A Kashmiri Perspective: Can You Hear Me? I Am Yemen!

(Editor’s note: One of the original goals of Mouqawamah Music was to open up a space for Resistance-minded writers from all over the world, especially where Empire Zionica is dishing out the worst forms of oppression, so they can speak unfiltered and further unite the peoples and struggles challenging hegemony. This sad yet beautiful piece by Kashmiri activist and commentator Mohammad Umms Rafiq, who is also an MBBS student studying in the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, encapsulates this idea entirely. May the Kashmiri people achieve Azadi from their Indian terrorist occupiers and may the ever-resilient people of Yemen see salaam in their homeland in 2019, after four years of Zio-carnage. Small edits were made for accuracy. We say Striking Star Salute to brother Mohammad for sharing his perspective with us. ~ Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah)

by Mohammad Umms Rafiq

Children’s Day is celebrated every year on the birthday anniversary of first Indian Prime Minister and leader of Indian Freedom movement, because of his love and special attachment with children.

I am not going to criticize anyone here, but I will just try to highlight those things which have left everyone especially children in isolation, bloodshed, inhumanity, hatred, fear and depression.

For the sake of power, children are being used, their future is being sacrificed for worldly gains by insane people with tyrannical hearts.

Revenge is another terminology used by these heartless, cruel people which they impose on innocent hearts from early childhood in the modern era.

Children are dependent on the care, love, empathy and attention of adults who love them but their attachments are frequently disrupted in times of war, due to loss of parents and use of brutal force on their families by oppressors. Emotional unavailability of distracted or depressed parents leaves these innocent souls in complete despair and hopelessness. Most of the children are “unaccompanied children” in this war game because of the loss of adults (meant for the protection and care of children). As a result, we can see “refugee-like situations” in every warzone and battlefield.

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