Amid Bolton’s Latest Warmongering, Zionist Media Covers Up Venezuelans’ Mass Support For Nicolas Maduro

by Jonathan Azaziah

If the Zionist media ain’t lying, the Zionist media’s dying. It’s as simple as that. And much like the destabilization of Syria, which featured the propaganda point that Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad had no public support, when in fact the demonstrations in favor of his government and the Syrian Arab Army dwarfed anything and everything the US-‘Israeli’-GCC-NATO-backed “opposition” by the hundreds of thousands, the assault on Venezuela has included an identical deception. Guaido is depicted as a savior and “democratic” savant who has the love and support of the majority of his countrymen whilst Maduro is a “tyrant”–a “tyrant”, do keep in mind, that won his position in internationally supervised and recognized elections TWICE. Truth is, if Guaido has a few hundred to a few thousand people at his disposal at any given time, it’d be a stretch. Maduro on the other hand, the beloved friend and chosen successor of El Comandante Hugo Chavez (rip), is seeing demonstrations swell with hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS of Bolivarians. And such rallies have been ongoing in nearly every single one of Venezuela’s 23 states since February 1st, when major events took place in Caracas, Maturín, Monagas, Guanare, Valencia and Cúa.

Remember this and remember it well as Yosemite Goy John Bolton, the neocon maniac at the heart of the renewed onslaught against Venezuela and who is now gunning for the Sandanistas in Nicaragua too, speaks of building an Iraq/Libya-style “broad coalition” to target the Bolivarian Revolution by direct military force. One of the features of the hasbara that will undoubtedly ensue is that the American ZOG is doing “the Venezuelan people” a favor by removing their “dictator”. But the question is… Which Venezuelans? The Brown, Black, Working-Class and Chavista majority who love Maduro, as evidenced above? Or, to use Maduro’s lingo, the CRAZED Gusano-Golpista minority that has aligned itself with Global Zionism? Clearly, the former is the TRUE democratic side of the equation and the latter is the TRUE tyrant, for there is NOTHING more tyrannical than joyously signing up to be proxies of this age’s greatest oppressor–Empire Zionica.

The war machine against Chavismo is on the march. It’s up to every Officer of the Soft War to slice and dice through the Zioganda like geopolitical Iron Chefs so we can serve up dishes of truth to all those reading, writing and speaking out. The people love Maduro. They love Chavismo. They love Bolivarianism. They don’t love Guaido. They don’t love the neoliberal economic doctrine he’s offering. And they damn sure don’t love the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium. Syria burned for years before many an “activist” and “analyst” got a grip on their failures and started coming out against the neocons’ plots, a large part of which were media-based. Let’s not allow the same Zionized scenario to repeat with the House That Chavez Built. Correction: We will not allow it. ¡Viva Maduro! ¡Viva La Revolución Bolivariana!

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