Al-Saud Shows Just How Zionist It Is With Sadistic Massacre Of Yemenis At Sanaa Funeral

by Jonathan Azaziah

Never has there been a better time to scream “DEATH TO THE SAUDI REGIME!” ’till our lungs, vocal chords and eardrums shatter. Just a little while ago, American-provided Saudi warplanes conducted a quadruple attack on Sanaa’s Khamis Street as Yemenis were gathered at the funeral of Ali ibn Ali al-Rouwayshan, the father of Brigadier General Jalal al-Rouwayshan, the Interior Minister of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council and one of Ansarullah’s most senior commanders. The casualty count is now over 700 between the murdered and the wounded. Death toll in particular is expected to skyrocket as charred bodies are still being yanked out from underneath the smoldering ruins. It is by far the worst massacre that Dönmeh Al-Saud has ever committed in Yemen, massively eclipsing the wedding massacres in Al-Moukha’s Al-Wahija Village (which left at least 131 martyred) and Thamar’s Sanban Village (which left at least 81 martyred).

There is nothing really to compare Saudi Arabia to other than its masters: ‘Israel’, the US, France and the UK. Truly, the Wahhabi tyrants are making their Zionist-Imperialist owners prouder than proud with their reprehensible savagery. I look at the Sanaa funeral atrocity and am hauntingly reminded of what the usurping Zionist entity did in Jenin, Qana, Sabra and Shatilah, Deir Yassin, Shouja’iyya and Doueima; I am horrified like I am reliving what the American regime did in Afghanistan’s Hyderabad, Iraq’s Basra and Fallujah, Vietnam’s Mai Lai, Korea’s No Gun Ri and Syria’s Deir Ezzor; I am forced to bloodily reminisce about the French regime’s menacing monstrosities in Mali, Algeria, Madagascar and Niger; and I am driven into a rage as we recall that it was the monsters of the Rothschild-funded British Empire–which colonized the whole damn world–who brought Al-Saud into being to begin with.

If you aren’t saddened and shocked, if you aren’t fuming and furious, then you may indeed be devoid of even the slightest rain drop of humanity. Don’t let the fact that this funeral was attended by Yemeni Islamic Resistance moujahideen slant your thinking even one iota. THIS WAS A FUNERAL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, with women, children and elderly among the martyrs and injured. Funerals, no matter who the hell attends, are off-limits in combat. This is known by the sane but clearly, Zionist Al-Saud doesn’t fall into this category. Compare this egregiousness to the moral fighting principles of Ansarullah, which routinely releases footage from both sides of the Yemeni-“Saudi” border showing its fighters escorting wounded enemy invaders to safety and medical treatment in perfect alignment with the Islamic laws of war. And yet there are still SO many in the gutless, ignorant “alternative media” who DARE put the righteous Houthiyeen on the same level as the demonic, genocidal House of Saud.

Also, don’t be tricked by the Zionist mass media’s “reportage”, which is nothing more than a cornucopia of sectarian gobbledygook and abysmal sympathy for the Saudi tyrants. The funeral wasn’t bombed WITH FOUR GODDAMN AIR STRIKES–and a double-tap attack at that, meaning that the Takfiri despots bombed the area twice then swung back around to bomb it twice more–because the majority of those present were Zaydi-Shi’a. This crime was carried out because Riyadh’s strategy in Yemen is the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ entity’s strategy in Gaza and Lebanon’s Dahiyeh: In the face of defeat at the hands of an organic resistance organism, destroy every civilian structure in site to cover up your failures and humiliation. Hence why Al-Saud bombed this funeral today and has been bombarding schools, hospitals, mosques, boxing gyms, honeybee farms, local businesses, food factories, wells, government buildings, apartments, homes and water bottling plants from the very start of this onslaught.

Again I say DEATH TO THE SAUDI REGIME. And not just any death either! The most excruciating death imaginable! Indeed, if the Saudi “royal” family endures even a thimble of what it has inflicted on the Yemeni people not only for the last 19 months of criminal aggression, but for the last four decades of Wahhabi subversion, the propping up of dictatorships and hegemonic oppression, then that would be satisfactory. Or perhaps not so much. Verily, the civilian martyrs of today, and all of Yemen’s martyrs, will not TRULY know peace and they will not TRULY know justice until the Saudi regime is liquidated along with ‘Israel’ and the colonialist powers, who operate in our lands today under the auspices of Zionist-run neo-colonialism, are ejected from the Arab-Islamic world. Rest in the deepest serenity o’ Shouhada of the Sanaa funeral massacre! We anxiously await Ansarullah’s retaliation! #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #SanaaFuneralMassacre #DeathToSaud

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