100 Years Of Oppression Is Enough: Rothschild-Owned British Regime Must Leave Iraq

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to the Rothschild-owned British regime. These sanguinary Imperialist maggots are sending 250 more troops to Iraq under the false “anti-ISIS” pretext, bringing the total number of UK occupier devils to over 500. There is no grouping of words sufficient enough to accurately describe how much I viscerally abhor the British Empire–which really should be called the Yiddish Empire as it was and remains a debt-ridden, blood-drenched gang of inbreds, mass murderers and pedophiles posing as “royals” who are absolutely beholden to International Jewish Capital.

Reasons for the hatred are rather elementary. “Great” Britain gassed, maimed, tortured and carpet-bombed Iraqis–including my paternal great grandfather and great uncle–in Southern Mesopotamia (Basra, Kufa, Najaf and Karbala particularly) who rose up at Sheikh Mahdi al-Khaleesi’s (R.A.) behest in the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920, set up a brutal monarchy that ruled over us, robbed our resources and gave them unfettered access to all our precious land and resources for nearly 40 years, assisted the CIA and the Mossad in overthrowing revolutionary leader Abdul Karim Qassem in 1963, backed Saddam Hussein’s reign of sectarian despotism, served as the US ZOG’s right hand in both the ’90-’91 invasion and the ’03 aggression, staged false flag bombings throughout their illegal stay on our soil in conjunction with the Mossad-P2OG nexus and played a crucial role in bringing Daesh into being with intelligence, arms, training, media love and political support, with the proverbial icing on the cake being the “bomb-detecting devices” that London gave to Baghdad in order to stop the suicide blasts and vehicle explosives turning out to be totally fraudulent.

There is nothing remotely good that can ever come from continued ties with the UK ZOG, our historical enemy and oppressor. And the fact that Haidar al-Abadi along with the entirety of the corrupt, inept, kleptocratic Iraqi government go out of their way to serve our tormenters is embarrassing in too many ways to count. And y’all wonder why the Iraqi Shi’a of the South protest against this worthless regime? Having the Brits “help” in the fight against terrorism that they helped create is like holding a conference on the rights of the indigenous and asking the ‘Israeli’ cancer to chair the event. Like the Americans, the British mercenaries of World Zionism MUST leave Iraq, for their presence is nothing but a guarantor of perpetual destabilization, agony and bloodshed throughout our homeland. After more than 100 years of conflict with this arrogant, Zionist hellspawn, we really, REALLY should know better. ‪#‎LongLiveIraq‬ ‪#‎DeathToTheUK‬ ‪#‎BritsMustGo‬

7 thoughts on “100 Years Of Oppression Is Enough: Rothschild-Owned British Regime Must Leave Iraq”

    Dear Jonathan & Friends at MM,

    I may have stumbled across a Crypto-Jew and felt that you should know about him (if indeed he is a crypto or a shabez goi disinfo artist):

    His name is Medhat Kelada, and he “fronts” as a “Coptic Christian Activist” (head of the European Coptic Organizations Union) but I ain’t buyin’ it my Brother…

    Here is a Link that will give you somewhat of a “flavor” for the man.

    Here’s an example of just one of the blogs spreading his poison: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com

    I wonder if he’s related to that Hollywood (Egyptian) director what’s his name…uuummmm… oh yeah, Asaad Kelada. If I recall, that sucker ran all over the place with Jews.

    One of the main reasons that I am also writing you, is that I am concerned about some of these foreign invaders entering the USA under false pretenses.

    First off, there were NO (as in zero) Kalada’s reported in the USA in the year 1990 according to the 1990 US census results. I cannot check any later dates because the US Government refuses to provide the surnames list from the 2010 census! More on that troubling topic here.

    We’ve got people all over the USA who we don’t even know about, like check out this “Kelada” down in Florida running a real estate biz, and stealing Intellectual Property from American cartoon/comic book artists (like the creator of GI Joe).

    Read the first paragraph of what Joseph Kelada has to say (brag) about on the homepage of his Real Estate company! Unreal! Totally relevant to your article above.

    Keep up the good work my Brother.

    Oh yeah, and pass this along to Mark Dankof and the rest of the “Crew.”

