Any Talk Of Russia And Syria Bombing The UN Aid Trucks Today Is Pure Zionist Propaganda

by Jonathan Azaziah

No, Russia and Syria did not attack the UN humanitarian aid trucks today in Aleppo. Just like Russia and Syria didn’t bomb any of those Halab hospitals back in April and May either. Just like the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah didn’t starve the civilians of Al-Zabadani and Madaya. Just like the SAA and its allies didn’t commit the massacres in Houla, Tremseh, Baniyas, Al-Bayda, the Old City of Homs and it goes on and on to the point of nausea. And, for the kicker, just like it wasn’t President Dr. Bashar al-Assad who unleashed sarin gas on the people of Eastern Ghouta in August 2013. All of these atrocities, including what took place this morning, were all done by the Takfiri terrorist scourge with the full support of ‘Israel’, NATO and the GCC. Syria needs to stop being treated as if it’s a “complicated” conflict. It ain’t. At all. Nor is it a “multi-pronged, internationalized, proxy war”–like Syria, Hizbullah, Iran and the Iraqi Resistance are just Russia’s pawns and not sovereign actors with more agency than perhaps any other grouping of states and movements in the Global South–as some self-aggrandizing Western pundits laughably try to make it out to be. Similar to Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Yemen, etc., Syria is under assault from the Washington ZOG, even if the Washington ZOG happens to be using mercenaries. Simple and plain.

Thus, every insidious allegation thrown at Damascus about “human rights abuses”, “war crimes” and the Syrian leadership’s “lack of legitimacy” are nothing less than pretexts to generate the grounds for a “shock and awe” intervention. This is the Gulf of Tonkin incident vis-à-vis Vietnam; the fake assassination attempt on ‘Israeli’ ambassador Shlomo Argov by Mossad asset Abu Nidal vis-à-vis the Zionist incursion into Lebanon in ’82; the “incubator babies” scandal vis-à-vis the ’90-’91 Gulf War; the neocon-orchestrated WMDs/yellowcake uranium deception vis-à-vis Iraq in ’03; and the nonexistent “imminent Benghazi massacre” vis-à-vis Libya in ’11 all over again. If the Zionist media is demonizing a nation on the hitlist of the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium, 110 times out of 100 it is lying with an ulterior motive and a greater–as in ‘Greater Israel’–agenda to boot.

So it bears a little bit of redundancy: No, Russia and Syria did not attack the UN humanitarian aid trucks today in Aleppo. That was Jabhat al-Nusra–I’m not going to call it “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham” because then that would bestow legitimacy on this wholly illegitimate, head-chopping, baby-murdering, Takfiri guild of bandits and thugs–and its ilk committing yet another egregious crime in service of their Zionist-Imperialist masters, who desperately needed to kick off a fresh, hasbara-ridden news cycle as a means of taking the world’s eyes off its massacre of Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Deir Ezzor and its deliberate undermining and collapsing of the “ceasefire”. The Monsters have been using the same playbook for eons: Slander the nation, invade it, overthrow its president, install a puppet, steal the resources, subvert the culture and crush dissent. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Only with Syria, the resilience of its people and national military aas well as the commitment of its allies have derailed this scenario and driven it deep into the ground. Hence why the mainstream press keeps churning out the Langley-Herzliya-produced lies. And hence why we, as the Syrian Arab Republic’s digital front line, must maintain vigilance and keep on cutting through the thick smog of MSM’s treacheries. Day by day, brick by brick, we struggle along until Truth isn’t merely “one part of the story”, but the whole story, the only story, and Syria, along with our entire region, are freed from International Zionism’s clutches.

5 thoughts on “Any Talk Of Russia And Syria Bombing The UN Aid Trucks Today Is Pure Zionist Propaganda”

  1. Jonathan Azaziah. I love your articles. I and many people in America are waking up from their slumber. The Imperialists Zionist Judaic Criminal Mafia are trying desperately to assert one more time their diabolical influence in Syria as they have done with other 7 countries. The whole world is watching and the Jewish Controlled Mass Media has lost all credibility.
    With the alliance of China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and “Turkey”? the balance of power is changing rapidly. The reason, the truth, the good will prevail against the evil.

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