Attack Of The Charlatans: George Soros Unleashes #WomensMarch To Derail A Reset Of US-Russian Ties Before It Even Begins

by Jonathan Azaziah

Okay. We’ve been here before. We’ve done this dance, we’ve seen this movie, we’ve binge-watched this TV show and played this game so let’s dispense with the pleasantries and call a Soros-funded gathering of degenerates, agents and fuckwits what it really is: A Soros-funded gathering of degenerates, agents and fuckwits. This #WomensMarch is backed by some 50 organizations funded by the one-man “regime change” machine known as George Soros, a deadly, serpentine billionaire Jew and long-time lieutenant of the Rothschild family who has the blood of tens of millions of human beings on his scaled, nailed and frail reptilian hands. Wherever there is a fake revolution happening anywhere in the world–it really doesn’t matter what continent–look for the signatures of Sorosite organizations and find out whatever the government under attack is doing that presents an obstacle to US-‘Israeli’ interests.

And while the #WomensMarch is oozing a foul-smelling, ultra-blatant hypocrisy from every last one of its hideous pores, from the perspective of Soros and his allies, there is something inherently strategic about it, i.e. keeping war with Russia on the table and Russophobia at the forefront of American consciousness in the wake of Donald Trump saying that a detente with Russia would be good for the world. All across the protest lines, Russophobic and anti-Putin banners could be found, (baselessly and despicably) depicting and calling Donald Trump a Russian agent and propagating the (baseless and despicable) idea that Russia is waging cyber warfare on the US. What anti-Russian hasbara has to do with a march for “women’s rights” is beyond me but the Sorosite agenda is obvious: Derail constructive, solid, cooperative ties between the incoming Trump administration and the Kremlin before they even get off the ground. Regardless of the decent intentions of small handfuls of people who have been swept up into this hysteria, we are undoubtedly witnessing one of George Soros’s color revolutions unfolding right here in the Belly of the Zio-Beast.

And now we return to the hypocrisy. Because there is really nothing as blood-boiling as seeing hordes upon hordes of lesbians, colonial feminists, sickeningly effeminate men, colonized Muslims and other gleaming delightfuls march against Trump under the pretext of “women’s rights”, when he hasn’t done anything as of yet, but didn’t have the courage to mobilize a fraction of these numbers against Barack “The Goyim Think I’m Swagtastic” Obama’s global crime spree. The #WomensMarch slow-faces didn’t think President Kill List drone-bombing little girls in the rural villages of Pakistan was “patriarchal” enough? Shifting to Afghanistan, they didn’t think Obama’s night raids that terrified Afghan women and their babies, not to mention routine rapes of Afghan women by NATO soldiers, were “misogynistic”? Speaking of misogyny, what’s the deal with Saudi Arabia, the literal KINGS and PRINCES of women-hatred?

These globs of redundant and repugnant protoplasm don’t find Al-Saud’s wanton slaughter and siege of Yemeni women and babies protest-worthy? The Saudi regime preventing women from driving, leaving their homes and barely breathing or thinking without getting lashed doesn’t “trigger” the #WomensMarch buffoons? They don’t want a “safe space” where they can freely discuss Saudi Arabia locking women up for Instagram photos and walking down the street without a male “guardian”? No words, let alone worldwide demonstrations, for Hillary Clinton, who these nauseating, two-faced, extremist-liberal bags of steaming shit inexplicably adore and worship, claiming to be “Super-Feminist” and “Pantsuit Wonder Woman” while taking tens of millions in petro-cash from the brutal Saudi tyrants? Of course not! What of the Donbass in Ukraine? “Fascist” gangs, backed by the CIA on Obama’s orders and funded by the Jewish billionaire trifecta of Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and Pinchuk, carried out atrocity after atrocity against Russian and Russian-speaking women. Not one #WomensMarch demonstrator in sight for the martyrs of Novorossiya.

No such #WomensMarch for Palestine either, where Zionist occupation forces routinely gun down, rape, torture, tear gas, beat, kidnap and drop white phosphorus bombs on women, female teenagers and baby girls. Libya had the best women’s rights record and highest human rights index in all of Africa. President “Hope, Change and Drones” laid waste to the Libyan state and today, with the former Green Jamahiriya being reduced to a Takfiri haven, women are treated as horrifically as they are in Saudi Arabia. Where the fuck are the #WomensMarch “heroines”?! Obama promised he’d leave Iraq. Instead, he created Daesh and these Wahhabi-Takfiri goons, working hand-in-glove with the Kurdish-Jewish mafia and Mossad in Erbil, opened up a global sex trafficking machine of Iraqi and Syrian women. Still not “misogynistic” enough for the #WomensMarchers to give half a damn. Yes. Then there is Syria. Beautiful, wonderful, pluralistic, secular Syria, a state of so many Arab-Islamic milestones in women’s rights and gender equality and once one of the safest countries on Earth.