    …And remember to give me the low down (via comment below mine here) on that mysterious “Medhat Kelada” character.

    1. Woops….accidental typo up above…

      First off, there were NO (as in zero) Kelada’s reported in the USA in the year 1990 according to the 1990 US census results.

      I originally had Kalada (a typo), it should have read Kelada (with an “e”)- as is now corrected in bold (in the quoted excerpt) above in this comment.

      I met a very nice elderly woman who fled Iraq many many years ago. She said that Iraq was once (and I quote): “a Paradise.”

      That really struck me at the time, shook me up, had to ask myself some hard questions, and not shirk away from any difficult (truthful) answers that had to be fully absorbed- and eventually dealt with.

      I am now persecuted.

      I never even “picked up The Cross”. . .

      I only just thought about it.

      I cannot even imagine.

      I hope one day to be able to pick up The Cross, and to be a true follower of Jesus Christ, and I hope that you find your friend one day, alive and healthy, living naturally (sustainably) upon a quiet piece of ground (hopefully in Iraq), with a small spring, an orchard grove, crickets happily singing, birds cheerfully chirping, children gleefully playing, and a beautiful Garden- and that it becomes one of the happiest days in your Life- a life that just gets better and better from that day onward.

      With enough true Prayer, true Faith, true Hope, and true Love- Truly Good action (from yourself and others) can, and will eventually manifest itself- else none of the former was ever really truly from your Heart- or from a Good Heart.

      I believe that Hell is the absence of innocent Life. With enough action, Heaven can and will return to Iraq. The people (both seen and unseen) who are murdering innocent Life there (and everywhere else) must be stopped. They must be stopped, not only outside of ourselves- but within ourselves as well…

      We must stop the murderous people Physically (by righteously killing them [righteous killing is not murder, and not everyone is your neighbor] ), Mentally (by no longer supporting them socially, economically, financially, etc), and Spiritually [by praying for Innocent Life to be Heavenly protected/spared, praying to be strengthened in mind, body, and spirit to Fight the Good Fight, yet at the same time- Live the Good Life, and praying (but NOT solely relying upon) Divine intervention to somehow or another intervene]

      Good Luck to you, and may The Great Spirit, The Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and all of the Good Angels along with All that ever was, or is, Innocent, Good, and Holy- keep you, and always be with you Forever.


      Your Neighbor

  2. Thank you for the great article. The crime commited by the British against Iraq requires an entire encyclopedia to contain it. Lets not forget the malicsious drawing of the border of Iraq By Percy Zakaray Cox, the vicious and hatefilled Jew who created the ficticious bannana state of Kuwait and handed it over to hte pimping house of Sabbah and cutting the Iraqi access to the sea. It was theBritish who cut off Ahwaz. The ethnic cleanising of Ahwaz began under the British occupation of the region. The arbitrary creation of the southern border of Iraq costed Iraq two bloody wars, thank to the British.
    I went to Ahwaz in 2005, I entered a supermarket in Muhammara an the shop keeper started spealing Arabic with me. The Iranians changed its name to Khurramshaher. Thank you Britain

  3. the constatnt interfrence in the country’s affair, the Baghdad bombings of 1950-1951, the starvations of the Iraqi towns and cities during the WW1 and the aftermath, the destruction of Iraq’s infrestructures and industries, hospitals, waterplants etc, the continous bombardment of the country and the ethnic cleansing of its population. British SAS black ops and all the carbombing which they want us to believe they are secterian violence etc, and on the top of that the British complain about immigration????

  4. All these British crimes are done by the ordinary Britons, how many of the royals or aristocrats died in British wars of aggression and expansion??? How many Rothshields were involved in bombing of Iraq in the past 25 years?? I don’t know any, not a single one. These crimes are commited by the ordinary Britons, the taxpayers who finance them and the average Britosn who sing God save the Queen and the Empire, the ordinary underclass Britons who rush into any war joyfully and delightfully. All these crimes are endorsed and glorified by all their educational, cultural, political and religious institutions, so lets not blame the Royals or the Bankers. There is a culture of criminality and thugery in Britain. The irrational self-rightousness, the self-importance, the Messiahship mental disorder, the illusion of racial and moral superiority are ingraind and indespensible ingredients of the British identity and culture,,, Lest We Forget

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