Ain’t Nothing Kosher In Pittsburgh: Tree Of Life Synagogue Shooting Is A Pretext For Zionists To Launch Mass Crackdown On Free Speech

by Jonathan Azaziah

No, I’m not going to be crying any tears, crocodile or otherwise, for the eleven dead Zionists at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Obviously the terrible ill that befell them was a crime, one that we condemn in the harshest terms. Places of worship, even if they’re Shi’a-hating, Christian-hating Takfiri “mosques”, Sunni-cursing Shirazi “husseiniyahs”, Muslim-bashing Hindutvadi temples, ‘Israel’-worshiping “Christian” Zionist “churches” or rabidly Gentile-hating synagogues, should always be safe. In fact, even in conflict zones, it is imperative that they’re off-limits–this is a longstanding Muhammadi principle and the reason why we also condemn America bombing mosques in Iraq and Syria, Takfiri “rebel” proxies of Zion attacking worshipers of all types and the fake Jewish “state” routinely slaughtering Muslims as they pray–whether it’s IOF striking Gaza’s Omari Mosque or “chosenite” terrorist Baruch Goldstein mowing down dozens of Palestinians in Al-Khalil.

Now with that out of the way, I have to say… FELLAS… There ain’t a damn thing KOSHER about the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre. Maybe this wording isn’t the most sensitive in the world considering the circumstances, but adhering to the sensitivities and sensibilities of the most privileged and oppressive ethno-religious group in the world has never exactly been my forte, now has it? So let’s make all the observations you’re dying to but haven’t got the balls to do so because Shlomo, Moshe and Chaim got together and put them in a vice.

1) There isn’t a single terrorist attack or mass murder event that has occurred domestically which the Zionist media hasn’t outright lied about or maliciously manipulated to further the aims of World Zionism. We saw it with the Stoneman Douglas school shooting, with the Zionist media grossly downplaying the killer’s Jewish background, his guardian’s past as an intelligence operative who was stationed in the “Middle East” for 8 years–an indication that he was Mossad, CIA or somewhere in between and working Nikolas Cruz like an asset–and the fact that the FBI was watching him. The highly controversial Sandy Hook shooting also had a killer that had been tapped by the CIA and the FBI–although this fact about Adam Lanza took quite some time to surface. The Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre is no different.

This Judaic worship house was known to the the FBI’s flunkies, as active shooter drills were staged there back in January and they had visited as recently as March. In simple terms, the FBI had the place on a watchlist and it’s extraordinarily unlikely–we repeat, EX-TRA-ORD-I-NAR-I-LY unlikely–that this event unfolded without the FBI’s direct participation. Don’t lose sight of the fact for a second that this is an agency that manufactures then solves its own terror plots–it’s essentially a false flag machine. Additionally and equally as important, the FBI serves Organized Jewish Interests above and beyond anything else, including the well-being of the American people.

It’s schooled (read: indoctrinated) with Holofraud exceptionalism by the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum and it has even declined to investigate the Red Mafiya (aka Russian Mob aka Organizatsiya) because the ADL and other Zionist Lobby groups applied pressure under the pretext of–WAIT FOR IT… Just… WAIT FOR IT–none other than “Anti-Semitism”. Yes, the FBI was told by then-head honcho of Mossad’s fifth column of intelligence operatives in America Abe Foxman and his cronies that looking into the crimes of the worst gangsters of the entire criminal underworld could be considered Jew-hate and should thus be avoided. The FBI complied. Not the deranged ravings of “NAZI-ISLAMIST-EXTRAORDINAIRE” Jonathan Azaziah either.

