A Message For American Muslims, Especially Those SJW, Anti-Trump “Progressives”: Stop Acting Like Jews

by Jonathan Azaziah

I can’t for the life of me understand how American Muslims are “fearing for their lives” in the wake of Donald Trump ascending to the presidency. My brothers and sisters… Chill out and get a damn grip on yourselves. Seriously. What the hell is wrong with you? Y’all aren’t just being completely delusional and totally Judaized but an excessive combination of both. You know when it was bad? Like… STUPID bad? Like… Blood-spilling-in-the-streets bad? After Mossad and its allied criminal network of Jewish supremacists in New York City knocked down the Twin Towers. THAT was a scary time. The neocon-run Bush regime had all types of Americans ***actually*** believing that every Muslim was in league with “Al-Qaeda” and there were beatings, robberies, aggressions, mass arrests and even killings–in other words, REAL hate crimes–all over the country. Hard to find a Muslim in the United Snakes of IsraHELL who didn’t deal with some form of sanguinary Islamophobia, including myself.

My pops, my mentor, my comrades and their fathers too were all harassed not only by an emboldened NYPD that was already hateful and piggish but the feds also. My Palestinian-Egyptian homie Muhammad Aziz was beaten to death in BK Borough by bat-wielding Italian thugs who did a few years in Juvie and that was the end of it. We’re talking about the full power of the state-security apparatus unleashed on top of our heads and the perpetrators of “hate crimes” being protected left and right. It was then transmogrified into a more “respectable” oppression, i.e. nonstop surveillance from the FBI, NSA and even some police departments, chief among them the ‘Israeli’-aligned NYPD. From this 1984-like state of affairs, FBI (and Mossad) false flags were manufactured, fears and suspicions were increased, innocents were locked up and tortured, not only in Gitmo but other Black Site prisons on top of it.

But now? What do we have now exactly? A few White supremacist thugs popping up here and there throwing some slurs like “Muzzie” and “Kebab” at us? So that’s gonna make you whine and cry like gaggles of pantywaists who run and hide and demand “the authorities” to “do something” about it? The very same “authorities” who have been spying on you and oppressing you since 9/11? Word? Let’s not pussyfoot around the mulberry bush, okay? If anyone of these cracker goons violently comes at you and you feel threatened, or insults your wives, your daughters, your sisters, your mothers, your grandmothers or your aunts, you know what you do? Break their faces. No questions asked. Just break their faces. It’s called self-defense and y’all know damn well it’s Sunnah.

Y’all also know, ’cause you like to quote him so much, though you must’ve missed the parts in his autobiography about how slippery and slimy the Jew actually is, that Malcolm X (R.A.) famously said, “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” But you would ignore this wisdom and go running to the racist Blue Bacon who don’t give a hoot about us anyway instead. Or maybe you choose to hit social media to garner sympathy from other like-minded weaklings–an embrace of the ego and thus a contradiction of Islamic principles in too many ways to make note of here. And who are we kidding? Are police reports and tweets gonna deter violent racists? Or will empowered, fearless Muslims who refuse to put up with any nonsense do the job?

All of this bitching and moaning is not becoming of any Muslim. Know who it is very reminiscent of however? The Yahoud. Yeah. That’s exactly what a large swathe of these “progressive”, “activist”, “anti-racist” Muslims are behaving like: Jews. Y’all are talking about “Donald Hitler” getting to ready round up Muslims and throw us all in concentration camps just like the Jews when they start hysterically shrieking and gnashing their teeth about an “impending holocaust” every time they see a leader who opposes ‘Israel’ or the Jewish Power Configuration at large. “Hitler” is back from the dead every two seconds when it comes to the “chosenites” and this paranoid delusion has now infected Muslim activists vis-a-vis Trump. This is from years of allowing Jews, whose interests lie solely in protecting Jews and the wealth, power, influence and status they’ve criminally and parasitically attained in America, to invade the ranks of the Palestine Solidarity Movement and radically change its platform, its goals, its targets and most importantly, its language. This applies to like-similar “Muslim” groups as well.

Muslims are being browbeaten in their own organizations to talk about Islamophobia, but not mention the Jews funding and fueling it, to criticize the ‘Israeli’ entity but not to call for its liquidation and making damn sure they avoid speaking on the relationship between the tumor and World Jewry, to never mention the malevolent fraudulence of the Holocaust, to never discuss the ‘Israeli’/Jewish/Zionist role in 9/11, to never, EVER criticize Judaism or Jewish “culture”, and perhaps most stomach-turning of all, to accept evangelical homosexuals as allies. Following this browbeating comes the brainwashing, like little unsuspecting children in a yeshiva thinking they’re getting a “religious” education but are actually being molded into haters of “Goyim”and soldiers for the rabbinate. This turns into Muslims adopting causes only that the Jews approve of, hence why these “Islamic” SJWs not only bounced to outer space on the destabilization of Libya, Syria and Yemen but have actively cheered it on.

