The Global War On Syria, Now 8 Years Old, Remains ‘Israeli’ At Its Very Core

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today marks 8 years since the global–we could and should even say, damn-near-intergalactic–war on the Syrian Arab Republic began under the guise of “revolution”. 8 years since hordes upon hordes of Takfiri terrorists, with some estimates numbering in the hundreds of thousands or upwards of a million, from more than 100 countries descending upon Syria with the unwavering, unlimited support of the world’s most despicable oppressors, colonizers and tyrants. 8 years since one of the world’s safest countries, and the sole military backer of the Palestinian people and their righteous cause at the state level, was destabilized, setting off a wave of terrorism and horror that has left half a million souls martyred and almost ONE THIRD of the entire population displaced–both internally and externally. 8 years of ruthless subversion that cracked the global antiwar movement worse than in half as so many people failed to see the scheme. 8 years of broken friendships and fractured alliances.

Lest we forget though that one friendship that failed to break… One alliance that absolutely did NOT fracture… Is that of the Resistance Axis. Indeed, lest we also forget that the last 8 years have seen a MAGNIFICENT resistance and an OTHERWORLDLY steadfastness by the Syrian people and their Lebanese, Iranian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghani and Russian brothers which have clipped the wings of the vultures and uplifted Syria from the black hole of potential regime change. A conspiracy, we remind you, that started out as ‘Israeli’ and remains ‘Israeli’ at its very core up until this exact moment.

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