It’s documented in plain ‘ol black and white by the fallen Jewish journalist Robert Friedman (rip) in his groundbreaking work “Red Mafiya: How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America”. Lest we also forget that the FBI was nothing less than a ragdoll of Michael Chertoff on 9/11 and offered little to no pushback as he released all the ‘Israeli’ operatives arrested on that fateful day then followed it up with the imprisonment of over 1,000 Muslims to obfuscate the entire debacle. So is it beyond the Pale [of Settlement] for the FBI to comply with its overlords in the Zionist Power Configuration to oversee (if not execute) the murder of a few Jews for the greater [anti-Goy] good of the Mishpucka? Nope. Not even close. It’s actually right in the Pale of Settlement’s wheelhouse. Dig?

2) As my dearly departed friend, brother and teacher Michael Collins Piper (rip) demonstrated in his classic work, “The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within”, a disturbing number of so-called “patriot” and “White nationalist” groups, not to mention out-and-out White supremacist organizations, have been infiltrated a thousand different ways by the FBI and ADL, with the former almost always doing the bidding of the latter. Domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh were ADL-connected and linked to the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime directly too (through the shady kibbutznik Andreas Strassmeir). It’s staggering, really.

Case in point being that when the ADL-run FBI says that Robert D. Bowers “was not previously known to law enforcement”, we have to say emphatically that it is… For lack of a more eloquent phrasing… Lying through its rotted teeth. Bowers was either an FBI/ADL asset, a quintessential Judas Goat… Or a patsy for a hit squad of much bigger players, like James Earl Ray being pegged for killing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–who the ADL was spying onwhen it was in fact the US ZOG that was responsible for the killing, or Lee Harvey Oswald being stung in the ultimate set-up while it was Mossad that was behind JFK’s assassination… Or much more ominously, manipulated via hypnosis like Sirhan Sirhan was in an MK Ultra/Bluebird/Artichoke operation to cover up the real devils at work: Mossad. Whatever the correct scenario is, one thing’s for sure: Bowers isn’t who the Zionist media is making him out to be. And due to the fact that ‘Israel’ is openly aligning itself with “fascist” types, as evidenced by “Tel Aviv” directly arming neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine and building extensive ties with the kosher-nationalists of Europe, the jury remains out on whether there’s an even more abyssal connection between Bowers and ‘Israeli’ intelligence. It’s something to pursue.

3) Ah. Many of you must be thinking… But Jews were killed! ‘Israel’ and World Zionism would ***NEVER*** hurt let alone kill Jews to further its aims! And that, my good brethren, would be a categorically INCORRECT line of thought to abide by. Indeed, quite to the contrary, the usurping Zionist entity and its parent company Global Jewry have had NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER sacrificing a few tribesmen if it meant that the overall safety of “The Tribe” and the stratagems of its rabbinical “elite” were upheld.

On the 30th of June in 1924, pedophile, homosexual and “spiritual” Zionist ideologue Jacob Israël de Haan was assassinated by the Haganah for talking with Palestinians too much. Throughout the late 40s and early 50s, the apartment complexes, synagogues, coffee shops and businesses of Casablancan Jews in Morocco and Baghdadi Jews in Iraq were attacked by Mossad squads who sought to drive each of these respective communities to the usurping Zionist entity. On the night of January 10th, 1961 and carrying on into the morning of January 11th, a ship full of Moroccan Jews, mostly children, was sunk by ‘Israel’ to facilitate even more Moroccan-Jewish immigration/colonization.

Czech-British Jew, long-time ‘Israeli’ asset and publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell (real name: Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch) was liquidated by Mossad assassins when they feared he had been turned by another agency. In fact, ‘Israel’ has a policy known as the Hannibal Directive in which it will move to eviscerate its own soldiers if they fall into the hands of Resistance movements or “hostile” states. And while we’re on this extremely dismaying topic, we can’t fail to mention the big one: Yitzhak Rabin (real name: Rubitzov). ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister and war criminal par excellence. Killed by a Talmudic terrorist in collusion with Shin Bet because even though the “peace process” is a scam, they preferred to ditch playing footsie with a handful of Palestinian collaborators and get right to the push for “Greater ‘Israel'”.

