A Lesson For Pope Francis: False Flag Flop In Italy and Judaic Hatred of Christians

by Jonathan Azaziah

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Last week, as the world had its eyes focused on the Zionist-backed Takfiri carnage in the Syrian economic hub of Aleppo, Mossad tried to pull some skullduggery in Italy but the Italian authorities caught wind of the scheme before it could be implemented. Allegedly, four Takfiri terrorists who had sworn allegiance to ISIS were planning to carry out twin attacks on the ‘Israeli’ embassy in Rome as well as Christian pilgrims heading to the Vatican. This is a blatant attempt by the Zionists to show that Judaism and Christianity (Catholicism specifically) are both being targeted by “radical Islam” and further deflect attention off the slaughter of Christians and Muslims by ‘Israeli’-supported terrorists in Halab City. Also, with even regular, run-of-the-mill, typically toothless “Palestine Solidarity Movement” types asking why ISIS never attacks ‘Tel Aviv’, this is the cancerous Judaic occupation’s way of saying, “See! See! Daesh DOES attack ‘Israel’ and its interests abroad! Stop your ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiracy theories!”

While the Vatican has kept publicly quiet about the incident thus far, there isn’t even a shadow of a doubt that privately, it has consulted with the Zionist enemy and reassured the usurpers of its unconditional support. And why wouldn’t it?! Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis–awarded the highest honor by the ‘Israeli’-settler, Jewish supremacist Bar-Ilan University and praised by the American Jewish Committee as a man who has “won the hearts and minds of many skeptical Jewish religious leaders”–is a Zionist plant and is absurdly pro-Jewish to a fault. Claudio Epelman, director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, a subversive Zionist organization at the heart of much destabilization in the Bolivarian states, couldn’t have been more blunt about how much International Zionism loves Pope Francis: “If you had to choose a pope by Jewish interest, you would have had to choose Bergoglio.” Indeed, this Pope has declared that Holocaust Revisionism is “madness”, that not recognizing ‘Israel’ as a Jewish ‘state’ is “anti-Semitic”, that “inside every Christian is a Jew”, that Catholics need to stop attempting to convert Jews, and perhaps worst of all, that “a Christian can never be an ‘anti-Semite’, especially because of the Jewish roots of Christianity.”

NEWSFLASH ZIONIST POPE: Jesus Christ (A.S.) is a Palestinian, not a Jew, and there is nothing “Jewish” about him. His revolution, contrary to the leftist lemmings foolishly attempting to portray him as anti-Imperialist, was a spiritual one against Jewish supremacy, against demented rabbinical dogma, against Pharisaic praxis, not an extension of it. And in case you were unaware, oh “holy” pontiff you, it is FUNDAMENTALLY ROOTED in Judaism to absolutely abhor ‘Isa al-Masih (A.S.). Indeed, the satanic Talmud is banefully vitriolic towards Christians as a whole, no exceptions. BT Shabbat 116 commands Jews to burn Christian books. BT Sanhedrin 99a says anyone who reads the Gospel (Al-Injeel), the revelations given to Jesus by God, is doomed to hell. BT Avodah Zarah 17a likens adherence to the message of Jesus to the act of sleeping with prostitutes and in the same verse, the mercilessness deepens, “Christians are allied with hell and Christianity is worse than incest.” In the ‘18 blessings’ section of the Jewish daily prayer, its most critical section, there is a special Talmudic curse reserved for the Christians, “And may the apostates have no hope, and all the Christians perish instantly.” Maimonides, the Black-hating, Muslim-despising ‘infallible’ and most widely-read ‘sage’ of Judaism, has written extensively on Jesus and when referring to him, he would always add the salutation of ‘may the name of the wicked perish’. And it doesn’t here oh “holy” pontiff you, the Talmudic overlords considered Jesus and his pure, holy mother Maryam (A.S.) ‘wicked’ for a multitude of reasons.

Like the ‘sex-magic-practitioner’ labels placed upon the other prophets by the toxic Talmud-Kabbalah nexus, the rabbis have done the same with Jesus, ridiculing him and despicably mitigating his dual rank of prophet and Messiah to magician and commander of demons. The rabbinic supremacists did this because they falsely view Jesus as a goy bastard child, produced out of wedlock by his mother Mary, who these demons insanely perceive as a whore that engaged in multiple extramarital relationships, and a Roman soldier. As if promiscuity was genetic, the Talmud deducts that ‘Mary the whore’ passed on her filthy genes to Jesus, whom the rabbis viewed as a sexual pervert. Sadly, the vulgar, and frankly, mentally unstable rabbinical rulings do not stop there. Using the ‘logic of the wise men,’ since Jesus was habitually indulgent in sexual deviance, which he received by transmittance of blood from his sexually unclean mother, by virtue, so were his students and disciples, whom the rabbis viewed as powerful magicians obsessed with sexual excesses. The rabbis viewed Jesus and his followers as a “forbidden cult,” and using their ‘sagacity,’ they tirelessly worked to install this lie, this mirage, this niddah, to use their own term for unsuspecting goyim, in the mind of ordinary Jew who had no relationship with the rabbinate. But let’s not stop there Zionist Pope.

