A Cut Above: Sheikh Zakzaky’s Partisans Defend The Islamic Republic Of Iran’s Ahvaz Martyrs

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you were searching for a people who most powerfully embody the global Mouqawamist vision of Imam Khomeini (R.A.), i.e. seeing the Ummah as a single organism in which we all suffer together no matter which nation or people bleeds, then look no further than the Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. Despite the fact their leader still sits in a Nigerian ZOG dungeon, unjustly imprisoned on hideously baseless charges, along with his wife Sayyeda Zeenat and hundreds of his partisans, the youth still followed his example to always stand up for the Moustazafeen and staged a huge demonstration in Abuja for the Iranians who lost their lives in the recent terrorist crime that struck Ahvaz–an operation executed with US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Emirati assistance. Holding up banners that said “We are with the people of Ahvaz, Iran” and “We Are All Taha”–for the little boy slaughtered in the ASMLA-ADPF attack–the Islamic Movement of Nigeria activists chanted slogans against the Anglo-Zionist Empire and expressed solidarity with Iran. They also called for Zakzaky’s release, who no doubt was targeted in the first place and continues to be illegally imprisoned due to his status as one of the most outspoken defenders of the Islamic Republic and Wilayet al-Faqih on Earth. And Iran remains the only nation on the planet that has consistently gone to bat for the Sheikh–a reflection of the Tehran-Zaria bond of brotherhood.

While collaborationist disgraces such as Fatah–which has ties with the ADPF terrorist group–remained silent and nauseating miscreants like the overwhelming majority of the Khaleeji social media sphere expressed joy over the spilled blood of innocent Iranians, Zakzaky’s followers proved yet again that they’re a cut above by safeguarding the memory of the Ahvaz Shouhada amidst a sea of broken and backwards maggotry that is atypical of Jahiliyyah Resurrecta. The Islamic Movement of Nigeria is always at the forefront of heeding the call of the oppressed fighting against the evil of Zio-Imperialism, be it in Iran or Iraq, Bahrain or Yemen, Palestine or Syria; the vanguard, really. Which makes it all the more despicable that so few make a peep about their plight and that of Zakzaky, who isn’t only a modern-day saint, but a revolutionary of such stature that perhaps only a dozen individuals in the last several centuries can be placed on a similar pedestal. May the Islamic Movement of Nigeria be rewarded for its always-righteous stances. And though it shouldn’t have to be said, we’ll do so anyway: May Sheikh Zakzaky be freed post-haste and may his captors never taste anything but burning sorrow for all of eternity.

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