All Hail Young, Martyred Palestinian Moujahida Nouf Infayat, An Arab-Muslim Heroine Of The Highest Order

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to all you Mouqawamists fighting off thirst and hunger for the sake of The Maker And Shaper Of All Things (SWT). Tragedy and triumph out of occupied Palestine today as ‘Israel’ has murdered yet another Palestinian teenage girl. 16-year old Nouf Aqab Abdul Jabbar Infayat, from the village of Ya’bad near devastated Jenin, was shot in the stomach yesterday afternoon by ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and succumbed to her wounds this morning. As she laid bleeding profusely and dying on the ground in front of the hideous Yahoudling settlement Mevo Dotan, Zionist settlers taunted her and screamed at her, saying, “She should die. She should f*** off.” That’s the tragedy. The filthiness and inhumanity of the occupying, usurping, colonizing Jews is boundless and the death of their entity is what we pray for and strive towards no doubt, but tears should not be shed for Shahideh Nouf. For she is not a “helpless victim” but a HEROINE to end all HEROINES and HEROES too. Indeed, she should be celebrated. Honored. Saluted. And lionized because she is a LIONESS. A warrior. A legend. She is a moujahida! She walked right up to a Jewish terrorist just prior to being shot, NO FEAR IN HER EYES OR HER HEART, and stabbed him, wounding him and striking fear in the other cowardly colonizers in his criminal unit. He panicked like the yellow-belly scum that he is and instead of subduing and arresting her, he pulled the trigger. “Big” and “powerful” Western-armed “Sabras” are that scared of a little girl with a knife, huh?! That’s the triumph–of oppressed over oppressor.

As we all recite Al-Fatiha for Nouf’s soul, she now rests in the same pantheon of dauntless Falasteeni Demon-Huntresses as Ashraqat al-Qatanani and Dalal Moughrabi, among so many others. Nouf makes us proud and she makes us strong. And she puts every fat, lazy, greasy male sack of ghastliness in the Arab world to shame. If even A HUNDREDTH of the men in every Arab state had Nouf’s courage, there would be an army large enough to overwhelm ‘Israel’ and bring the Zionist project to its inevitable end. But alternatively, they prefer to sit on their ever-expanding behinds, becoming more and more Westoxified as we speak, growing dumber and dumber from listening to the sermons of Saudi-paid “sheikhs” and contemplating normalization with the artificial, cancerous Jewish regime. They make me sick and aren’t even worth the dirt on the bottom of Shahideh Nouf’s feet. Their rank is debased, her rank is exalted. We should all drop to bended knee, humbled before her. And remember that a young Palestinian girl wielding nothing but a blade and her faith is infinitely mightier than the Zionist tumor with its nuclear arsenal and tentacles of global influence. ALLAHU AKBAR. Rest in peace and power Al-Moujahida Nouf. Palestine is one step closer to total liberation because of your heroism.

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