Muslims have been led to believe that Jews are our best friends instead of the supremacist thugs that they really are. Muslims have been convinced Jews respect our religion when they absolutely despise us and it–see all Halakhic-Talmudic teachings on Isma’il (A.S.) and Hajar (A.S.), what’s written about Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) in the Zohar, what the Talmud says about Christ (A.S.) and Maryam (A.S.), and the “Epistle To Yemen” from maniacal, disgusting, hateful Jewish “saint” Maimonides. Running parallel to what’s noted here, Muslims are also being swayed to think that they are in the same boat with Jews and that this boat is sinking in waters swimming with “Nazi” predators. Oy Gevalt! The sufferink! Call Mendel, Shlomo and Chaim and tell them to bring extra-kosher scuba gear! This too is off the wall.

Jews also want Muslims to think that they and their deviant homosexual comrades are Muslims’ real allies, not Christians, a blatant aversion to the Qur’anic essence of our very beliefs. Additionally, in what flipping universe are Jews oppressed in the same manner that Muslims are? In fact, in what reality are the Jews oppressed at all anywhere on this planet? All throughout the West, Muslims continue to be spied on, marginalized, repressed and just downright degraded while Jews expand their wealth and influence inside capitals such as Washington, London, Paris, Canberra, Berlin and elsewhere. Jews aren’t just oppressors… They’re the OPPRESSORS of the oppressors; the “kings” of this predatory, plutocratic system; those you will not speak of, nor criticize, nor expose, for any such action will result in the loss of blood, treasure, sanity and even life.

The way Jews are cozying up to Muslims to ensure their interests continue prospering is no different than Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement (see Israel Shahak in “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” break THAT down). Not about liberation. Not about a true, brotherly, strategic partnership in the face of a common enemy. Because contrary to their hasbara, we can NEVER be brothers with such people. It’s about domination. It’s about muzzling us and “fixing” us before we get outta control and pose a threat to their hegemony. In this attempt to “fix” us, Jews are driving us away from quoting the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.), the Imams (A.S.), the righteous Companions (R.A.) and the Saints (R.A.) before cornering us into quoting figures that they approve of in a “social justice” context, people like Chomsky, Zinn, Marx, Lenin, Goldman, Trotsky, the perverted Jews of the Frankfurt School like Marcuse, Fromm, Horkheimer, Adorno and other degenerates. This comes in spite of the fact that there is nothing that personifies social justice on Earth quite like Shari’a when it is applied by the righteous. Jews are also shaping Muslims into focusing on civil rights instead of radical, globalized, Anti-Imperialist consciousness based on the Holy Prophet’s famous Hadith, “He who is not concerned with the affairs of my Ummah is not of my Ummah.”

Y’all are even taking on a lot of the chameleonic characteristics of the Yahoudlings, i.e. claiming “oppressed and persecuted” status while carrying out PLENTY of oppressing yourselves, most especially in the ghettos and projects. Y’all know exactly who the hell you are. Indeed, a lot of you “Muslims” preaching about “social justice” got daddies with liquor stores in the projects–persons so corrupt that they stop Salat to point out to depressed brothers and sisters where the forties are at. Here’s looking at you Southside Chicago. A lot of you “Muslims” running your mouths about drone strikes and US interventionism got daddies who work in the Defense Department, the CIA, the FBI and more than one Zionist-funded think tank. Here’s looking at you Washington DC. And a lot of you “Muslims” claiming you’re “against extremism” got fathers, brothers, uncles and close friends who are intimately connected to the Saudi-Qatar-Emirati petrodollar nexus and have, more or less, remained mum on the growing phenomenon of weaponized Takfirism… Unless of course it’s to accuse people who criticize Wahhabism and the “Muslim” Brotherhood, particularly Muslims, of “Islamophobia”. Here’s looking right the hell at you CAIR.

CAIR has indeed been transformed into a sort of “Muslim” ADL that perniciously labels anyone who condemns Takfirism, exposes Saudi Arabia’s ubiquitous funding of mosques worldwide–eroding of Sunni thought and replacing it with Wahhabi-Salafi poison–and criticizes these hate-preaching “sheikhs” who support terrorist gangs, as an “Islamophobe”. Not to mention back American ZOG-led aggressions post-“Arab Spring”. This is to silence dissent on the one hand and keep the hysteria in the air on the other so Muslims continue running around like paranoid chickens with their heads cut off as if we don’t have a disease in our midst–crypto-Jewish Wahhabism–that needs to be cured. Not even slightly different from the ADL which accuses anyone and everyone who speaks about Jewish power and/or ‘Israeli’ criminality of being an “anti-Semite” as if Jewish power and/or ‘Israeli’ criminality aren’t very real things… And very real, very big problems. The main problems on Earth, in fact.

