Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr’s Martyrdom One Year On: The Struggle Against Al-Saud Continues In His Memory

by Jonathan Azaziah

On this day one year ago, the monstrous Saudi regime crucified and beheaded Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.), the Lion of Qatif, the Angel of Awamiyah, for the “crime” of protesting against the tyranny of the Wahhabi monarchy occupying the Hijaz. Nimr did not shed any blood. Nimr did not call for fitnah, nor sedition, nor unrest. His only “aggression” was raising his voice and when it hit the pinnacle of decibels, the tyrants not only in Riyadh but everywhere in our region trembled like leaves on dying trees in a windstorm. Al-Saud accused him of “seeking foreign meddling” in the Kingdom of Darkness but Nimr was the agent of no state; he was loyal to nothing and no one but ALLAH (SWT). The degenerate despots accused him of “disobeying the state’s authorities” but disobedience towards unjust “laws” and the even more unjust dictators who implement them is the duty of every Muslim who seeks to enjoin good and forbid evil, is is not? The fathers of terrorism accused him of “taking up arms against the state” but Nimr’s only weapon was his tongue.

Every “offense” that Al-Saud slapped the Ayatollah with was as despicable as it was farcical. There was no fair trial. There was no justice. A death sentence was issued in a kangaroo court. Nimr was tortured and tormented, deprived of sleep, food and proper medical care until the day of his martyrdom. But if the Dönmeh Saudi “royals” thought that this assassination would somehow be shocking enough to quell Shi’a Muslims and justice-seekers in “their own borders”, not to mention across the Arab-Islamic world, then they’re even dumber than they look.

In Iraq, the Popular Mobilization Units unveiled Nimr al-Nimr missile launchers in their battle to liberate Fallujah. In Syria, moujahideen from the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran wear the name of the Hijazi Ayatollah as patched insignias on their uniforms. And in Yemen, precious, beloved, Mouqawamistic Yemen, Ansarullah has taken vengeance for Nimr al-Nimr’s killing over and over and over again in the ongoing confrontation with the Saudi invaders. Footage can be seen from Al-Masirah, the Houthis’ television channel, in which Yemeni Islamic Resistance fighters can be heard shouting “Ya Nimr!” as they send Saudi-led occupation forces to a well-deserved fiery grave. The Lion of Qatif (R.A.) may no longer be with us physically, but he remains with us, here, in spirit, in word, in voice, in blood and in resistance.

Truly, Nimr al-Nimr was Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) representative in the Hijaz and it is the noble life he led that will serve as a guide to us until Al-Saud is vanquished and the land where Islam was born is cleansed of every trace of Zio-Wahhabism. Ali Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr, the Ayatollah’s nephew, sits on death row in a Saudi dungeon for exactly the same “crimes” his uncle was illegally slain for. If the Takfiri terrorist tyrants go through with the slaughter, they will unleash an even bigger conflagration than their assassination of the Ayatollah himself and simply speed up their inevitable demise. We pray for Ali. We recite Al-Fatiha for Nimr al-Nimr and fiercely struggle onward to honor his blessed memory. And to him, the Angel of Awamiyah (R.A.), we say… Nay… We cry out… Nay… We scream! Yes, we scream: Rest in power ya Shahid! They killed you but these ignorant devils are unknowing! For stars do not ever really die. They are merely absorbed by the universe and birthed anew as longer-living, brighter-burning skylights. And you, o’ Nimr al-Nimr, were and are the star of stars. #‎RIPNimrAlNimr‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬

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