Taking this into account, in the eyes of World Zionism, what’s 11 dead coreligionists when compared with the prospect of legitimizing the establishment of a thought crime regime that would send every Gentile asking questions about Jewish supremacy, 9/11, the Holobollocks, the “blood libel”, the domineering Jewish role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Zionist lobbying activities worldwide, “Eretz Yisrael”, the Rothschild dynasty and more, to Zio-gulags? They’re nothing, that’s what.

Jews everywhere should take heed: That Imperium you’re all potential sayanim for doesn’t give one f*** about you and will serve you up on a silver platter to the hellfire if it means your death can stick it to the Goyim and prolong Pax Zionica just a little bit longer. It’s as disgusting as it is frightening and all the more reason for more and more Yahoud, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds or sectarian affiliations, to jump ship like Benjamin Freedman, Mordechai Vanunu, Tali Fahima, Myron Fagan, Joel Kovel, Leopold Weiss aka Muhammad Asad (R.A.) and Ali Salaam. Or at the bear minimum, offer relentless and unrepentant criticisms of the Zio-Tumor, as a human being first and a Jew second like Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, Israel Shahak and Jack Bernstein.

4) While in the aftermath of horrors such as this one, the usual Judaic response is to amplify mass calls for gun control… And make no mistake, firearm-grabbing and the rollback of the Second Amendment are as Jewish as swindling while chowing down on Gefilte fish, going back to Emanuel Celler’s Gun Control Act of 1968… This wasn’t the case here. Something far more sinister was afoot: The occupation and gutting of political, social and geopolitical discourse so all terms deemed “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist Power Configuration are not only eliminated from public discussion but made punishable by hefty jail time.

Many a Jew from the “left” and “right” sides of the spectrum railed against the word “globalist”. Max Boot, the Judaic warmonger bathing in blood, decried the word “neocon” as an “anti-Semitic dog whistle”. Imagine the gall! You go around as a proponent of a certain Zio-Imperialist ideology advocating the destruction of various countries opposed to ‘Israel’ and then when people identify you as an agent of said ideology, you call them a bigot! There’s been a particularly special — and nauseating — focus on Zionist Jew billionaire and one-man regime change machine George Soros. The international criminal who’s helped topple governments in a dozen countries (at least) and contributed to instability in dozens of others is now apparently off-limits. Criticisms of him as well as exposing his portfolio of criminality automatically make you a Jew-hating Hitlerian who builds mock crematoria in your backyard.

Think we’re “conspiracy theorizing”? Think we’re hysterical? Think again, Goyim. It’s already happening. The US Agency for Global Media, the parent company for CIA fronts like Radio Free Europe and all of its offshoots, is now investigating one of its own, Radio Martí, an anti-Castro outlet, for a broadcast from 5 months ago in which Soros was described as a “multimillionaire Jew who uses his profits to finance anti-system [political] movements that fill his pockets.” The only thing wrong with this assertion is that Soros isn’t a multimillionaire Jew. He’s a multibillionaire Jew. Connected to the Rothschilds too through the ultra-shadowy Quantum Fund. Moreover, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a Jewish supremacist thug and an ADL stalwart who was also former director of the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum, announced that in the wake of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), currently run by the Koch-bankrolled Heritage Foundation’s hack David Muhlhausen, gave an $840,000 grant for a new website centered on “hate crimes” data collection. And by “hate crimes”, what they mean is, “hate crimes solely against Jews”.

This is especially mind-blowing considering that Jewish groups already receive 97% of all the Homeland Security grants–monies that amount to at least $110 million over the last decade. Which adds a whole new level to everything. If there’s THAT MUCH money flowing into Jewish coffers for “protection”, the synagogue was being watched by the Feds, and Zionist paramilitaries under the banner of “Cherev Gideon” have been operating and ‘Israelifying’ Jewish communities in Pennsylvania as well as warning against such attacks since last year, how did this crime occur in the first place? Indeed, it grants further credence to our assertion that this was orchestrated from top to bottom.

