Ayatollah Sayyed Hajj Mostafa Khomeini (R.A.): The Spark Who Turned The Islamic Revolution’s Embers Into A Conflagration

by Jonathan Azaziah

A most ominous crime was committed on this day 41 years ago as Ayatollah Sayyed Hajj Mostafa Khomeini (R.A.), the oldest son of Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and a behemoth-like Islamic mind, presence and authority who achieved the rank of mujtahid at just 27 years old, departed this world at the tender age of 47. To this moment, the Zionist media–we’re talking about all the heavy hitters from the NYT and WaPo to wire services like Reuters and AP–peddle the lie that it was “natural causes”. UPI says it was a “car accident”. Newsweek just says he was visited by “two strangers” and then passed under “mysterious circumstances”. But we’re here to stick a fork in these fallacies and call a spade a spade, or rather, a murder a murder: Ayatollah Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini (R.A.) was assassinated in a cold blood by a Mossad-assisted SAVAK hit squad. Nothing “accidental” or “natural” or “mysterious” about it. The usurping Zionist entity’s foreign intelligence service had long been tracking Sayyed Mostafa as well as his brother Sayyed Ahmed (R.A.) ever since they were in Lebanon training alongside PLO guerillas and Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr’s righteous militiamen before ultimately winding up in Turkey then later Iraq to assist their father with the furtherance of the Islamic Revolution whilst he was in exile.

Mossad, which was deeply fearful of Sayyed Mostafa because of his fiery commitment to liberate Palestine and end World Zionism’s stranglehold over the planet, passed the intelligence of his movements to SAVAK, which in turn passed the information to Saddam Hussein, who was the de facto head of the Iraqi regime due to Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr being in terrible health. The Iraqi dictator, who had a deep-rooted hatred for Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology and a growing bond with Pahlavi the Puke, gave the green light to SAVAK to enter the country. For since Imam Khomeini (R.A.) was quite elderly at this stage anyway, the thinking from both Baghdad and the Shah was that the Khomeiniist current would die out before it took off–with Sayyed Ruhollah (R.A.) passing from old age and Sayyed Mostafa (R.A.) being liquidated in the imminent hit.

SAVAK waited for just after Dohour and ‘Asr prayers, as Ibn Ruhollah’s Najaf home was always packed with worshipers who wanted to be led in Jamaat by a personality of his gravity. As the last student of the Ayatollah exited, SAVAK barged through the doors like animals. A struggle ensued. Hajj Mostafa tried to fight them off but was overwhelmed by half a dozen agents. They injected him with poison and left him on a floor still covered in the sajjadas of his students. He died soon thereafter. The decadent and shaytanic Shah, like the snide, sniveling roach that he was, expressed condolences just to mock Imam Khomeini (R.A.), declaring the death to be a “heart attack”. Baghdad cosigned the lie, making it complicit.

The Iranian people didn’t buy a word of it. Qom, Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kerman, Tabriz and Kermanshah erupted in massive demonstrations that ran several thousand people deep in every province. Repression by the Shah followed. Iraqi medical examiners, who reportedly rejected payoffs from SAVAK and “businessmen with British accents” [more than likely Mossadniks from the UK], determined it was an enhanced version of cyanide–the kind that an illegitimate entity with an illegal chemical, biological and nuclear weapons program would make–that took Hajj Mostafa’s life. In other words: ‘Israel’. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) boomed as if ALLAH (SWT) had just handed him a divine gavel, delivering speeches that tore into Pahlavi the Pig, SAVAK, America, ‘Israel’ and the Iranian capitalist class that aligned itself with the Empire, highlighting that the Islamic Revolution would be retribution for his son’s murder.

But in an unexpected twist, he also said that while the martyrdom of Sayyed Mostafa (R.A.) had broken his heart and it will be something he’ll mourn for the remainder of his days–like Imam Hussein (A.S.) mourning Ali Akbar (A.S.) with just a few fleeting moments left to his life on Karbala’s sands–it was also something to be celebrated because it vindicated the Islamic struggle. Indeed, he referred to his eldest boy’s death at the hands of Islam’s enemies as one of the “hidden favors” of ALLAH (SWT), because with hardship comes ease, and told all who would listen to endure, to be brave and to hope.

