Baby Girl Hind Mansour (R.A.) Of Yemen: May The Whole Of The World Be Haunted By Her Death

by Jonathan Azaziah

Her name is Hind Mansour (R.A.), a martyred baby girl of Yemen. She died of starvation on September 30th, 2018 in a makeshift clinic in Saudi-Emirati-occupied Aden, just a month after fleeing US-UK-French-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s savage aerial bombardment of her hometown of Hudaydah, Yemen’s most critical port. The malnourishment that brought on her death, a result of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s all-out, Western-supported siege on the entire Yemeni nation, was so severe… And her parents to this moment remain so hysterical… That we aren’t sure just how old she was when Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) took her to her rightful resting place in the Gardens With Streams Running In Them.

Look at the life drained from her face. Look at her swollen head. Her misshapen eyes. The yellowing of her golden brown skin. Denied proper food. Or more accurately… Denied ANY food. Denied proper nutrients. Denied medical care. All because Saudi Arabia, at the behest of ‘Israel’ and the Washington ZOG, wanted her country on its knees. Her parents could have signed over their lives to the invaders in Hudaydah but they refused and fled instead. They did all they could to keep Hind as safe and healthy as possible but the blockade was too overwhelming–a tidal wave to their liferaft. On March 26th, 2019, the war on Yemen will hit the 4-year mark. Hind Mansour’s (R.A.) murder… And the murder of every innocent child, woman and man like her… Starved until their organs rotted from the inside out because of Al-Saud’s inhuman cruelty and the usurping Zionist entity’s sick machinations for our region… Fall on the WHOLE of the world. The whole of it.

May precious Hind’s death first and foremost haunt Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the thuggish collaborationists of his puppet regime. They’ve cosigned, aided and abetted every crime committed by the House of Saud against their own people. They are as vile as Iraq’s Chalabi. As putrid as Lebanon’s Hariri and March 14. As despicable as Syria’s FSA, SNC and SDF. As atrocious as Egypt’s Sadat (L.A.), Mubarak, Mursi and Sisi. And then some. Yemenis are starving while they stuff their fat pig mugs in Western and Khaleeji capitals with the finest dining. May their bellies grow robust from the Zaqqum in Jahannam, only to agonizingly burst and grow twice as robust anew. And anew. And anew…

May angelic Hind’s death haunt the Western governments which have rubber stamped Saudi Arabia and its coalition of cowards every step of the way–including those that have recently “halted” or “suspended” arms sales to the Wahhabi-Takfiri monarchy. You helped bomb, blockade, starve and oppress millions of Yemenis and now you want a pat on the back and a washing of your feet for “taking a stand” not to starve millions more. And it wasn’t for Yemenis either that you took this pathetic “stand”, but rather for Takfiri-sympathizing, CIA-Mossad-assisting, long-time Saudi regime apologist Jamal Khashoggi, gruesomely killed in an ‘Israeli’-assisted Saudi liquidation–a warped message that a lone lover of Al-Qaeda is worth more than all of Yemen’s malnourished martyrs and suffering. Sickening, duplicitious sociopaths, the lot of you.

May innocent Hind’s death haunt every Arab and every Muslim who even to this very moment are silent on the unspeakable atrocities imposed on the Yemeni people with each passing day from sun up to sun down. You sit there tight-lipped because you don’t want to upset the “imam” at your local masjid who happens to be a full-on agent of the Saudi regime, the Emirati despots, or both. You sit there with your head down because you’re following the orders of the “ayatollah” or “hujjat al-Islam” at your local husseiniyah who don’t want you to get “political”. Others say nothing because they don’t want to be seen as “friendly” let alone supportive of the Yemeni Mouqawamah of Ansarullah–as if standing with a legitimate, grassroots, organic Islamic Resistance movement that has the backing of the majority of its countrymen and which defends Yemen from aggression, is some sort of a stain. While millions of babies like Hind are literally wasting away, you choose silence. While the American and British bombs rain down on kids like Hind, you choose blindness. You know better. May ALLAH (SWT) never forgive you.

May tiny, emaciated Hind’s death haunt every Westerner who knows what their regimes are doing in their names, but they don’t write, protest, post, tweet, rant, rave, sing, draw or express the slightest discontent about being complicit in the world’s largest humanitarian catastrophe in which some 17 million souls are dying hungry. They prefer to cling to their colonialist privilege instead. And if they’re raging about anything, it’s an “immivasion” of “unseemly, uncultured Muslamics”–a phenomenon, which, by the way, is promoted exclusively by pro-‘Israel’ gazillionaires who feel that their tribe is better off among manufactured multicutural liberalism than any other form of societal governance. Perhaps if you soulless hypocrites held your regimes accountable for launching and sustaining wars that send tens of millions of people fleeing famine and bombardment, not to mention took the aformentioned tribalists to task for using your countries as their playthings, those very refugees and asylum-seekers wouldn’t be on your doorstep. Yemenis are burning from your apathy on the one hand and your misplaced anger on the other.

And may baby Hind’s death haunt every Jew who won’t acknowledge the role of their coreligionists in designing, starting and continuing this genocidal savagery from day one as a means of shoring up the dying hegemony of ‘Israel’. From Gerald M. Feierstein to Nutty Netanyahu himself, the war on Yemen is a Zionist war before anything else indeed. You have Jews from closet-Zionist outlets like CodePink and other like-similar organizations who will run their mouths amuck about Saudi Arabia – and rightfully so; death to the House of Saud a trillion times over – but won’t bring up ‘Israel’ if their mothers’ lives depended on it. They also spend a multitude of time degrading Ansarullah–centrally over the Sarkha–because the opinions of Yahoudling liberals on moujahideen fighting the most accursed, servile, bloodthirsty, backwards regime in modern history are obviously more valuable than everything and everyone else, right? We shouldn’t support Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and his righteous men because Medea Benjamin might be offended, right? Spare me. No matter how friendly you appear, we see right through you as if your skins, hearts and souls were translucent. And a Jew who won’t name ‘Israel’ and its Oded Yinon Plan vis-a-vis the horrors inflicted on Yemen is as guilty as any of the aforesaid murdermongers, if not more so.

May Shahida Hind’s death haunt the whole of the world and fill it with an agony composed of every Yemeni martyr’s pain and outcry, including hers. May her despair bring it to the depths of the void. May her hunger make its own stomach feel the jaggedness of broken glass that is the denial of satiation. May her tears goad its eyes into birthing oceans whose salt seeps far, far into every wound. May her aches become its aches, so it shakes as she did from pole to pole and hemisphere to hemisphere. If such a cataclysm is felt, maybe that will break the cycle of indifference. Just maybe. Until then, Al-Fatiha will have to do. That… And the continued campaign by the resistant, Anti-Parasitic, defiant few who sleep, eat and breathe Yemen and its heavenly cause. O’ Hind, we wish it was us instead of you baby girl. By the Lord (SWT) of the Heavens, the Earth and the Kaaba, we wish it was us instead of you. O’ Hind Mansour (R.A.) of Hudaydah, curses on your killers. Curses on Al-Saud, Al-Nahyan and Al-Maktoum. Curses on the West. Curses on the House Arabs and House Muslims. Curses on the Zionist Jews. Curses on the betrayers of Yemen and its children. The Harshest of Harsh Judgments await them. The Crusher salivates for them. And you, the star of our story, reborn and restored with the clean bill of health they robbed from you, will bear witness against them. Rest in eternal serenity o’ Hind.

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