34 Years Since The Sabra and Shatilah Massacre: Only Way To Honor The Martyrs Is To End ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

For three days in September, the 16th to the 18th, 34 years ago, demons walked the Earth in the form of men and took malevolence to depths of darkness and depravity previously unknown. For those 72 hours in Lebanon’s Sabra and Shatilah refugee camps, the criminal Phalangist militia, under the supervision of the usurping Zionist entity, ruthlessly and systematically murdered 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese Shi’a in a massacre unprecedented to this day in the entirety of the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime’s cancerous existence.

Entity Prime Minister Menachem Begin–who knows a thing or two about being an evil, bloodthirsty, terroristic parasite, as he masterminded the King David Hotel bombing and the Deir Yassin slaughter–famously said after the mass killing that, “Goyim kill goyim, and they come to blame the Jews.” But make no mistake, it was the Jewish supremacist “state” of ‘Israel’ that was responsible for every drop of bloodshed in Sabra and Shatilah. Not only did Begin and Sharon arm, finance, train and give the orders to the Phalangists to implement the savagery, ‘Israeli’ occupation forces sealed the camps off and shelled to death anyone attempting to escape. So “Goyim” didn’t kill “Goyim” and then, out of sheer “anti-Semitism”, we all collectively decided to blame ‘Israel’. The SHABBOS GOYIM of ‘Israel’, under the direction of ‘Israel’, and with the assistance of ‘Israel’, committed genocide. THAT’S WHY we “blame the Jews”. Because they’re the monstrous beasts who are responsible.

An overlooked fact of history regarding the carnage that unfolded during those three sunrise-to-sunsets in September 1982 is that the ‘Israelis’ blatantly lied to American officials about the nature of what was happening in the camps and told them that “thousands of terrorists” remained, instead of the truth that it was solely civilians who were present, mostly women, children and elderly men. Sharon, as well as Yitzhak Shamir–another ‘Israeli’ terrorist, who was infamous for carrying out the assassinations of “Lord” Moyne and Count Folk Bernadotte– deliberately covered up the massacre in their meetings with high-ranking US diplomats. The subterfuge that the Zionist terrorists engaged in delayed the American regime just long enough that they and their Phalangist proxies could finish off the murder spree unscathed. Men like Morris Draper and Philip Habib were outraged beyond outraged, but being cowards and weaklings, they subsequently bowed to pressure from the Zionist Lobby and never took their anger, and how they were tricked, out into the light.

Thus, the Sabra and Shatilah massacre can be considered the bloodiest deception that ‘Israel’ ever imposed on America. Worse than Operation Susannah. Worse than the JFK assassination. Worse than the USS Liberty. Even worse than 9/11. Worse than all of them combined in fact. And yet this malignant tumor, which betrays and humiliates America over and over again, which ATTACKS America again and again, just received a military aid package of $38 billion over the course of the next 10 years. Still think that Jewish wealth, power and influence are a “bigoted” myth and Washington isn’t a ZOG?

The martyrs of Sabra and Shatilah, and the thoroughgoing malefic horror inflicted upon them by ‘Israel’ and its proxies, still burn in our frontal lobes like someone opened up our brains and set them on fire. The barbarity, the torment and the wickedness of it all prevents us from shaking our sadness. Nor can we shake our fury. And as new slaughters take place today in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, also the works of gangs directed by the Zionist entity–be they ISIS, the FSA, Nusra or the psychopathic Saudi regime–we are reminded that the struggle is far, VERY far, from over. To prevent the memory of Sabra and Shatilah from disappearing into the caverns of forgotten history, there is only one solution: Cut out the tumor, remove the cancer, lance the cyst, take a machete to the dying, blackened shrubbery. END ‘ISRAEL’! Anything less is an insult to everyone who has lost their lives at this shaytanic, putrefying entity’s hands… Most especially the 3,500 Palestinian and Lebanese Shi’a souls whose lives were snuffed out in Sabra and Shatilah 34 years ago today. #DeathToIsrael #DeathToZionism

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