Anti-Parasitism Is What’s Needed 49 Years After ‘Israel’ Massacred The USS Liberty

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yesterday marked the 49th anniversary of the murderous Zionist regime’s massacre of US sailors aboard the USS Liberty. Beyond a mere crime of the utmost egregiousness, beyond a mere classical example of the typical murderous behavior of the artificial ‘Israeli’ entity, the cruel assault on June 8th, 1967 that left 34 US servicemen dead and 173 others wounded showed just how pathologically monstrous the Jewish supremacist tumor is, as it put the entire globe in the crosshairs of nuclear war in the name of its regional as well as international designs. Again, the attack on the USS Liberty wasn’t just another case of Zionist mass killing but a false flag with a codename, Operation Cyanide, and ‘Israel’, in conjunction with its double agents and sympathizers inside the CIA, planned to sink this American ship, blame it on Egypt, and then rally (via its lobbying tentacles in the US) Washington into a warmongering frenzy so it would invade Cairo, overthrow Gamal Abdel Nasser and decapitate Arab Nationalism, not to mention put the US in direct confrontation with the Soviet Union.

On a more local level, the criminal Jewish entity wanted to bury what was aboard the Liberty: radio evidence of ‘Israeli’ occupation forces committing unspeakable crimes against captured Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai. The Halakhic-Talmudic barbarians killed thousands of Egyptian POWs during the Naksa, one of many atrocities, and the Liberty had the proof to back it up. So the ‘Israelis’ were quite literally attempting to kill two birds, or, in this instance, millions of “Goyim”, with one stone. It is only because the USS Liberty’s crew survived, stayed afloat and attempted to fight back, that the world is as it is today and not something far more dystopian. American bombers, armed with nuclear missiles, were scrambled in the midst of the Zionist Air Force’s murderous siege, but ultimately pulled back three minutes, THREE MINUTES, before nuking the Egyptian capital. And today, the vast majority of Americans aren’t even aware this ever occurred. Instead, they believe that ‘Israel’ is the US regime’s greatest ally and because of their “Christian” Zionist brainwashing, they idiotically believe that whoever blesses ‘Israel’ should be blessed.

This is all thanks to a cover-up at the highest levels which begins with the “shabbos goy” stooge of the highest “shabbos goy” order Lyndon B. Johnson, as well as Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and one Admiral John S. “Slew” McCain–coincidence that Slew perfectly rhymes with Jew and McCain rhymes with reign, as in Zionist reign? I think not, but I digress–and is in fact continued to this very day by the admiral’s son, John “I Love Me Some Takfiris” McCain. Skippy “B-B-Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” Short-Arms actually sides with ‘Israelis’ over his own veteran constituents and is continuing his father’s work of obfuscation by claiming that the Zionist usurpers told the truth about what happened that miserable 8th day of June in 1967. A casualty count of 207, 34 dead and 173 wounded, in an attack over a sustained period that followed 9 hours of surveillance on the ship indicating the in-depth planning of the assault, and which continued 40 minutes after the occupying Jews claimed they stopped shooting. Whoever survived is traumatized beyond description, including one gentleman I personally know and whom I will not name. They’re so broken. The tragedy deepens daily. All because of ‘Israel’, this “corrupted bacteria” and “mother of cunning” as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah likes to call it. This is America, ladies and gentlemen. This is the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. This is your “freedom” along with your “democracy”. Subservient to a foreign entity where even the men purported to defend you have no rights and are nothing but servants of the “chosenite” occupation regime.

As we mark nearly the fifth decade after the USS Liberty massacre, let the fury envelop you. Not just about the men aboard the ship, be they the fallen or the survivors, but the Egyptian soldiers slaughtered, the Syrian martyrs, the Jordanian martyrs, the Lebanese martyrs and of course the Palestinian martyrs whose lives were lost during that genocidal act of aggression that the Yahoud call the “Six-Day War”. Let the truth sink in like a mosquito’s proboscis piercing your flesh as it sucks your blood to sustain its parasitic existence. Because that’s what ‘Israel’ and Organized Jewry at large are: parasites and bloodsuckers. And what is this truth I speak of? That ‘Israel’ is not America’s friend. ‘Israel’ is nobody’s friend. ‘Israel’ is a virus that is making the entire planet sick. Race, religion, creed, color, nationality, none of it matters to ‘Israel’. The Zionists are equal-opportunity vampires and destroyers and in fact pit all different types of peoples in conflict with one another; you know it as the “clash of civilizations”.

After the Nakba, the Lavon Affair (Operation Susannah), Mossad’s assassination of JFK, the USS Liberty assault (Operation Cyanide), the threat to nuke Syria in ’73, the deception that led to the genocide in Sabra and Shatilah, the threat to nuke Iraq in ’91, Mossad’s 9/11 attacks, the great lie of Iraq’s WMDs and now the Arab Spring, complete with the East Ghouta chemical weapons false flag that nearly brought WW3 to fruition in Syria, haven’t you had it up to your eyeballs? Aren’t you at your wit’s end with Jewish-Zionist hegemony? Then embrace Anti-Parasitism. Embrace it like you embrace your children who come home safely after you were up all night worrying about their well-being. That’s the kind of relief it will bring. Truly, Anti-Parasitism is the way forward. Because it this natural revolutionary mindset, and ONLY this natural revolutionary mindset, that is going to set us free from the hellish Judaized prison we are all currently inmates of. Rest in power to the martyrs of the Naksa, including the 34 men of the USS Liberty. Rest in power for all-time.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Parasitism Is What’s Needed 49 Years After ‘Israel’ Massacred The USS Liberty”

  1. Thank you for the truth about these parasites who are indeed not a friend to anyone but each other in their disgusting agenda. The world should be outraged at their addiction to violence and their disrespect to America whom they think they can rob blind and suck dry and pretend they deserve everyone’s sympathy.

