Adel Abdul Mahdi’s Selection As Iraqi PM Is A Win For Muqtada al-Sadr (Saudi Arabia) And “Kurdistan” (Zion)

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t believe idiotic Zionist tool Marco Antonio Rubio, who doesn’t know his heels from his elbows. The recent political “settlement” in Iraq isn’t a win for the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s a win for Muqtada al-Sadr, fresh off organizing chaos in Basra with the Mossad-P2OG network, and the illegitimate Kurdish regime in Iraq’s north. Which means it’s a win for the Saudi despots, who own al-Sadr, and the occupying, usurping, colonizing ‘Israelis’, who have been running the Kurds through their Barzani-Talabani mafia proxies for six decades. Adel Abdul Mahdi al-Mountafiqi is a man of zero–we repeat with vigor, ZERO–political commitment or integrity.

He was a Baathist. Then a leading communist in the Iraqi Communist Party. A Shi’a Islamic Liberationist after that. Now he’s a “moderate”. He was educated at the Baghdad College, a known hotbed for CIA and MI6 recruitment. He collaborated with the American occupation, chiefly Paul Bremer and his ‘Israeli’ handler Dan Senor, from its inception, serving as Finance Minister and Vice President in the regime that replaced the Colonialist Provisional Authority. Later, in his last post before getting the premiership, he headed the Oil Ministry, working intimately with the Kurdish entity to get it the best deals possible–to the detriment of all other Iraqis, especially the Shi’a of the south where most of Iraq’s energy reserves are. Do keep in mind that most of the usurping Judaic entity’s oil comes from “Kurdistan”.

So it is not an accident that Barham Ahmed Salih, a long-time functionary of the Barzani-Talabani KRG mafia who is adored by ‘Israel’, Exxon Mobil and the American generals running the US ZOG’s ongoing violation of Iraqi sovereignty under the guise of “anti-terrorism” operations, chose al-Mountafiqi for Prime Minister. They know each other. They’re friendly. Close, even. And they ultimately serve Iraq’s subverters, not Iraq’s people. Youssef al-Kilabi, one of the worthless and corrupt puppet Haidar al-Abadi’s staunchest allies in the equally worthless and corrupt Iraqi Parliament, said of Abdul Mahdi, “He’s a compromise candidate and he’s going to run our foreign policy in balanced fashion, putting Iraqi interests first. His ideology is the same as Abadi and al-Sadr.” Allow me to slice through the Orwellianism. Abdul Mahdi is a Zionist-US-Saudi candidate who will put the interests of Iraq’s enemies first.

Indeed, if you’re wondering how Iraq’s chief enemy, Empire Judaica, really feels about the new Iraqi Prime Minister and what it means going forward, look no further than the Hudson Institute, the neocon think tank founded by fanatical Rand Corporation Jews Herman “Dr. Strangelove” Kahn, Max Singer and Oscar M. Ruebhausen. It’s now run by Kenneth R. Weinstein, a DC Jew who is a long-time member of the Kesher Israel Synagogue, which has bankrolled Zionist colonial outposts in Palestine for over 100 years, as well as a possible CIA operative as he served at CIA fronts Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and “Middle East” Broadcasting. Weinstein has ties to the military-intelligence establishment in France too, where Abdul Mahdi also has connections, as he lived there for many years and served in various capacities at several French neoliberal think tanks. Another COHENcidence. Upon hearing the news of al-Moutafiqi’s selection as PM, Michael Pregent, a Hudson Institute “scholar”, AIPAC stalwart and former adviser to Iraqi-hating mass murderers and death squad chiefs David Petraeus and Raymond Odierno, declared at the organization’s latest seminar that, “All is well in Iraq again.” Does anything else really have to be said?

Returning to the halfwit Marco Antonio Rubio–who is owned by Jewish-Zionist billionaire Norman Braman, a Bronfman dynasty lieutenant–and his moronic assertion that Abdul Mahdi’s ascension to Iraq’s top politician is a triumph for Iran… Upon hearing that Barham Ahmed Salih picked al-Mountafiqi, the coalition led by Iraqi Islamic Resistance leader Hadi al-Ameri and former Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki, who was himself ousted in a US-orchestrated soft coup after he turned against his former masters, tried to block the nomination. Realizing they didn’t have enough seats for a parliamentary majority however, not to mention in the name of attempting to stave off further instability, they dropped their efforts. And this is the problem, isn’t it? Of course it’s a good thing that ‘Israel’, America and Al-Saud aren’t going to get their “intra-Shi’a civil war” they so desperately long for. But we’re still putting a band-aid on a shotgun wound. Adel Abdul Mahdi and Salih running the Iraqi government is just as putrid as the previous regime and the ones before that. 15 years after our country was invaded by Western ZOGs for ‘Israel’, and still collaborators remain at the helm. It’s atrocious.

This is an unsustainable status quo and nothing less than an Ansarullah-style revolutionary coup, in which the Iraqi Islamic Resistance led specifically by Harakat al-Nujaba and Kata’ib Hizbullah remove the vestiges of the old order and install something new that is going to benefit all Iraqis regardless of sect of ethnicity, is going to upend it. Calm might be better than chaos. But tyranny is tyranny no matter how you cut it. And so long as America’s puppets run the show, American occupiers remain on our soil, Turkey continues its colonialist-like presence in Bashiqa and the fake Kurdish “state” plays footsie with the Zionist enemy, tyranny in Iraq will persist. I don’t have any words of hopefulness and defiance today. I’m simply too furious and disgusted to muster them. May ALLAH (SWT) save our beautiful Iraq from these derelict delegates of Dajjal.

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