As Sheikh Zakzaky’s Illegal Imprisonment Hits Month 39, The Zionist-Aligned UAE Reveals Itself As One Of His Tormentors

by Jonathan Azaziah

It gets more and more excruciating to write about Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky month in and month out… Knowing that he, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat, and hundreds of other Islamic Movement of Nigeria political prisoners remain in the dungeons of the psychopathic, tyrannical, US-‘Israeli’-owned Abuja regime. We are now in month 39 of his unjust detention following the massacre of 1,000 Shi’a Muslims in Zaria on December 12th-14th, 2015. And it seems as time continues to pass by, and the torment of the Khomeini of Africa rages on, we uncover new dimensions to his oppression. We have written much about Saudi Arabia’s role in terrorizing Nigeria’s Shi’a and the Zakzaky family, from using its petrodollars to silence Muslims the world over to buying off politicians inside Nigeria like the criminal chief of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai. We have extensively covered the blood-soaked American role, under both Obama and Trump. Same can be said for ‘Israel’ and Global Zionism, from direct attempts to kill the Sheikh to joint operations with the CIA; to large, hideous cover-ups by Sorosite groups; to the international death squad known as the Mossad’s penetration of Nigeria’s security services–all because Zakzaky is a guardian of Resistance and an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Parasitic stalwart who can’t be corrupted. And now a new player is on the scene, revealing itself to be a part of the murder scheme against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria: The baby-killing UAE regime.

Just 48 hours ago, the Emirati Ambassador to Nigeria Fahad Obaid Mohammad Altaffag met with Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the Chief of Nigerian Army Staff and one of the murderers who oversaw the Zaria Massacre. The meeting was described as “warm” and what was particularly bizarre is they made the time to link up despite Buratai’s awfully busy schedule. The message is, clearly, that the Nigerian military always has time for one of its patrons. Indeed, the Nigerian Chief of Staff was pathetic, damn near coughing up a lung in heaping praises on Abu Dhabi, saluting the absolute monarchy for, keyword here, CONTINUING to be a partner to him and his men in the fields of military training, providing military hardware and equipment, aviation and the most laughable one, “counter-terrorism”. There’s big Emirati cash in Nigeria’s agricultural sector too. Know who else has their filthy fingers burrowed deep, deep in the soil of Nigerian agro-biz? The usurping Zionist entity. And under Buhari, Nigerian-‘Israeli’ cooperation has skyrocketed. This shouldn’t leave anyone gobsmacked in the slightest as Emirati-Zionist normalization goes back to the 90s and it’s only gotten heavier with the slaughterous war on Yemen.

It’s basic math here folks. If the UAE is a partner of the Nigerian military, training it and providing it arms… Then the UAE is complicit in the Nigerian military’s actions… And thus, the UAE, like the American, Saudi and ‘Israeli’ regimes, is a co-conspirator in the Zaria Massacre perpetrated by the Nigerian military on behalf of the Empire it serves. Yemeni, Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian blood weren’t enough for these British-installed, Najdi-Khaleeji tyrants. They needed Nigerian plasma too. And that they’re using “environmental investment” as a cover for their criminal, militaristic activity, exactly like their beloved terrorists from the Zio-Tumor, gives great insight into their lowness. A critical detail certainly. Let it be known, from here on out, when we make du’a for the Lion and Lioness of Zaria as well as all their partisans, we now know that we shan’t only be asking ALLAH (SWT) to “Free Zakzaky!” and inflict the most terrible punishments on his oppressors in Washington, Riyadh, “Tel Aviv” and Abuja itself…. We will also be asking Him (SWT) to do the same to Abu Dhabi. Death, death and more death to the Nahyan and Maktoum dynasties. Assuredly, on Judgment Day, they won’t live down playing a major role in the genocidal assault on the Nigerian Shi’a community and its saintly leader. Most, most assuredly.

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