Asma Al-Assad Isn’t Just The First Lady Of Syria But Of The Entire Arab-Islamic World

by Jonathan Azaziah

Seeing the exceptionally lovely Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad on Russia 24 today was like departing a hustling, bustling, disgusting and corrupted city with smog-ridden skylines for the greenery, pristine streams, picturesque mountains, Divine-sculpted valleys and incomparably sublime clear air of the Damascus and Latakia countrysides. It was THAT refreshing. And she was THAT amazing. Over the course of the 33-minute interview, Asma took Western ZOGs–those fraudulent “Friends of Syria”–totally to task for their criminal sanctions against Syria; declared her humbleness before the families, wounded and martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army; tipped her hat to Syria’s TRUE friends, especially Russia; blasted the Zionist media’s selective humanity vis-à-vis Takfiri terrorist attacks on government-held areas; and most impressively of all, exhibited a fearlessness that not even most people in our region, including Syrians themselves perhaps, let alone the people of the globe, were aware that she possessed–a testament to her realness and humility. Today, we truly saw the Lioness of Damascus roar!

Indeed, Asma al-Assad established that she isn’t just the elegant and eloquent pretty face behind the Syrian president; that she is not the “window dressing on the dictator” as the putrid, Orientalist, neocon-infested mainstream press has portrayed her for years in a total 180-degree turn of its depiction of her as a “Rose In The Desert” in Vanity Fair prior to the start of the destabilization of her country–something Asma herself quipped about in the feature. Simply put, the Syrian First Lady solidified that she is every bit as much the leader of Syria that her husband President Dr. Bashar al-Assad is and as much of a revolutionary too.

Which brings us to the concluding point. While there have always been Mouqawamist female personalities in the Arab-Islamic world–legendary, giant heroines like Algeria’s Djamila Bouhired, Lebanon’s Sana’a “Bride of the South” Mehaydli, Iraq’s Sayyeda Amina Haydar “Bint al-Huda” al-Sadr and Palestine’s Leila Khaled come to mind right off the cuff–there has never really been a woman who combines the mentality of an Anti-Imperialist activist with the finesse of a stateswoman; the patience and diplomatic tact of a leader with the fire of a revolutionary. In other words, the Arab-Islamic world has never really had its own first lady. Until now that is. Because Asma al-Assad, with her beautiful aura and even more beautiful intelligence, as well as the evident, sincere love of her nation and her people, exalted herself as such a figure today.

Just think of Saudi Arabia’s “Princess” Ameera al-Taweel, who covers up the crimes of her barbaric clan inside Al-Hijaz and abroad; or “Sheikha” Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, who is nothing more than a propaganda tool used by Doha to soften up the global image of its little gas station of horrors in the sand; or “Princess” Meriam al-Khalifa of Bahrain, who married an American occupation soldier and put an “Arab” stamp of approval on the US ZOG’s Imperialism; or worst of all, “Queen” Rania of Jordan, the utterly atrocious female face behind normalization with the Zionist enemy. Just think of these hideous persons and one cannot help but smile at how Asma puts them all, each and every one of these traitors and their even more traitorous male counterparts, to shame. It really should be made official: Without a doubt and without competition, the graceful, grand and gregarious Asma al-Assad, on top of being the First Lady of Syria, is also the First Lady of the entire Arab-Islamic world. Even Syria’s enemies know it to be true. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveAsmaAlAssad

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