A Bitter Disappointment: Filipino Gangster-Man Rodrigo Duterte Sells Out And Becomes The Usurping Zionist Entity’s Client

by Jonathan Azaziah

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, for lack for a more academic term, is a gangster. In word and deed, he talks and walks like a man who has no concern or use for so-called international norms. Not merely populist, contrary to the way that he is labeled by the Zionist media and Sorosite “human rights” groups. Though there is nothing wrong with populism, as Nasrallah, Al-Houthi, Khomeini (R.A.), the Iraqi Resistance, El Comandante Chavez (rip), Sankara (rip) and Nicaragua’s Sandanistas could all be associated with such, it is nevertheless a matter of maintaining accuracy. More than that, he is tremendously POPULAR, as he is supported by at least 70% of the Filipino people even according to polls in the mainstream press.

We all laughed when he called crypto-chosenoid John Kerry a “loony”, President Predator Drone Obama a “son of a whore” and US Ambassador Philip Goldberg — the Zionist Jew who revolutionary freedom fighter Evo Morales threw out of Bolivia upon discovering his plots to sow sedition and division throughout the nation — a “faggot”. We nodded in approval when Duterte said that we should look to the CIA if a roadside bomb explodes and takes him out or his plane goes down– remembering Lumumba, Che, Nkrumah, Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (R.A.) and so many other heroes who “The Company” murdered or attempted to murder. And while the aforementioned gangs of the NGO-human-rights-industrial-complex bankrolled by the Judaic likes of George Soros, Peter Ackerman and the foundation of the hellbound Peter Lewis bitched and moaned about the Philippines Armed Forces’ actions against ISIS in and around Marawi City — where Duterte has signed the Bangsamoro Organic Law to bring peace to the region by granting larger autonomy to the historically repressed Muslim population — those of us with foresight and insight pointed out the double game that the American ZOG was playing to bring Duterte to heel, increase its military dominance in this critical geographic zone, get one (or ten) up on China and deepen the Zionist-designed GWOT (Global War On Terror).

That said however, we cringed and bellowed in disgust when Duterte gave his soldiers the green light to rape women in the aforementioned majority-Muslim areas in South Philippines. We cringed further and bellowed in more disgust when he met with the savage Saudi regime last March and vowed to expand bilateral ties in the economic and security fields, with “Prince” Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Minister, laughably saying he wants to promote “peace and development” in Mindanao–as if his bloody petrodollars aren’t bankrolling the proliferation of Wahhabi-Takfirism on the island and elsewhere. Then we simply shook our heads as the writing on the wall came in May with the news of Filipino naval soldiers equipping gunboats with millions of dollars in ‘Israeli’ Spike ER missiles. For all Duterte’s talk of independence and seeking friends outside of the Amreeki/Western/Imperialist sphere of influence, he fell right into the Zionist spider’s web and willingly submitted himself to Netanyahu’s client list despite the heavy-handed ‘Israeli’ role via ISIS in destabilizing Marawi City.

This Filipino-‘Israeli’ alliance was cemented this past weekend as Duterte became the first Filipino leader in six decades to make his way to the usurping Zionist entity. He sold out his own dignity as well as that of his nation by meeting with Nutty Netty the Butcher of Gaza, signing 20 agreements worth $83 million and opening up the Filipino economy to massive ‘Israeli’ investment. Many of the memorandums of understanding were signed at a business conference that the illegitimate Jewish regime’s media is calling the “biggest ever” between Filipinos and ‘Israeli’ occupiers. Most dangerously, Duterte expressed his great interest in obtaining ‘Israeli’ high technology–which means the Philippines is about to be integrated into the Talpiot-8200-9900 nexus–and also signed over Filipino energy sovereignty to a Zio-firm called Ratio Petroleum.

In the wake of Hizbullah declaring it will defend Lebanon’s oil and gas reserves in the face of ‘Israeli’ expansion, thus killing Zionist ambitions across the Palestinian-Lebanese maritime borders, Duterte may have just given the Zio-Tumor a much-needed lifeline and granted the artificial Halakhic-Talmudic “state” an explorationist-foothold in the South China Sea. Undoubtedly at the behest of the ‘Israelis’, Duterte even apologized to Obama for past comments. After all, the 44th head of the US ZOG was an exceptional servant, delivering the largest military aid deal in history to ‘Israel’ in 2016.  Maybe that’s who Duterte is now modeling himself on.

Not finished just yet, the Philippines President proudly said that he is out to purchase even more ‘Israeli’ weaponry and completed his transformation from nonaligned stalwart to Zio-cuck by heading to the idolatrous “Yad Vashem” Holofraud exhibit and saying the words oft-repeated by all Shabbos Goyim: “Never again”. Accompanying Duterte to the Holocrock monstrosity was his daughter, Sara, who was revealed to be Jewish through her mother (and Duterte’s ex-wife) Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman.

Perhaps this is where all of this despicable servility stems from: The gangster-man-turned-Yahoudling-tool wants to do right by his Jewess daughter by showing how much he cares about the fake Jewish supremacist regime. The Duterte-Netanyhau is made all the more vomit-inducing when it is taken into consideration that Filipino workers inside the satanic Kabbalistic endeavor called ‘Israel’ are horrifically mistreated, enduring poverty and racism while simultaneously being indoctrinated with self-hating-Gentilism through Zionism. As multipolarity becomes increasingly prevalent, the hopes for Duterte’s reign were high. All of that has how been dashed. Like so many other leaders in the neo-colonized Global South–including in the Arab and Islamic worlds–Duterte, despite all his bluster otherwise, is just another puppet. A puppet of Zion, that is. Truly, a bitter, bitter disappointment. And a complete disgrace to the Filipino people’s history of resistance against Zio-Imperialism.

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