Notice that officials of the Zio-Tumor’s rabbinate like Shlomo Riskin, the top rabbi of the illegal colony of Efrat and the founder of Talmudic extremist group Ohr Torah Stone, are calling for American Jews to depart to occupied Palestine. Also throw in the fact that ‘Israeli’ Brigadier General Ehud Schneorson, Managing Director of Blumberg Capital, former head officer of Unit 8200 and a scion of the Chabadnik “royal” family of the same name, declared just 72 hours after the Pittsburgh mayhem that “the cybersecurity industry is in the midst of adopting a new paradigm” and “human threat hunters are the next big thing”. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well. What the Zionist spook is talking about is crack cyber teams working hand-in-glove with artificial intelligence algorithms to stop “dangerous” people… You know, like the sorts who think for themselves and arrive at Anti-Zionist and Anti-Parasitic conclusions. ‘Israel’ would be at the forefront of this “new paradigm” of course.

So essentially what you have here is a trifecta of wins for International Zionism: Stomp out free speech with the erection of a national (il)legal regime of Zio-Orwellianism, get more Jews to become colonizers on stolen Palestinian land and open up an entirely new industry that Talpiot and Unit 8200, the tips of the spears that constitute the global ‘Israeli’ spying apparatus, are going to make a killing on. Pun intended.

5) And for the pièce de résistance, as if the voracious push for thought crime wasn’t upsetting enough, in swoop the House Muslims to turn up the volume on this entire murderously murky affair to 6 million. Yes, a gang of “modern and moderate Moslems” led by who else but the Shabbos Goy top tier, Linda Sarsour’s MPower and Tarek Messidi’s Celebrate Mercy, raised $200,000.00–you read that right the first time, $200,000.00–for the funeral costs of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting victims. Do keep in mind that these are the same goons who raised over 100K for a few damaged Jewish graves for the Zionist Chesed Shel Semeth Society. They’re straight salivating over the love from liberals across the board as well as the leftistani side of the Zionist-controlled corporate press and presenting their little fundraiser as “interfaith solidarity”. But since the Tree of Life Synagogue is as Zionist as Zionist can get, what they’ve done is nothing but another treasonous act of collaboration with the enemy.

Verily, it is so, SO much deeper than the vehemently anti-Arab, anti-Gentile extremist Naftali Bennet, who bragged about how many Arabs he’s killed, heading to Pennsylvania to provide support from the shaytanic Jewish “state”. In 1886, the Tree of Life Synagogue attached itself to the newly created Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), which describes ‘Israel’ as being at its “core” from its very “first days”. Later it joined the equally Zionist offshoot of the JTS, the United Synagogue of America (now the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism), founded by Dr. Solomon Schechter, architect of American Conservative Judaism, son of a prominent Chabadnik, and Zionist fanatic.

The current head of the synagogue, Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers is known for gathering 1,000 kids from the NY/NJ/PA area to celebrate the usurping Zionist cancer’s 50th anniversary back in ’98 and received the Ben Gurion Award (along with his Jewish supremacist wife Janice) from ‘Israel’ Bonds aka the DCI (Development Corporation for ‘Israel’), an organization that has collected a massive $40 billion from World Jewry for the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime since just after the Nakba. Myers was trained in the ways of the “Torah” and Talmud by the world-renowned Cantor, Zvi Aroni, who was one of the youngest terrorist commanders of the Irgun and a dynamite enthusiast that took pride in killing Palestinians. Charles Rosenbloom, who was prez of the synagogue during the time of the Nakba, imported limestone stolen from Palestinian land in Al-Quds for the temple’s cornerstone, and proudly proclaimed, “Zionism is not mere philanthropy with us. It is an integral part of our religion.” The ‘Israeli’ national anthem was sung at the funerals of those killed, all of whom, by the way, had family inside the artificial Zionist regime and received letters and videos of support from ‘Israelis’ too.