Obama and Hillary Clinton brought Takfiri terrorism to this ancient land, the heart of the Fertile Crescent, all in hope to overthrow Dr. Bashar al-Assad as a means of pleasing ‘Israel’ and the Jewish Power Matrix. Washington’s “moderates” chopped off the heads of women in Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Daraa, and the liberals didn’t make a peep. The US ZOG’s “freedom fighters” put women in cages in Damascus and sold others for “Jihad al-Nikah”, and the Democrats forgot that they had an ability to speak. The Empire’s “rebels” sent little girls to blow themselves up in police stations and slaughtered children with family members in the government and the army, and the “antiwar” crowd disappeared into a parallel reality. And when the American regime slaughtered over 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers and wounded dozens more in Deir Ezzor, among them women who were defending their nation from the ****ACTUAL**** misogynistic barbarity of ISIS, paving the way for a Daesh advancement which still haunts Syria today and bringing the world to the brink of World War III, none of these duplicitous, ignominious fucks mustered up the energy to protest. They’ll demonstrate against Donald Trump on behalf of George Soros and the “leftist” wing of World Jewry though! THAT, these “revolutionaries” and “anarchists” will surely do.

Since words have been minced just a skosh throughout this exercise–a bad habit of mine, I apologize 😀 😀 :D— let’s conclude by getting right down to brass tacks: Fuck your LGBT rights. Fuck your “women’s rights”. Fuck your fake liberal universalism. Fuck your freedom. Fuck your democracy. None of this has anything to do with the havoc America has wreaked on the globe for the last 8 years. And it wasn’t a Republican in the Oval but a Democrat–Mr. Nobel “Peace” Prize. If you don’t have enough moral fortitude to protest against your regime doing unspeakable things in your name because of partisan politics, then your activism is rendered null and void and you are exposed as a hypocrite of the most reprehensible sort. Point blank period, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

With this noted, and with the anti-Russian agenda on such vivid display, it’s of the utmost certainty that this ain’t a #WomensMarch. Indeed, it never was. It’s a #SorosMarch. And the ones whom these Sorosite charlatans are marching upon are the murdered Pakistanis, Afghans, Syrians, Palestinians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Iraqis and Yemenis they never ONCE spoke up for because they were (and remain) too busy carrying poisoned water for Obama and Zio-Killary Clinton.

8 thoughts on “Attack Of The Charlatans: George Soros Unleashes #WomensMarch To Derail A Reset Of US-Russian Ties Before It Even Begins”

  1. Most excellent post, Jonathan. I shared it, but, could be the eff-buk will remove the post, and may even decide to block me for a day or three or thirty. Why? The last time I shared one of your posts (Friday, I believe..) it came with a warning of removal and reminder to read the, “new and improved”, rules eff-buk-effers have implemented.

  2. Dangitall Jonathan, you nailed it. Soros knew a “purple revolution” was already doomed… so he went for pink.

    What I also find ridiculous about this movement is the heavy focus on a woman’s most personal parts. Isn’t that kind of …. derogatory to all women who maintain decent standards?

    My daughter went to “lend support” at the demo in Vancouver at the Trump Towers. Then she was off to work after just a few minutes. I taught her to protest and march when she was wee, she was even “arrested” when she was 6. But in this instance, I just smiled and did not bite because she is abhored by my support of Trump.

    Not worth family discord, that is all there is to it.

    1. The kids do have to learn on their own, most times, and they do generally get it figured out.
      Of course, then there’s the likes of Madonna, who seems incapable of learning pretty much anything except for (maybe?) some song lyrics. (She never learned to carry a tune, tho’.)

    1. Of course he did!
      I’ll try to remember this one, specifically, as one reason I say what I say. Still, were he (ever) anti-izrahell, he would have spent some of his mega-billions on helping Palestine. Obviously, that never happened, even though he LOVES to watch people fight.

  3. brillian post.. i fully agree with your’s very vivid….bunch of hypocrites…only robotic paid people will agree with soros…

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