Another Mossad Hit: Colonel Ahmad Eisa Habib, Chief of the Syrian Arab Army’s Palestine File, Murdered In Hama

by Jonathan Azaziah

The iniquitous Zionist entity’s war on the Resistance Axis and the Palestinian cause continues. Colonel Ahmad Eisa Habib (R.A.), the chief of the Syrian Arab Army’s Palestine file, was shot dead early Sunday morning in his hometown of Ba’rin in Hama just as he got into his car to head to a rendezvous with Resistance Axis officials in Masyaf. Takfiri sympathizers across social media credited the Abou Amara Special Task Forces — a terrorist gang with direct links to ‘Israeli’ and Turkish intelligence — with the hit. This however was deliberate disinformation that is part and parcel of the ongoing psychological warfare on Syria to make it appear that while the Takfiris are on their last legs, they can still inflict major damage on the Syrian military-intelligence infrastructure; to create illusory panic that Syrians will never be safe.

Thanks to Algerian and Iranian media, this nonsense was put to rest quickly and the record was set straight with Mossad being correctly pegged as the cowardly killer. Even the illegitimate Jewish regime’s press itself confirmed it. Directly after the assassination, ‘Israeli’ Army Radio spoke to its proxies in the “Syrian” opposition who noted that Colonel Habib was “responsible for the struggle against ‘Israel’.” Indeed, he was well-known not only in Hama but all across Syria for being a man entirely focused on the liberation of Palestine and the final fight with the Zionist enemy. It’s said that he’d go to sleep thinking of Al-Aqsa only to wake up with Qoubbat as-Sakhrah on his mind.

Because of his love for his homeland and burning desire to see it free and peaceful once more, he had previously fought alongside Hizbullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance against Zion’s head-chopping auxiliaries in the Damascus countryside and Deir Ezzor. But the fight against the Takfiris never distracted him from his true mission, as he recognized them as nothing but the artificial Judaic entity’s cannon fodder in keeping the Resistance Axis off-balance as preparations for a new direct conflict raged in the background. As chief of the Syrian Arab Army’s Palestine file, he built deep ties in the camp-cities of Syria’s Palestinian refugees, especially Hama Camp on the Orontes River and Handarat Camp, and played a preeminent role training one of the key players in Aleppo’s liberation – pro-Syria Palestinian Resistance group Liwa Al-Quds. His partner in this task? None other than Hizbullah Commander Ali Ahmad Fayyad aka Hajj Alaa Bosnia (R.A.)

Prior to his martyrdom, the Syrian hero was in discussion with Liwa Al-Quds officials on how best to re-integrate them into Syria’s security apparatus once the last Takfiri is driven from Sham. Additionally, Colonel Habib was the SAA liaison to Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba’s Golan Liberation Brigade and routinely coordinated with Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi–who ‘Israel’ failed to kill last February–on maintaining the readiness of Iraqi moujahdieen and Syrian soldiers for the imminent fight to free the territory ‘Israel’ has illegally occupied for the last 51 years. All of this obviously put Colonel Habib on the Zio-Tumor’s radar for slaughter but what made him a particularly dangerous target in the eyes of “Tel Aviv” was two-fold. First – His status as Syria’s new point-man in the Special Operations Force of the Resistance Axis that smuggled arms to the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza, taking over the position from General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.), another victim of the usurping Zionist entity’s international death squad. And second – His close friendship with Dr. Aziz Asber (R.A.), the Director of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center who was assassinated by Mossad hitmen just two weeks ago in Masyaf, working closely with the giant-minded, soft-hearted scientist in bettering the strategic arsenals of Syria, Iran and Hizbullah. As Fort Russ Editor-In-Chief Joaquin Flores has reported, a mirrored response from the Syrian Arab Army in coordination with the Resistance Axis is coming. Blood will be cleansed with blood.

It’s strange that at this stage of the confrontation, Zion thinks that moving like cheese-nibbling rats in the shadows and assassinating a key military-man here, a vital moujahid there, is somehow going to put a dent in the Resistance Axis. Damascus and Tehran, along with the Mouqawamah organisms of Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Palestine, understand that World Jewry and its criminal outpost don’t play anything but the long game, so these leading counter-hegemonic actors are following suit. While individual personalities certainly can come to define a state or movement for a period of time, if the state or movement is righteous, then they aren’t the begin-all-end-all but rather a powerful chapter in an ongoing series of books that will conclude with the resistors triumphing over the aggressors. The Resistance Axis is a well-oiled anti-machine and Martyrs are the armors that encase it; the steel-encrusted rungs on the ladder that help it find higher peaks; the brightness on the faces of those unmoved in the trenches; not the slippery slopes it may trip on.

All ‘Israel’ is doing is reaffirming its ever-growing weakness and blatantly obvious apprehension over the next war. The one in which the Resistance Axis enters Palestine. The one Colonel Ahmad Eisa Habib (R.A.) longed for. The one in which liberation is achieved and ‘Israel’ dies. The one in which we name streets, mosques and churches after the Martyrs and never have to worry about Zionist brutes ever again. Habib, like Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.)–who he reportedly knew on a friendly level and worked more than one mission with–never took his eyes off of Palestine. In his memory and his honor, neither will we. As ALLAH (SWT) as our witness, neither will we. Clear-visioned until ‘Israel’ ceases to be. RIP, Colonel… We’ll meet again in the place you dreamt of once it’s liberated from the shine of the River to the gleam of the Sea.

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