It’s not in doubt that ‘Israel’ is very much at the center of this community’s entire way of life. Let’s cut right the hell to the chase then, shall we? Linda Sarsour and Tarek Messidi, in their pathetic, servile and putrid attempts to kiss up to the liberal establishment and appear “human” by showing that Muslimeen and Yahoud are “brothers and sisters”, just handed over 200 grand to Zionist fanatics whose leader has been given awards for procuring capital for the most murderous entity on Earth. They handed money to the slaughterers of Palestinians. The butchers of Lebanese. The annihilators of Iraq. The destabilizers of Syria. How utterly despicable can it get? How much lower can it descend?

You know where that money could’ve gone? Yemen–where tens of millions of MUSLIMS are starving. Nigeria–where MUSLIMS are being butchered solely for their school of thought and their revolutionary stances. The people of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya, who were displaced from their homes by the Takfiri gangs Sarsour so happily backed. Palestine, specifically the people of besieged Gaza or Al-Araqib or Khan al-Ahmar. The ever-suffering people of occupied Kashmir. The destitute of southern Iraq. Iranians suffering from US-Zionist sanctions who need medicine. But no. Sarsour the Sanhedrin Slave and Messidi the Mossadnik Mook, like the good lil’ Shabbos Goyim that they are, thought THIS is where such money should’ve ended up.

Muslims don’t need to condemn every bad thing that happens to Jews — especially when those bad things are the work of Jews themselves — to prove our “humanity”. In this epoch, Jews hold all the cards. They run the media. They control Hollywood–which they also founded. They dominate the banking, diamond, garment, pornography and sports industries. They are the source of an absurd 50% of the Democratic Party’s war chest and over 25% of the Republican Party’s. The Congress is on the payroll of their lobby. The Jew is the oppressor. The aggressor. The occupier. The invader. The terrorist. The influencer. The culture-vulture. The neocon. The neolib. The parasitic capitalist. And the globe-holder. We don’t have to prove a thing to them. On the contrary, as we’ve stated before, it is they who have to prove ***THEIR*** humanity to us–and all other Gentiles for that matter.

Additionally, every element of the Islamophobia Industry, from the bankrollers like the Chernicks, the Klarmans, the Adelsons, Nina Rosenwald, Raphael Shore and more, to the ideologues, like Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, David Yerushalmi, David Horowitz, Bat Ye’or (Gisèle Littman) and others, are either Jewish or Judeophilic and Jewish-funded, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brigitte Gabriel, Phalangist war criminal Walid Phares, etc. How can there be “interfaith dialogue” when one “faith” (Judaism) is completely at war with ours on a extremely organized level? Jews commit aggression after aggression against Islam and Muslims while simultaneously touting their “partnership” with us because of a few tokenized twits like Linda L’Chaim and Tarek the Talmudic Thrall falsely claiming to speak for the whole of the Ummah? Get f****** real. There is no Muslim-Jewish “partnership” nor “brotherhood” nor “sisterhood” anywhere but the warped brains of these latke-lapping liars–Jews and sellout Gentiles alike.

On this very point, no matter how much Sarsour, Messidi, the pernicious Shalom Hartman Institute’s “Muslim” Leadership Initiative and many more like-similar turncoats want to separate the two, the truth of the matter is that Muslim-Jewish relations are inextricably linked with the usurping Zionist entity’s 70-year occupation of Palestine. We cannot break bread with Yahoud for the sake of “dialogue” when Yahoud are eviscerating our Palestinian brethren inside Falasteen itself and facilitating the continuation of the Nakba via lobbying and policymaking circles throughout the West.