  2. Jonathan,
    The real story behind the USS Liberty, is the part played by “our best friends in the Middle East”, and as usual they are the Zionist evil ones.
    During President Johsons tenure in the White House he appointed a “special advisor for security affairs” by the name of Walt Rostow, an economist by trade from MIT and other prestigious places that were and now occupied by Israeli Zionists of higher learning. Anyway, Rostow was born of Russian Jewish parents(surprise surprise), and became Johnsons top dog for international security. He had very close ties to the likes of James Jesus Angleton, and the other ranking CIA members.
    Rostow was a big supporter of Israel, and was instrumental in obtaining weapons for them prior to the six day war.
    Rostow along with the deputy director of the CIA and the director of the state department another Israeli firster had formed a secret committee called the 303 Committee to handle international security affairs, to cover for Johnson. They met in top secret in 1966, and drafted a secret agreement between the USA and Israel to eliminate Nasser of Egypt because he had Russian support and this threatened Israel’s expansion at that time. They agreed to stage a plan called the “frontlet 615” plan(otherwise known as the Cyanide plan) to start a war between the USA and Russia using the USS liberty as a False Flag. During that time Israel was threatening to take the Golan Heights in Syria. This the USA objected to on paper but it reality we were helping Israel in this regard. Angleton was the inside CIA man(another Zionist Lover), that they used to obtain the secret radio transmission codes that the USS liberty was using to allow Isreal to jam radio transmissions on that fateful day.
    The secret agreement or plan 615(that was the day that coincided with the Six Day War), that included Isreal’s attack on the Golan Heights. Not know to Israel the USA had a communication plane in the area and had become aware of Israel’s intention to take the Golan Heights. This plan 615 included the need to completely destroy the USS liberty to remove any trace of Isreali/USA collaboration and to blame Egypt for the attack and to use USA soldiers blood to fight another war with Russia. They ran cover for LBJ, the Zionist lover. So again, ANOTHER, Zionist Jew Rostow and his buddies at the CIA were involved in destroying our country. Sound familiar 911??. Just like today, those rat bastards are scurrying all over the CIA, the defense department and the government. Shades of 1917 in Russia. Scary indeed. When will the people wake up?

  3. As a follow up, Meir Amit, the Zionist Mossad Chief was “visiting” Mr. Rostow, the CIA, and our trusted “special adviser for security affairs” for LBJ several days prior to the six day war. I wonder why? ps: Meir’s real name is “Slutsky”. Ain’t that a hoot? Just like Netanyahu is Milekowsky.
    The Mossad got caught impersonating “Nasser” in a telephone conversation with another Middle East country at that time to allow Israel to “steal” more land this just the Golan Heights. They live up to the creed: By way of deception thou shalt make war”. Thank you Mike Piper(RIP).

  4. Jonathan, every once in awhile, no matter how serious the matter you are going on about, you throw me off by cracking me up with your terminology and i get lost laughing.

    This time it was “John “Love me some Takfiris’ McCain”…. We live in somber times and, unless I am with children or puppies, laughter comes rarely lately, so thanks.

    BTW. laughing again, I have a criminally sharp editor’s eye for spelling errors ~ misplacings, misspelings, etc etc. They jump out at me ~ and there are very few writers who use amazing vocabulary AND spell everything perfectly. Some think that these things don’t matter… but they do in terms of credibility and the audiences you wish to reach. I have probably read about 80% of your material in English and have yet to come across a single error. Ever. Shock: Even the esteemed Prof MG has slipped up once or twice but not you. But don’t tell him I told you that!

    Oh, yes, and of course your precise summary of events is, as always, among the best around without too much wandering as so many do. You pull in the international scope that is not mentioned by so many who actually do discuss the Liberty.

    Putting up links in your blog is like taking coals to Newcastle, but here are two pieces (and I have done many) on the USS Liberty that contain something different from the norm.



    Did you know that the US Government ASKED Israel if it was permissible to give an award of bravery to the Captain of the Liberty who survived but was very injured? ~ “The government is pretty jumpy about Israel…the State Department even asked the Israeli ambassador if his government had any objections to McGonagle getting the medal.” And the citation at the very very low key awarding never mentioned Israel.

    “Terry Halbardier, whose bravery and ingenuity as a 23-year-old Navy seaman spelled the difference between the murder of 34 of the USS Liberty crew and the intended massacre of all 294.” This is about the man who saved the Liberty with his actions and how he FINALLY, 42 years later, received recognition for his actions. His Purple Heart simply showed up in his mailbox a few years ago.

    Thanks Professor J.

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