Another Victory For Ansarullah: Morocco Departs From The Yemeni Battlefield In Disgrace

by Jonathan Azaziah

All hail the Yemeni Islamic Resistance! Long live Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi! Victory to Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and his troops! And blessed be the memory of Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.)! Register another triumph in the history books for Ansarullah as the Moroccan regime has decided to depart Yemen in disgrace, humiliation and defeat. Rabat has withdrawn its forces from the battlefield and has stopped participating in the ministerial meetings of Saudi Arabia’s coalition of cowards too. Even Morocco’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia has been recalled. “King” Muhammad VI’s cronies are framing their exit as one rooted in “human rights” concerns but we know better, as we have chronicled the beatdown the Houthiyeen have been putting on Al-Saud and its partners in genocide from day one. Ansarullah’s moujahideen have shot down US-provided Moroccan jets and sent an unknown but exceptionally large number – some sources say dozens, others say hundreds and others still say even more than that – of Maghrebi occupation soldiers to their graves, including in massive attacks like the Sha3b al-Jen operation near strategic Bab al-Mandeb. Morocco is fleeing the Yemeni Swamp because it can’t take the ravaging anymore. Do the damn thing, Ansarullah! Do it big! Masha’ALLAH!

Lest we forget just how treacherous the Alaouite dynasty of the Maghreb is. This is a family that has historically served both colonizers of Morocco, Rothschild-financed France and Rothschild-financed Spain. This is a gang that shamelessly and atrociously flaunts its [alleged] blood ties to the Pure Household (A.S.) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), much like the equally traitorous “Hashemites” of Jordan, but owns a large stake in Société des Brasseries du Maro, the biggest producer of alcoholic beverages in the country and a subsidiary of the Castel Group–owned by the billionaire, crypto-Jewish Castel family of France. Speaking of billions, “King” Muhammad VI and his clan are also multi-billionaires and while they live the high life of Westoxified decadence, more than 600,000 Moroccans (20% of the nation’s rural population of 3 million) live in such abject poverty, there was a stampede for food stamps in Essaouira that left 17 people, including 15 women, dead in ’17. On top of that, over a quarter of Moroccan adults are illiterate.

And the number one reason why we oppose the illegitimate tyranny of “King” Muhammad VI and these Maghrebi “royals” is because of their utterly vomit-inducing relationship with the usurping Zionist entity. It goes so far beyond mere intelligence contacts. Mossad has been friendly with Morocco’s mukhabarat since the 1950s, providing schooling in counterintelligence, interrogation and torture. They cooperated to take down Gamal Abdel Nasser (R.A.) and it was the Moroccan regime of treasonous spies that tipped the scales in the favor of ‘Israel’ so the Naksa could proceed. They collaborated to murder Mehdi Ben Barka (R.A.) The Zio-Tumor trains the Moroccan “royal” family’s bodyguards, maintains an annual trade with Moroccan despotism of AT LEAST $100 million and is a partner of the Maghrebi tyrant’s butchery and oppression of the Sahrawi people in the criminal occupation of Western Sahara. When it comes to Zionist normalization, Muhammad VI truly is monarchical–the puke that he is.

Thus, Morocco saying “bye-bye!” after nearly four years of savagery in Yemen isn’t only a victory for the Yemeni Islamic Resistance as well as the Yemeni people and a crushing blow to Saudi Arabia, it’s a victory for the Palestinian people and a devastating blow to the usurping Judaic endeavor because of almost 70 years of closeness between “Tel Aviv” and Rabat. Morocco’s gone. Qatar’s gone. And with all of the ugliness of this genocidal war exposed in a more impactful way on a daily basis–from Yemenis being forced to eat leafy paste because they’re starving from the US-UK-Zionist-backed Saudi-UAE siege, to Saudi Arabia hiring Sudanese child soldiers from battle-scarred Darfur, to the Saudi-Emirati alliance with Al-Qaeda along with the weapons supply line from the former to the latter on full display for the world to see–Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, even with all their wealth, can’t go on much longer.

This is a testament to Yemeni steadfastness and the Nour that ALLAH (SWT) has bestowed upon the Yemeni nation. The final win is at hand. Meanwhile, nothing but curses await Muhammad VI, who isn’t a “king” anymore than he’s an “Arab” or a “Muslim”. He’s a Shabbos Goy. A Kosher Gentile. A dark mark on the rich anti-colonialist history of the Moroccan nation. All dictators fall. He’ll be the same. And that seemingly unlimited ‘Israeli’ support which his piece-of-garbage family has relied on for just about seven decades isn’t going make one bit of difference.

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