So long as Jewry supports the continued existence of ‘Israel’ and the criminal presence of the Jewish colonizers–and the data shows exactly that, whether they identify as Zionist, non-Zionist, post-Zionist or even “Anti-Zionist”–there can never be talks, let alone friendship. Support of ‘Israel’ is a non-starter. In other words, the boycott needs to be expanded: Not only should recognition of ‘Israelis’ and talks with them be shunned, recognition of Zionist Jews in general and talks with them must be shunned too. This isn’t “anti-Semitic”. It’s called being principled. The Zio-assault on Palestine is the world’s greatest injustice. If Jews can’t admit that because of blind tribalism and 4,000 years of religious and cultural backwardness… To hell with them. And their opinions. And their feelings. Period.

Lastly but most definitely not least, Muslims need to be supporting Muslims before they support anyone else. And Muslims who are being bombarded by Empire Zionica at that, with Yemen and Sheikh Zakzaky’s partisans in Nigeria coming to mind first. Struggling Black Muslim communities in the US and the UK, subjected to a double dose of bigotry also need all the love and assistance they can get. If monies are to be given to anyone outside of the Ummah, then it should be to beleaguered Christian communities across the Islamicate who have been tormented by Zion’s Takfiri Goy Golem. For as Palestinian Islamic Jihad founder Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi (R.A.) sad, “Christians are our partners in history and destiny.”

More importantly, Surat Al-Ma’idah, Ayah 82 of the the Holy Qur’an is clear that the closest to us in enmity are the Jews [and their pagan allies] while the closest to us in brotherhood are the Christians. Yet Sarsour the Snake and Tarek the Treacherous would go against the Divine Wisdom of the Book and reject the wisdom of a luminary like Shahid Shaqaqi (R.A.) for mainstream optics and accolades. Besides, Pennsylvanian billionaire Jews like Kynetic CEO Michael G. Rubin, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Comcast bigwig Brian Roberts could easily pick up the slack of a lousy $200,000.00 without even blinking. It’s nothing to them and really, nothing to the affluent Jewish region of Squirrel Hill either. It would be a lot to Yemen and Zakzaky though. Excuse the redundancy, but starving babies and falsely imprisoned saints are a sore spot for me.

Bringing everything full circle as the aforementioned Michael Collins Piper (rip) used to say often, we reiterate that no… There shan’t be a single tear for the dead Zionists of the Squirrel Hill synagogue shooting. Just like there weren’t any tears for dead French colonialists in the Nice false flag. Nor any tears for US-UK-Saudi-Zionist intelligence asset and Takfiri-Ikhwanji mouthpiece Jamal Khashoggi. We’re Muhammadi. We’re Husseini. We aren’t in the business of sucking up to our oppressors. What World Zionism is expecting from us now is that we will cower and recoil in fear as the Thought Police come a-lookin’ for us. They couldn’t be more wrong. We fully comprehend that it is now more vital than ever to not only maintain our defiance but increase it a thousand fold.

We won’t allow what could accurately be described as intra-Jewish violence — as Bowers, discussed at length above, seems to be nothing but a Mossad proxy one way or another at this stage of the game — to deter us from discussing the very real, very dangerous threat of Jewish-Zionist influence, wealth and power on world affairs. We won’t allow “chosenite” kvetching to deter us from what Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) commanded us to do: Speak words of truth to an unjust ruler. Our free speech is not “hate speech”. Our free speech is fact speech. Proof speech. HAQQ speech. To point out evil isn’t “incitement”. It’s an uncomfortable reality. That most of the malevolence we expose happens to be engaged in by Jews is a reflection of the Halakhic-Dajjalic age we live in.

