Al-Jazeera Hasbara Debunked: No, Ansarullah’s Top Two Commanders Are Not Dead

by Jonathan Azaziah

Al-Jazeera, like the Wahhabi-Takfirism it sympathizes with and provides political cover for, is a curse on the world and needs to be abolished. The Qatari tyrant’s mouthpiece has just put out a pitiful propaganda garbage-pile entitled, “Recordings: Houthi leaders planned general’s killing“, which doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever but to (attempt to) lift the morale of whatever remains of the GCC coalition being pounded into dust by the Houthis like a prime Iron Mike Tyson’s early opponents. And here’s why: The “report” asserts that Al-Jazeera somehow “obtained” audio recordings which “reveal” that leading moujahideen of Ansarullah, namely Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and Yousuf al-Madani, ordered the assassination of despicable collaborationist Yemeni Brigadier General Hameed al-Qushaibi. In reality however, true to Al-Jazeera’s fundamentally deceptive nature–and reminiscent of its brain-damagingly-moronic, insanely Zionized “The Road To Sanaa” ‘documentary’ which put forth the severely unhinged theory that mortal enemies Ansarullah and Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi worked in unison to remove al-Qushaibi from his position of power in Amran –nothing has been “revealed” at all. Prior to the Houthis’ region-shaking revolution on September 21st, 2014, they were locked in a massive battle with Al-Islah (the Yemeni chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood aka Ikhwan) as well as any and all brigades of the military affiliated with it, chiefly the units controlled by al-Qushaibi as well Ali Mohsen Saleh al-Ahmar, two of the most corrupt men in Yemeni history. A battle mind you that Ansarullah won and in dominant fashion.

Ansarullah put nothing less than the HURT OF ALL HURTS on the forces of al-Ahmar, driving the Yemeni Ikhwan stalwart and his entire kleptocratic family into the arms of their masters in Doha and Riyadh, and, in one of the most gorgeous examples of karmic revolutionary justice you’ll ever see, turning his lavish house into a museum so all Yemenis could come and bear witness to how the funds stolen from them were being spent. As for al-Qushaibi, another old-time Yemeni Ikhwanji and the subject of Al-Jazeera’s “big ol’ exposé”, the Houthis routed his men too then loudly and proudly announced that they killed the bastard during the fighting as righteous vengeance for the demon’s role in the murderous assassination of Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), among numerous crimes against the oppressed Zaydis of Yemen’s north and oppression of all Yemenis generally speaking. Never did they claim, EVER, that the military official had committed suicide, contrary to the “report” in question. Moujahideen from the Yemeni Islamic Resistance then, as per the Islamic laws of war, handed the body over to the illegitimate Hadi regime fully preserved, not “cut into pieces” as the Qatari despot’s media atrociously and falsely claims. Al-Jazeera’s filth even uses phrases like “believed to be” and “appears to be” when referring to the “revelatory” recordings because even its editors know how shoddy all of this is. So with that in mind… What exactly did Al-Jazeera “reveal”? Not a damn thing. In fact, the “journalistic” minions of Al-Thani have actually muddied the waters of a battlefield event that was never in doubt to begin with and injected lies into the mix as part of the GCC media war on Ansarullah. For the REAL purpose of the report was to put the following Saudi-concocted lie back into the spotlight at a time when the soldiers of the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness could collapse at any moment: That Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and Yousuf al-Madani were killed by Saudi airstrikes in 2015.

Hate to disappoint all the Wahhabis, Salafis, Takfiri terrorists, “liberal” House Muslim stooges of Al-Saud and other non-denominational sectarian halfwits out there though, not to mention the Zionist Jews they all serve, but Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and Yousuf al-Madani ain’t dead. They ain’t close to dead. They ain’t even hurt. They’re alive and kickin’… Saudi tail all over the place that is! Indeed, not only did Ansarullah categorically deny that its top commander was killed after satanic Saudi outlet Al-Arabiya released the “news” on May 15th, 2015, but Abou Ali was PHOTOGRAPHED in Ta’iz just a few months ago meeting with tribal fighters to discuss the ongoing confrontation with the invaders and the liberation of even more territories. Yousuf al-Madani, a founding member of Ansarullah and one of its fiercest, most brilliant field leaders, was with him, putting previous reports of his death last summer into the trash-compactor. And, as of right now, the two Ansarullahi legends are said to be spearheading the current advancement across Yemen and aiming to finish off Al-Saud permanently.

For those that don’t know, Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi is the architect of all Ansarullah’s victories going back to 2004 and essentially (albeit on a smaller, cruder scale) the Yemeni equivalent of what Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) is to Hizbullah. Yes, he’s that important, and like Mughniyeh (R.A.) was close and dear to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sayyed Abou Ali is also very close to Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and was among Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi’s (R.A.) closest friends. The Saudi regime of filth and terrorism as well as its proxies have claimed to kill him several times for the past decade but he just seems to keep rising from the ashes like some kind of a Mouqawamist phoenix. Yes! We really should be calling him Phoenix Man just to piss the Wahhabi despots off!

Fifteen months of Al-Saud’s genocidal, destructive war which has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 innocents, including over 2,200 children, and the Yemeni people simply grow stronger and more united with each passing moment. And with lionhearted, death-defying Yemeni Islamic Resistance luminaries like Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and Yousuf al-Madani at the helm, this will only continue with increased ferocity until the arrogant Saudi tyrants perish on their manufactured thrones. And putrid, supine, Judaized, blood-dripping Al-Jazeera simply cannot do anything to offset or alter this inevitability, because Qatari propaganda, like Qatari soldiers smashed in the mountains between Sanaa and Ma’rib, is nothing but dirt on the bottom of the Houthis’ sandals, boots and pure, pristine bare feet. #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #AbouAliAlHouthiBePhoenixMan #DeathToAlJazeera #DeathToQatar #DeathToAlThani #DeathToSaud

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