“Arab Spring”-Style Revolt About To Pop Off In Angola

by Jonathan Azaziah

‘ARAB SPRING’ ALERT. According to the Qatari despot’s Al-Jazeera, the Angolan government has locked up 17 “youth activists”–love the Sorosite-Amnesty-HRW language, don’t you?–for trying to overthrow President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Now, Santos is no peach, nor is he exactly an anti-Zionist or an anti-Imperialist, but, the man is clearly pro-Africa and has helped wean Angola, Africa’s second-largest oil producer and third biggest economy, off foreign aid and steady the economy into something resembling functional and independent. He’s also at the forefront of getting the continent to break away from the blood diamond trade–i.e. International Zionism and its network of sanguinary Jewish gangsters–and transitioning into a system of African-African cooperation on mining the stones and using them to benefit the peoples of the continent.

Any leader, anywhere in the Global South, who expresses even the slightest inkling of wanting to think for himself/herself, let alone those who want to totally disconnect from the Empire, will see the minions of George Soros automatically emerge like cockroaches from the nooks and crannies of that nation’s dregs and then POOF! Color Revolution! Beware of what’s going down in Angola y’all; America and ‘Israel’ have meddled there for years, from assistance to the Portuguese colonizers to the reign of the brutal Jonas Savimbi and everything in between. The kicker of all this? These so-called “youth activists” are being led by one Luaty Beirao, a “prominent pro-freedom rapper”–US State Department lingo for a two-bit excuse for a musician exploiting our precious Hip-Hop culture in service of Washington and “Tel Aviv”. Clowns like this, as well as others like Omar Offendum and Khaled M, who collaborate with Earth’s Most Evil against their own, are the worst scum; matter the fact, they’re the scum feeding on the scum at the very, very bottom of the pond. For real. ‪#‎DeathToTheArabSpring‬ ‪#‎ProtectAngola‬

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