A Real Destruction By Fire: 74 Years Since The US and UK ZOGs Bombed Germany’s Dresden To Ash

by Jonathan Azaziah

Dresden. An ancient city with 7,500 years of history under its belt and one of Germany’s most beautiful regions. Its name is derived from the Old Sorbian term “Drežďany”, meaning “people of the forest”, and the greenery indeed was (and to some extent, still is) a sight to behold, as it’s located in a lush valley on the River Elbe. Capital of the Free State of Saxony and known for its museums, architecture and churches, the most famous landmarks being Dresden Frauenkirche, a Catholic-turned-Lutheran structure originally built in the 11th century, and Katholische Hofkirche, an obviously Catholic worship house built in 1751. The architectonics were so impressive, the city became known as the “Florence of the Elbe”.

But all of this ceased to mean much of anything on February 13th, 14th and 15th, 1945. Because 3,900 tons of bombs and incendiary devices were dropped on the city in four massive raids by 1,200 heavy bombers of the US and UK ZOGs. According to the Imperialist Air Force Times, the savage assault “made superheated air rise with such force that it created a vacuum on the ground, ripping trees out of the ground, sucking people into the fires, and suffocating those spared the flames.” The zine also admits that the city, due to its status as a center of culture, had little to do with the overall German war effort and the National Socialist project in general, their sympathies for the government aside, making the US-UK bombardment a war crime. Even Allied prisoners of war admit it. While we’re at it, even Allied veterans admit, calling it “evil” and “something we should be ashamed of”.

Contrary to the propaganda spewed by the disinformation agents of London, Washington and Soviet Moscow at the time of the atrocity, the maneuver wasn’t “strategic” at all. Dresden had no military value. Point blank. Period. The destruction tells the tale. 25,000 buildings in total completely destroyed. Eviscerated. Burnt beyond burnt. All to ash. Among the structures reduced to nothingness or rubble were the aforementioned old cathedrals… Dresden Castle… Houses… Flat complexes… And the historic middle of the city. In other words: PREDOMINANTLY… CIVILIAN… AREAS.

Verily, even more horrific than the annihilation of the city’s thousands of years of history, culture and lineage was the human toll. The initial martyr count was at least 200,000. Estimates ballooned as high as 500,000. The German ZOG commissioned a “study group” of “revisionist historians” to “set the record straight” and these cucked-out, self-hating, Zionized Germans put the death toll at a ridiculously low and insulting 25,000. They declared there was “no evidence” that large numbers of civilians were burnt without a trace. That’s not what the eyewitnesses say though. It wasn’t merely adults… but little German children literally melted down to their bones by the US and UK warplanes, their skeletons too tender to withstand the firebombing.

Interesting that Jewish eyewitness testimony about all the alleged (read: totally fake) crimes committed by “Nazis”, like mass electrocutions, militarized conversion of human beings into lampshades and soap, gas chambers, etc., is all taken as if it’s the word of God–astaghfirullah w a3ouzoubillah–but eyewitness testimony from Gentiles which contradicts the Narrative of the “Victors” is tossed out like dirty pipes at a health-conscious crackhouse. Equally interesting is that revisionism which serves Empire Judaica is kosher, but revisionism which challenges Empire Judaica basically makes one an Amalekite.

Anyhow, the truer death toll, based on the research of trustworthy personalities like Voigt and Irving and compiled with rigorous methodology, is more like 135,000. But considering the scale of savagery, with scenes like phosphorus munitions… sticking to the skin of victims and turning them into human torches who inadvertently set others ablaze… being the norm for those 72 hours of apocalyptic mayhem, it very well could be even higher. And just as the case is with other aerial-driven aggressions like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, which saw tens of millions of souls wiped out and maimed with weapons such as weaponized smallpox, plague and cholera, agent orange, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, mark-77 and more, the exact number will perhaps forever elude us.

