Ansarullah’s Readiness To Confront Any New Invasion Has Stalled Criminal US-Saudi-Emirati Plans For Hudaydah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yemen has been bracing itself for a full-scale attack on the strategic port city of Hudaydah. Rumors are abound along the Yemeni coast that Saudi special forces and US Marines as well as a returning Emirati invasion force will lead the assault. The pretext, disseminated widely across the Zionist media in a reflection of the ever-deepening Yahoudling-Wahhabi alliance, is that Ansarullah is smuggling Iranian weapons through the port and blocking humanitarian aid from reaching Hudaydah’s starving population. But this is a pure pile of poppycock as the Yemeni Islamic Resistance doesn’t get its weapons from anywhere but its own backyard. Literally. And through its alliance with certain units of the Yemeni Armed Forces who have refused to betray their country to Al-Saud, Ansarullah has also been the leading actor in the establishment of a Yemeni missile program that continues to produce projectiles that penetrate deep into Saudi territory. Additionally, Jamie McGoldrick, one of the chief humanitarian coordinators for the United Nations in Yemen, has stated categorically that Ansarullah is NOT engaging in a “mass diversion” of aid and it is in fact the Saudi-led coalition of cowards and tyrants which is blocking deliveries of food and medicine to Hudaydah’s people. All of a sudden however, plans for the new invasion have now apparently stalled.

Enter former US Ambassador to Yemen Gerald M. Feierstein, a Zionist Jew who routinely advocated partitioning Yemen and during his tenure was known as Yemen’s new dictator. His influence in the ranks of the the collaborationist, Saudi-based Hadi regime and Al-Islah (Yemen’s “Muslim” Brotherhood) still runs deep and he most certainly has a pulse on whatever plans may or may not be in the works. Three days ago, he told ‘Israeli’-linked Al-Monitor that, “It seems people are backing away from the idea of a military operation. And [they] are thinking more creatively about how do we achieve this objective [taking Hudaydah] without having to resort to military [solutions] and breaking a lot of crockery.” With Ramadan only four weeks away, he said that there were “positive signs” coming from the Houthis that they’d be ready to comply and that Saudi Arabia’s ultimate goal is to secure their withdrawal from the city. But this too is a pure pile of poppycock.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t care one iota that it’s Ramadan as it bombed Yemen all throughout Islam’s holiest month in both ’15 and ’16. On top of that, Ansarullah–which is working overtime, day and night, to alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe in any possible way that it can–would never surrender its hard-fought gains to anyone, especially not Empire Judaica. The Houthiyeen are prepared, lock, stock and smoking barrel, to confront another batch of interlopers if need be. So what is ACTUALLY making the war-planners in Riyadh, Washington and Abu Dhabi think twice about this harebrained scheme even after Mattis gave the greenlight? Because last year, right at the start of Ramadan, the defeated Emirati despots pulled out of Yemen in humiliation after the mass casualties the Yemeni Islamic Resistance had inflicted on their occupation army. It was a historic victory for Yemen, its people, its Resistance, its army, its future and its supporters all around the world. Well over 1,000 Emirati soldiers have been sent straight to the fires of Jahannam and thousands of others have been wounded by the relentless asymmetrical warfare brilliance of Ansarullah. The tyrants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are completely aware that many, MANY more will meet the same fate if they decide to go forward with this re-up.

Ansarullah is the indigenous, legitimate governing power of Hudaydah. Ansarullah has the support of the people of Hudaydah to continue the struggle against the invaders. And militarily speaking, Ansarullah ***KNOWS*** Hudaydah. This is Yemeni land. Where Yemeni martyrs have fallen in defense of it. Where Yemeni blood has forged it into a outpost of legendary Mouqawamah. The people of northern Yemen, where the Houthiyeen hail from, have a saying: “Mann aqdam li ardouq aqdam like 3ardouq (he who transgresses against your land transgresses against your honor)”. No such transgressions will be accepted by the Ansarullah and its fierce resistance to the US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed invasion of their ancient nation over the last 2+ years proves this beyond any shadow of a doubt. Dönmeh Al-Saud and the UAE know it… Because they’ve felt it in the form of tens of thousands of casualties and multiple catastrophic defeats. The Trump-Mattis regime will know it and feel it too if they foolishly put US Marines on the front lines of a land that has never been conquered before in history. Invade if you dare, o’ Zio-Imperialist filth! O’ Khaleeji-Wahhabi scum! Proceed at your own deathly peril. For Ansarullah is ready.

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