Amid Ongoing World Silence, Iran Slams Buhari Regime For Genocide Against Sheikh Zakzaky

by Jonathan Azaziah

Leave it to Iran, may ALLAH (SWT) shower it and its people with more blessings than humanly possible to count, to keep Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s plight in the public eye and slam the Nigerian regime’s atrocities against the Sheikh’s family as crimes tantamount to genocide. These indeed were the words of Mohammad Javad Larijani, Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council. As usual, the Islamic Republic stands alone in defense of the Moustazafeen because the “international community” and “The Ummah” are once again suffering from one of their routine spells of “I Couldn’t Care Less ‘Cause The Empire Said I Shouldn’t Care Less Disorder”. And before the sectarians scurry out of their filth-ridden nooks and crannies and start gnashing their teeth over “Safavid” Tehran only coming to the aid of other “Safavids” throughout the globe, let’s put this atrocious hasbara to bed and then burn down the bedroom while we’re at it: The centerpiece not only of Iran’s foreign policy but its very Mouqawamist-Liberationist identity is the total liberation of Palestine, which is predominantly Sunni.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is fighting and achieving martyrdom in the struggle against Zio-Takfirism alongside the Syrian Arab Army, which is predominantly Sunni. Though Ansarullah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance, is Zaydi Shi’a and the patriarchs of the Houthi family were schooled in Qom, the majority of Yemen’s people are Sunni, and Iran backs Yemenis in their fight against Al-Saud full-stop. Iran has shown unequivocal solidarity with the besieged Rohingyas of Myanmar and the occupied people of Kashmir, both of whom are predominantly Sunni. While the Iraqi Popular Mobilization is Shi’a-led, for Iraq is a majority Shi’a country, Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani sees Iraqi Sunnis in the same brotherly light that he sees Iraqi Shi’a and has indeed trained and armed Sunnis in Diyala as well as Al-Anbar and elsewhere to effectively combat ISIS.

And perhaps most tellingly, Iran has harshly condemned the US-Zionist-Saudi-Emirati coup against Erdogan and in the wake of that chaos has thrown its unwavering support behind Turkey, which is also predominantly Sunni. What makes this especially significant is that many Iranian moujahideen have fallen at the hands of “Sultan” Recep’s Wahhabi gangs and there has been, to say the very least, a wide, WIDE split overall between Tehran and Ankara from day one of the “Arab Spring”, with the former being completely resistant and the latter being completely collaborationist. However, in the spirit of the REAL Ummah and TRUE Islamic unity, Iran is conveying, in word and deed, to the Turkish president and his supporters that Muslims can only rely on each other in trying times because trusting Western ZOGs is a death sentence. In other words, come hell or high water, for better or for worse, the Islamic Revolution would rather have Muslims, even those once at odds, working together instead of killing each other as the Zionist-Imperialist powers of Dajjal drink wine in malevolent celebration of our bloodshed.

So when Iran provides unlimited support to Hizbullah, speaks out for unarmed Bahraini protesters savagely repressed by Al-Khalifa and expresses outrage about the unspeakable things done to Sheikh Zakzaky and his partisans, it is not because they are Shi’a Muslims but because they are oppressed, anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist. And what is Iran if not the historical patron and vanguard of the growing worldwide Anti-Parasitic awakening? The tyrant in Abuja should turn off the Saudi “royal” birds chirping in his ear and pay serious attention to Iran’s condemnation, as should his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan. Because these criminals will not be able to go unpunished forever for the genocide they’ve committed against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and its righteous leader as well as his family. And on the day that these Zionist-Wahhabi-Imperialist-owned stooges finally do pay for their atrocities, insha’ALLAH khair, it will undoubtedly be Iran once more, surrounded by the spirits of the Zaria Martyrs, leading the charge in the name of justice. Why? Because giving a voice to those without one is just what the Islamic Republic of Iran does. #LongLiveZakzaky #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveIran

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