Sayyed Ruhollah’s (R.A.) stoic positioning–though it is said that he cried night in and night out until Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) called him home too–took the public by storm. Even those who were opponents of his or simply ambivalent to what he was seeking to achieve took notice and became believers. The blood of Sayyed Mostafa washed away the doubts of many a naysayer. And the strategic calculations of the Shah, Saddam and the usurping Zionist entity detonated like faulty dynamite. The murder of Ibn Ruhollah (R.A.) didn’t stall–let alone kill–Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) movement but rather strengthened it. In their murderous intentions and foolishness, Empire Judaica and its marionettes actually expedited what they were aiming to bury.

Assuredly, at that particular moment, the Islamic Revolution was a series of embers. Sayyed Mostafa’s death turned it into a conflagration. And like the sacrifice of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the Karbala 72 on Ashoura saved Islam, the sacrifice of Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) dauntless and angelic son would breathe new life into his resistance and solidify that this man was willing to give up everything, including his own progeny, to overthrow tyranny and get out from underneath the jackboot of Zio-Imperialism.

This wasn’t the first time that Sayyed Mostafa had confrontations with SAVAK. He had been arrested and tortured numerous times–including alongside Ayatollah Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Hosseini Beheshti (R.A.) and Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Reza Sa’idi (R.A.) Like those two giants, it didn’t shake his resolve even a smidgen. Whether he was trying to elevate the homeless of Tehran, the bazaar owners of Qom or the prisoners of the Qezel Qaleh dungeon, his eyes were steadily focused on the Thawra; his heart was firmly fixated on the Thawra; his soul and spirit were blazing only for the Thawra; and his life was ready to be given at any moment for the Thawra.

Hajj Mostafa was well-versed in Theology, Philosophy, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Tasawwuf, Astronomy, History (both Islamic and contemporary), Tafsir, Ahadith and Political Science. He wrote over a dozen books, many of which are still waiting to be published, and taught as well as he learned–if not better. And prior to his martyrdom, he was known as a saintly figure who truly had a calming effect on all who were around him. Magnetic, even. If it wasn’t for Sayyed Mostafa, many of the oppositionist factions that wanted to challenge the reign of the Shah never would’ve been brought into the fold of the Islamic Revolution.

Never forget that Ibn Ruhollah (R.A.) wasn’t ***JUST*** Ibn Ruhollah. He was a militant of eminence in his own right; not only a mujtahid but a moujahid of merit; a revolutionary of resplendent rank; and a Husseini of pure prestige. He shines and shines strong all by himself. For a father to plow through the heavy emotions weighing on his very being after the loss of his son and for the son to be willing to give his life for the cause of his father–which was (and is) the cause of ALLAH (SWT), Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) and the Moustazafeen–are two sides of the same coin that represent the exemplification of the Ibrahimi-Isma’ili ideal.

Verily, we see the Nour of Nabi Ibrahim (A.S.) on Sayyed Ruhollah and the Nour of Nabi Isma’il (A.S.) on Sayyed Mostafa. We have seen the Nasrallahs, Zakzakys, Mughniyehs, Al-Houthis and Al-Sadrs make such sacrifices. So much time is rightfully spent on the Islamic Revolution’s overall global impact that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that the Khomeinis have too. And no martyr rocked the mic, rocked it bright and rocked it quite like Ayatollah Sayyed Hajj Mostafa Khomeini (R.A.) He was the spark that brought forth the single-most counter-hegemonic event of the last century; again, the spark that turned embers into a conflagration; and the spark that replaced despotism with Deen al-Fitra. To say that he is missed would be an atrocity against the concept of longing. So instead we humbly declare: Rest in power o’ superb and sublime Shahid.

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