The Squirrel Hill synagogue shooting was terrible, sure. But what the victims of this very crime actively aided and abetted in Palestine and elsewhere in our region through their defense and funding of ‘Israel’ is infinitely–and we strongly emphasize INFINITELY–more terrible. And what their coreligionists are now pushing for in their name is totalitarian at the root. Jewish supremacy and Zionist machinations across the globe must be brought to the attention of the world citizenry with print and art, rhyme and song, demos and boycotts, conferences and events. Not violence. Anyone who says otherwise let alone does otherwise is a paid stooge of the ADL-FBI-Mossad nexus–like Bowers. As the Pittsburgh killing unraveled, ‘Israel’ bombed Gaza again and slaughtered 3 teenage Palestinian boys. Al-Saud, continuing its prosecution of the Zionist war on Yemen, murdered scores of civilians. This isn’t acceptable. Judaic blood isn’t worth more than a Gentile’s. And it absolutely isn’t worth losing our sacrosanct right to speak our minds unhindered. Linda Sarsour, Tarek Messidi and Zionist propagandists everywhere be damned to the guts of the Naar.

5 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing Kosher In Pittsburgh: Tree Of Life Synagogue Shooting Is A Pretext For Zionists To Launch Mass Crackdown On Free Speech”

  1. Regarding Mossad, there is one thing ALL and ANY Americans need to know. In 1951, so-called israel (the zionists of the day) came to Washington, D.C., and made an offer to, “assist the CIA”, in their most filthy missions (including within the USA, where CIA was forbidden to, “work”– wet work.)
    Look up the book (or video about the book), “Dangerous Liason”, as it spills the beans on that whole plot.
    This, as is turns out (according to JFK notes, CIA, out in November), Mossad DID fund and take on the murder of John F. Kennedy, as well as his brother, RFK, and Martin Luther King. I would say they, most likely, murdered Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed, though I would have to do much more research, to be sure.
    When people know about this contractual binding between the two (filthy) gangs of thugs, everything makes much more sense, in this country.

      1. Too bad he didn’t even get to say (or know?) who owned those slave ships. Maybe, had he known and spoken of it, times would have been different.
        But, for sure, this is why they hated him (for what he did know and speak of), and why they murdered him They do get away with murder, including that of our president. Jim Garrison knew this and hardly spoke that truth, sadly.

  2. You have no idea as to the scope of this criminal crime network; it goes back, way back, and includes #JewishSenoreaters.

    They work in tandem with Masonic cops to setup, and murder our best rock stars! (See also, “Soaked in Bleach” on the Courtney Love Curt Kobain Debacle; a must see!)

    ALL SRA testimonies show police involvement with criminal cult cops working along side of those good! (Usually Italian or Jewish or pedophile or both!)

    What percentage of our law enforcement has been filled with these psychos and mind control drones?

    If you speak their numeric ritual Qabala lingo you can prove 7/7, and many others were Mossad operations with local assists as well!

    Be that as it may, here are far more important on-line pressure points for the final knock out:

    Did you know it’s seriously ‘bad luck’, as in DEAD, for those with talent/money to have a #JewishSenorita?
    (Blog page censored by racketeers at Jewgall.)

    Here’s an incendiary post that needs more air time.

    1) Jewish boy tells story of friend’s friend that ‘loved maiming babies’; in the description he told of nearly being killed in a human sacrifice in the cult of his parents.

    If that get’s shoa’d:

    2) “Jewish” David Shurter describes how “white boys” are their main blood sacrifice:

    3) Jewish senator demands “children as collateral”; another, and Governor Brown, facilitate child trafficking coverup by handing off to police who they control via masonry.

    4) Bus Load of Jews arrested for organ trafficking

    5) Occidental Boys found branded since 60s; brand traced to Jews:

    6) Jewish hate groups:

    I hope you don’t consider this spam; it’s actually sp-Ham that nearly cost me my life several times; the latest was by a Masonic witch:

    Please make a separate post and/or back this comment up, as the traitors at Google, and Youtube, have been caught randomly deleting my comments from peoples blogs.

    Shows who’s behind Google, and behind these murders and treason; don’t hold your breath waiting on Trump, as he’s one of the ‘fellas’ that will likely aid in our demise as he’s done so far.

    What Masons have done so far to isolate America and Trump has continued is also evidenced on this blog here:

    You can tell I’m over the target due to their having sent their Masonic cops and WITCH divisions after me!

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