2014. This is a testament to Salman the Steadfast instilling in the Bahraini people the same Anti-Zionism instilled in Nigerian Shi’a by Sheikh Zakzaky, masha’ALLAH. Even while he has been locked away in the Khalifas’ dungeons, the moral stance against ‘Israel’ has been as clear as day, with his deputy in Al-Wefaq, the fiery Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, speaking passionately on the matter, “There is no place for Zionists in Bahrain”. He also said unambiguously, “The people of Bahrain will never abandon the [top] Arab and Muslim cause [of Palestine].” Undoubtedly, the test of goodness for any leader or figure claiming allegiance to Mouqawamah is defined by where they sit on the issue of liberating Palestine. Sheikh Ali Salman has passed with flying, nay, SKYING colors.

Sheikh Ali Salman has proven himself to be a pillar of peace and an oasis of revolutionary thought in a barren wasteland Of Zionized despots. He is the Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.) of Bilad al-Qadeem; the Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Bahrain; the Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.) of the Khaleej. We salute him. We pray for him. We fight for him. We speak for him. And we write for him. We also do not despair for him. Because as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah rumbled on November 10th, 2018, “The Bahraini authorities insist on the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman and others, like scholars and thousands of young Bahrainis, in order to force the people into surrendering. But never… NEVER will they will EVER surrender!” This is a man of patience. A man of will. A man of resistance. The Khalifas could never prevail over such an individual with such a character and such a faith. And on the day he finally emerges from his prison cell a free man… They… And their Sahyouni-Amreeki-Saudi-Britani allies should expect a reckoning for their crimes. A reckoning most harsh indeed. #FreeSheikhAliSalman

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