Ansarullah Rains Badr-1 Beauties On Al-Saud’s ARAMCO And Avenges Hudaydah’s Martyred Fishermen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yallah, Ansarullah! Yallah! Calling it an official retaliation for Al-Saud’s recent massacre of Yemeni fishermen off the coast of Hudaydah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance has hit the ARAMCO facility in Saudi-occupied Jizan with four indigenously-produced Badr-1 ballistic missiles, scoring direct hits and inflicting tens of millions of dollars in initial damage as well as untold amounts of carnage on the greater financial structure of ARAMCO which is seeking to maximize its worth with an imminent IPO. The explosions from the Badr-1 were so gargantuan that they could be heard all over Jizan and neighboring Asir. The Houthiyeen and its allies in the Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled the Badr-1 back on March 23rd of this year and launched it against a target in Najran. Its purpose? To strike at ARAMCO and all related Saudi economic interests.

Today’s Mouqawamist achievement comes just one week after Ansarullah launched a Sammad-3 drone strike on Dubai International Airport. And that counterattack followed a similar mission against the Abu Dhabi International Airport a month earlier–itself an encore to the massive blow just several days prior to that on an ARAMCO refinery in Riyadh. The picture should be as elucidated as elucidated can be for all–even the blindest among us–to see. Yemen’s defenders are out to make Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and anyone else affiliated with the genocidal assault on Yemen bleed from the one gaping hole that matters more than anything else in this Zionized, neo-capitalist world order that we’re oppressed under: the one from which the shekels flow. The ARAMCO IPO is said to be the biggest in history–trillions on top of trillions at stake–so every single time the Yemeni Islamic Resistance hits an oil outpost, an office or a gathering of Saudi soldiers assigned to a detail for the mega-corporation, confidence in ARAMCO’s very foundation drops. Which means stock prices plummet. Which means investors pull the plug. Which means the IPO shrivels up and dies.

Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman have warned the invaders over and over again that they will pay a price–LITERALLY– for continuing the criminal aggression against the Yemeni nation. They weren’t lying. They weren’t playing. Saudi Arabia has lived by the black gold, using it to prop up its decadence, repress anyone that stands in its way and bankroll wars on Zion’s behalf regionwide, both overt and covert. Now the Wahhabi-Takfiri kingdom of terrorism is going to perish by the black gold because the Yemeni Mouqawamah is going to hit any and all facilities connected to ARAMCO and other like-similar institutions until the monstrous war and hideous siege both come to a halt; until every US-UK-‘Israeli’-owned usurper is sent back from whence they came; until Yemen can pick up the pieces and find salaam once more. Victory to the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and the Yemeni Armed Forces. And may the Badr-1 and the rest of Ansarullah’s splendiferous weaponry keep raining hell upon Dönmeh Al-Saud.

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