As Sheikh Zakzaky Enters Month 38 In Illegal Detention, The Nigerian ZOG Increases The Hasbara And Plots To Kill Him

by Jonathan Azaziah

May ALLAH (SWT) protect Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. It has now been 38 months since he was thrown into prison on utterly baseless charges following the massacre of over 1,000 Nigerian Shi’a in Zaria. As international awareness of the Sheikh’s plight grows, thanks to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria itself and a small but gifted and vocal circle of activists across the globe, the US-Zionist-Saudi-backed puppet regime of Muhammadu Buhari finds itself in a precarious predicament.

It cannot upset its masters, so it can’t simply release him–even though that’s exactly what the Abuja division of Nigeria’s Federal High Court instructed him to do by January ’17–and it can’t keep him imprisoned either due to the aforementioned rise in global consciousness regarding the atrocities committed against the Khomeini of Africa. What does a dictator operating under the fog of faux democracy in such a scenario then? He does what his masters in “Herzliya” taught him to do: Turn up the hasbara to 6 million degrees. Thus, the Nigerian ZOG is now saying that the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, which has operated 100% peacefully for nearly four decades, has plans to stage violent raids on certain detention centers to free some of its members ahead of the Nigerian general election. Nothing less than spurious.

Beyond the glaringly obvious fact that these allegations are as absurd as they are false, it is also being used as a cover for a more sinister scheme that has popped up several times since the Sheikh’s imprisonment: The Nigerian security apparatus plotting to kill him. Considering how deeply ingrained the usurping Zionist entity is within these very agencies, let there be no doubt it isn’t Abuja taking this decision but “Tel Aviv”. Zakzaky, with his militant Anti-Zionism, Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Parasitism is the greatest threat to US-‘Israeli’ hegemony on the African continent and a potential inspiration for Black (and Brown and even White) people the world over.

‘Israel’ has a history of murdering and overthrowing African revolutionary heroes, from Nkrumah to Ben Bella, Sankara to Ben Barka to Nasser. Lest we forget that the Zio-Tumor had a prominent hand in the liquidation of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo too. But assassinating a towering personality such as Zakzaky, who has personal, political, spiritual and financial ties to the Resistance Axis, isn’t without complications. Indeed, what is giving the Monsters pause, is whether or not his martyrdom will be the rain that rapidly turns seeds of peaceful protest into massive trees of armed resistance and an Ansarullah-style Mouqawamist coup upends how the Empire does business in Abuja.

The election is only 72 hours away. Buhari is looking for any boost possible to sway his international benefactors of the last several years to keep him in power as opposed to his opponent Atiku Abubakar, a thoroughly corrupt businessman and gangster who runs around with stick-up kids and who has ties to the American regime too. There’s no evidence as of right now that would suggest Abubakar would treat the Zakzaky file any different than Buhari or his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan. That means vigilance is required more than ever. And all efforts to level up knowledge of the barbaric repression of the Sheikh and his confederates must be doubled, tripled and quadrupled. Again we say, may ALLAH (SWT) protect Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat and all the political prisoners of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. May He (SWT) grant them victory over the oppressors–both foreign and domestic.

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