15 IOF Soldiers Killed in a special operation by Hizbullah

Hezbollah claims responsibility for deadly attack on Israeli convoy
Mortar bombs hit Israeli military positions in occupied Golan heights

Al-Mayadeen TV: More than 15 Israeli Occupation Forces have been killed in a special operation by Hezbollah

Eight shells fired by Israeli Occupation Forces hit south Lebanon close to frontier

An anti-tank missile struck an Israel Occupation Forces vehicle in the Har Dov area near the Lebanon border on Wednesday morning. Residents in the nearby city of Metuala were instructed to remain indoors.

The incident occured shortly after it emerged that IOF troops were digging in the same area search for possible Hezbollah tunnels. There was no confirmed connection between the two incidents.

Hours earlier, the IOF launched a strike on Syrian Army artillery posts in retaliation for the four rockets fired Tuesday at Israeli Occupied territory, two of which exploded in the Golan Heights. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that areas targeted by the IOF were under control of President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Israeli artillery scored direct hits on Syrian targets in the Quneitra province, according to a statement released by the Israel Occupation Forces’ spokesperson: “The IOF holds the Syrian government accountable for all attacks emanating from its land, and will operate by any means necessary to defend Israeli civilians. Such blatant breaches of Israeli sovereignty will not be tolerated,” the army statement read.

A rocket alert siren sounded in the Occupied Golan Heights before the Israeli strike.

Source: Falastin News

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