Considering that it is the rabbinic scholars, in their Talmud and Kabbalah, particularly the latter, who have made degenerate sex and satanic sex magic chief characteristics of their ‘godhead’ that rules over goy and Jew alike, it can easily be argued that they are projecting their own insecurities and deficient egomania onto righteous and holy Prophet Jesus the Messiah (A.S.), as sex is the predominant theme in their assault on his person. The Jewish supremacists bring their hatred for Jesus full circle with what they view as his punishment for transgressing against the rabbinate. His transgression? Speaking truth to rabbinical power. In their full-blown rage, the ‘wise men’ decreed that Jesus is rotting in boiling excrement in hell, as written in BT Gittin 57a. Like their subversion of the perfect monotheism of so many other prophets, the rabbis have scribed that Jesus and his disciples worshiped stone; baseless doesn’t even begin to provide an accurate description. If the vileness wasn’t so blatantly exorbitant, it would almost invoke hilarity that after all of the grime thrown upon Jesus and his pure, holy mother, the rabbis placed one more black (magic) mark on his name: refusal to repent. Yes, like children unable to manipulate their parents with a temper tantrum, the Talmudic supremacists were angry because Jesus unrepentantly stood with the light of the truth against the darkness of their lies.

One final gem for you Judaized pontiff. The Jews of Chabad Lubavitch, the most powerful, devious, influential and threatening sect of Judaism, view the birthday of Jesus (which they call Nitel Night) as an unholy night in which ‘soulless gentiles’ have dominion over the earth for 24 hours. This is exceedingly relevant when considering how Palestinians and other occupied Arab peoples are treated by Zionists and their goy conduits on Christmas. To the Chabadniks, any brutality inflicted upon the goyim on Nitel Night is an act of restoring an unpeaceful, unclean planet to its Judaic-ruled state where Jews can study their lessons again without being interrupted by goy happiness. And please Zionist Pope, as well as all the duped lovers of the Zionist Pope, don’t take Jonathan Azaziah at his word about ANY of it. Go read “Jesus In The Talmud” by Professor Peter Schäfer, “Judaism Discovered: A Study Of The Anti-Biblical Religion Of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition And Deceit” by Professor Michael A. Hoffman II and “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight Of Three Thousand Years” by Professor Israel Shahak. Every bit of it and more is there.

TUT chief Mark Glenn has been banging on for years now that the Judaized Pope was put in Rome by International Zionism to ultimately lead a “Latin American Spring”. Considering the Pope’s utter servility before the Jews and all the US-Zionist-sponsored turmoil in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and most especially Brazil right now, which the Vatican has remained completely tight-lipped about, my dear brother Mark The Marvelous is spot-on as usual. With this false flag flop in Italy, Pope Francis will only become even more of a Zionist slave. He already speaks with pseudo-anti-Imperialist language to fool the aforementioned leftist lemmings on the one hand, as he engages in subterfuge like supporting the fake US-led war on Mossad-CIA-Saudi-birthed ISIS and helping free Alan Gross, the Jewish CIA/USAID agent responsible for subversive activities in Cuba. And on the other hand, he furthers Jewish infiltration of the Vatican and canonizes Popes who are considered heroes by World Jewry.

All this should be a wake-up call not only to all Italians but Catholics worldwide about how dangerous ‘Israel’ is and how pathetically collaborationist their Pope is in the face of such a mad, menacing, Christ-hating entity. Islam is not the enemy here. It is incumbent on every Muslim to love Jesus Christ (A.S.) as well as his pure, virgin, pious mother Maryam (A.S.), who we venerate as one of Four Best Women Of Paradise. The same cannot be said for Judaism which hates ‘Isa al-Masih with a scary, violent passion and which wants the global lovers of the Palestinian Prophet-Messiah to simply wipe each other out. With that said, let us end where we began, on the MossadDaesh false flag attack stopped by Italian security forces. I have one last two-part question for the Zionist Pope: If ISIS really wanted to attack ‘Israel’, it ain’t have to go all the way to damn Rome. It could have hopped right over the Syrian border from Quneitra into the Zionist-occupied Golan and then into occupied Palestine, right? But I guess… Launching an assault on your doctors, arms suppliers, financiers, trainers and intelligence providers wouldn’t exactly be practical, now would it? Get outta your alliance with the Synagogue of Satan Mr. Bergoglio before it’s too late.

4 thoughts on “A Lesson For Pope Francis: False Flag Flop In Italy and Judaic Hatred of Christians”

  1. When I attended Catholic grade school so many many years ago… I used to wonder about these priests and nuns that were teaching me. They seemed unreal and angry.
    I was an “altar boy”, and would go to church to help prepare for mass. At a very young age the church appeared as a peaceful trusting place to be in, but what has happened to the church and Pope Bergoglio? The Pope cannot be so ignorant as not to see the deceit of Israel, and it’s Zionists leaders?
    This is a bad time for the church, but I think I saw the vanity and self serving ways years ago but did not understand it then. Looking back, it becomes all clearer now. Will God allow Bergoglio to lead the church in this direction? I do not know, but this has been going on now for a long long time. What is Bergoglio’s agenda in this movement?

    1. The pope is not ignorant. he knows exactly what he is doing. Just like our elected officials who work for the Zionist cabal.
      This pope is not even a Catholic, he is a Jesuit (bad news) They hate Christianity,
      Watch in the Internet some links that many witnesses tell about Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka “Francisco” participating in Satanic rituals, child sacrifice, drinking blood etc,, when he was in Argentina. “The Pope and Satanic Cults” on You Tube.

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