Ansarullah’s Rocketry Lights Up Historically Yemeni Regions And Sends An ‘Israeli’ Agent And Many Saudi Usurpers To Hell

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the daily carnage of the US-UK-‘Israeli’-Saudi war on Yemen, like yesterday’s horrific massacre of a dozen Yemeni fishermen off the coast of Hudaydah, battlefield achievements of Ansarullah’s Mighty Moujahideen sometimes get lost in the shuffle. It’s unacceptable. While ripping Al-Saud, its backers and its cronies limb from limb for their crimes against the Yemeni nation, we mustn’t ever lose sight of just how much beautiful damage that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its Yemeni Army allies inflict on the Saudi-UAE coalition of cowards daily. Today was a glorious occasion as the historically Yemeni lands of Najran, Jizan and Asir–occupied by Al-Saud after the Rothschild-financed British Empire drew lines in the sand and declared them Saudi over 80 years ago–lit up with the righteous rocketry of the Houthiyeen who defend Yemenis of all tribes and Islamic schools of thought from the hideous devils of Najd.

The Saba Mouqawamah’s spectacle starts in Jizan, where Ansarullahi fighters targeted a US-provided military vehicle full of Saudi soldiers on the western flank of the Doud Mountains with a homemade, upgraded Najm al-Saqeb 2 (Striking Star) missile then pounded the Saudi aggressors with mortars in Gamagam. From there we set our sights on Najran where Zelzal-1s and classical Katyushas were employed to wreak havoc on the Wahhabi tyrants. Yemen’s guardians landed direct hits on enemy gatherings in Al-Sudais, causing huge losses. Then in Asir, intelligence operatives from the Yemeni Army came across critical information about massive Saudi movements at Al-Aleeb Crossing and shelled the usurpers before they could proceed any further.

When the smoke settled from the Yemeni defenders’ weaponry, over 100 Saudi-UAE-led occupation soldiers had been sent to the scalding heat of the hellfire and at least 125 others had been wounded, including many in critical condition. Sudanese, Bahraini, Moroccan and Eritrean mercenaries were among the hellbound and reportedly, Major Avichai Malka, an ‘Israeli’ agent who was said to be coordinating the criminal Saudi efforts on the Yemeni-Hijazi border, as well. The Zionist occupier had been in Yemen for a little over 2 years, following Ansarullah’s liquidation of Colonel Vegedora Yagronovesky–an IOF Data Analyst providing logistics to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi– in a stunning Toshka ballistic missile strike on Jahf Military Camp in Ta’iz. That monumental achievement was a little more than a year after the first time the Yemeni Islamic Resistance struck Amir Khaled Air Base in Asir’s Khamis Mushayt with SCUDs and Najm al-Saqeb 1s, killing 63 Saudi devils and stunningly, 20 ‘Israeli’ officers. Malka was essentially the replacement for Yagronovesky. So when Netanyahu says that ‘Israel’ is “prepared” to join the war on Yemen depending on events in Bab al-Mandeb, don’t believe anything that comes out of his lying, satanic mouth. Not only is the war on Yemen Zionist-engineered at the root, the ‘Israelis’ have been directly participating in the genocide from day one.

Every kind of SALUTE there is to the Yemeni Islamic Resistance for showing Moustazafeen the world over how to stand tall and resist in the face of Empire Judaica; how to operate with minimal to zero losses while inflicting maximum damage and casualties on the enemy; how to prevail, how to win, how to triumph. The first-class ticket to Jahannam given to IOF Major Avichai Malka is the latest of three and a half years worth of examples that the assault on Yemen is an extension of World Jewry’s plot against Palestine and our entire region. Remove silence from your lexicon. Destroy your ignorance. Represent Anti-Zionism and Anti-Parasitism properly and show unconditional, unequivocal love to the Yemeni Mouqawamah led by Zaydi-Husseini, Saudi-smashing, Shlomo-crushing Ansarullah.

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