There are commemorations every year for the Dresden martyrs, but much like the hatchet-job launched by the German ZOG to cover up Allied/Zionist crimes against humanity, these events marginalize actual German oppositionists, chiefly Anti-Zionists, and instead give platforms to leftistanis who inexplicably blame the unspeakable catastrophe that took place in Februrary 1945 on Hitler and National Socialism. For if they didn’t exist, so goes their pathetic argument, Dresden and all of Germany wouldn’t have been bombed to begin with. The “Hitler made Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin” pitch is so “chosenite” in scope, one could somehow puke through one’s own ears trying to process it. Indubitably, it is eerily reminiscent of ‘Israeli’ occupation officials claiming Palestinians, by virtue of just continuing their existence on their own land, “made” IOF terrorists shoot them, bomb them or torture them dead. Embarrassingly stupid as it is enraging.

Beyond being self-defeating and servile, this line of thinking continues the war on history itself, memory itself and reality itself, as it reinforces the notions that Germans are un-people; un-martyrs; the Goys of the Goys who shan’t be honored, nor even remembered. Everything becomes Hitler’s fault and the barbarity of Western “democracy” becomes nothing more than “Nazi” or “Japanese-Fascist” propaganda. The lack of Allied wrongdoing not only becomes a political omission but sacrosanct dogma. Go against it and you’ll be excommunicated as a blasphemer. A menace. A… DENIER. Not being hysterical either. This is the actuality in one capacity or another in nearly two dozen countries around the world.

Dresdener suffering should be a rallying cry for all peoples of Gentiledom. Christians and Muslims. Europeans and Easterners. Whites, Browns and Blacks. Because the psychopathic son-of-a-devil who spearheaded the ancient town’s devastation, British Royal Air Force Marshall Arthur Harris, known more appropriately as Bomber Harris or Butcher Harris, also got his rocks off dropping incendiary munitions on Kurds and Arabs in Iraq. He murdered plenty of Pakistanis too. He claims responsibility for turning 45 of Germany’s 60 most important cities into ruins, Cologne and Hamburg among them. The simplification is, the Brits, doing the dirty work of the Jews, care not for anyone but themselves, thus making everyone else comrades in the same trench against this Octopus. And allow us to add a critical note that the godfather of “strategic” bombing (read: firebombing, carpet-bombing, etc.), the tactic used in Dresden and loved so much by Harris, was none other than Frederick Lindemann, war criminal Churchill’s top scientific advisor. As confirmed by the Orthodox Chabad Society, the murderous, German-hating, eugenics-supporting, supremacist sociopath Lindemann was Jewish.

Dresden was a real destruction by fire–the actual definition of the word holocaust, taken from the ancient Greek “holos kaustos”, meaning completely burnt. There was nothing fictional or exaggerated about it. Unlike the “6 million” myth rammed down our throats by Global Zionism for the last seven decades. Dresden doesn’t stand as a city alone. No, it is joined by other WW2 holocausts in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Berlin, Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Al-Anbar, Hamburg and Bengal. The very zenith of human pain and tragedy in each of these places–none of them ever taught to us.

We have been conditioned and programmed to believe that Jewish suffering exists above and beyond all other suffering–to the detriment of Germans, Japanese, Palestinians, Iraqis, Bengalis, Iranians, Syrians, Yemenis, Kashmiris, Pakistanis, Somalis, Afghanis, Lebanese, Yugoslavs, Libyans and so, SO many more peoples trampled under Shlomo’s Imperium. 74 years after the Dresden cataclysm, it is time we tear down this fake intellectual regime and all its hasbaranik upholders along with it. The Dresden martyrs are real martyrs. The Dresden martyrs are humanity’s martyrs. The Dresden martyrs belong in the Pantheons of the Moustazafeen. And by their sacrifice, we swear that we won’t let their HOLOCAUST be drowned out by the fake historical constructs of the fake “just war” champions in London, Washington and elsewhere any longer.

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