The Ugly Truth: Mark Glenn and J. Azaziah Discuss Baruch Goldstein (L.A.) and The “Torah” As A Tool For Jewish Terrorism

by Jonathan Azaziah

I joined my dear brother Mark Glenn for yet another episode of the revamped Ugly Truth broadcast, continuing our previous discussion and also delving into the depths of what really motivates Jewish-Zionist terrorism, supremacism, Gentile-hatred and global hegemony, with a special focus on Baruch Goldstein (L.A.) and my recent piece about his murderous actions on February 25th, 1994: The corrupted “Torah”. An uncomfortable but necessary conversation that we need to keep having until the root of the issue is understood entirely and a true, effective and militant Intellectual Resistance can be formed across Gentiledom’s bastions. Listen. Learn. Take notes. And free… Your… Minds.

From Mark Glenn: “We are honored once again to have with us the incomparable Jonathan Azaziah who will be discussing–doubtless to the great mental and emotional distress of those addicts of Old Testament Judaism–the ‘Torah’-based roots of modern Jewish/’Israeli’ terror and in particular, the Old Testament-based massacre of 29 Palestinian worshipers on Purim by the insane Judaic mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein. As usual, high-intensity intellectual voltage not suitable for low-watt lightbulbs, so ‘plug-in’ only at the risk of getting a teeth-chattering JOLT of The Ugly Truth.