And this narrative of “imminent persecution” is already coming unraveled anyway with some of these so-called “hate crimes” allegedly committed by Trump supporters turning out to be fabrications, like the Muslim woman from Louisiana lying about having her hijab ripped off. This mirrors the felonious behavior of Jewish tribal activists who claim that “anti-Semites” painted swastikas or “hateful language” on their synagogues, cemeteries or businesses but after investigation, it comes to light that it was Jews themselves who did the dirty work. It’s happened so often, in recent times especially, that it’s rather hard to keep track of. Are there hate crimes against Muslims being committed? Absolutely. Is there an uptick in open bigotry towards Muslims? Maybe. But are 3.3 million Muslims gonna be marched into pork-grease and alcohol-gas chambers to be exterminated in a “Final Solution for the Muhammadans” and then converted into Islamic human soap and lampshades? No… Just… NO. Exactly like immigrants and Muslims didn’t get massacred in some kind of “pogrom” after Brexit.

Muslims need to stop looking at the world from the Judaized “social justice” vantage point and begin to see things through the lens of our great Deen. This is global, not national. This is political AND spiritual, not just the former. We’re battling Dajjal, not just a handful of “racists”. And the chief agents of Dajjal are those who forged lies against the Prophets (A.S.) and who are extracting obscene amounts of interest from the world through usury–what the Holy Qur’an calls “Satan’s touch”. We need the patience of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) in dealing with all the challenges on our plate, yes, but we also need his strength, as well as the strength of who he held most dear, Imam Ali (A.S.) What we don’t need is the parasitism and victimhood narratives of Jews. We don’t need the heroes of the Jews either, who aren’t heroes at all but deceptive subversives who, their universalist-humanist rhetoric aside, actually desire to see us, our “goy” people, our “Amalekite-Ishmaelite” religion and our “backwards” homelands all get destroyed.

We have our own heroes – Hizbullah, which crushed ‘Israel’ not once but twice, and Ansarullah, which is epically defeating Saudi Arabia as we speak. Muslims should learn a thing or fifty from the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and its ideological counterpart in Yemen, for this is how you deal with bullies. If it wasn’t for Hizbullah and the Houthiyeen, Lebanon would belong to the Zionist tumor today and Yemen would have become a Saudi colony in mere weeks following the invasion. And yet these “Muslim” SJWs would rather model themselves after “nonviolent” Jewish atheists than genuine moujahideen who foiled the schemes of Zio-Imperialism and have set an example to be followed by all anti-colonialist movements worldwide. Shukr’ALLAH that you “Muslim” SJWs weren’t around in the time of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) because if you were, I can just imagine how things would’ve went at Badr and Khaybar. If it was up to you, the soldiers of Islam wouldn’t have fought to defend our rights and our religion but found “safe spaces” to hide in so they could have debates about “trigger warnings”.

Truly, it’s a globalized Islamic Liberationist vision or bust via blindness. As children of the Diaspora, and in the face of this shaytanic empire, we must see things from the following perspective: Anyone and anything that will lessen the burden on our brethren abroad should be welcomed, i.e. Trump, whereas anyone and anything that will heighten our peoples’ suffering abroad should be rebuked, i.e. Psychopath Pythoness Clinton. So if it means having to deal with a few more White supremacists on the streets so our brothers and sisters in Syria and Lebanon don’t get bombed as the first target of an all-out global nuclear war between the US ZOG and Russia, then that’s gravy. Line the cracker supremacists up and should they step outta line, we knock ’em out like Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins and “Prince” Naseem Hamed. At least we’ll still be here to fight and resist because WW3 will have been averted. Get your priorities the hell in order Muslims. And do so now before you wind up as nothing but a notation in the history books under the title, “Muslims Who Became Jews”.

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  1. I have used the very same phrase, “an ‘Islamic’ version of the ADL” to describe CAIR, an institution created to neuter and humiliate Muslims. The only experience I have had with CAIR is once, many years ago, I attended their annual banquet in Philadelphia, which some senator was the key note speaker. He used this opportunity to ramble on about how much he loves Israel. Only about ten or so out of the hundreds in attendance felt the need to boo him, myself being one of them. Subsequently, everyone surrounding me turned to give me dirty looks, as if I was the one who was being innapropriate and rude. I was hummiliated, not because of what this man said, but because I have to be associated with a bunch of sissies who will sit by and listen to this garbage, have no dignity, and shame our entire ummah. Later, I found out that the executive director of CAIR Philadelphia is none other than a Jew. Was I surprised? Not really.

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