ZOG Figurehead 45 Trump’s Golan Heights Tweet: Imperialist Thinking, Imperialist Folly

by Jonathan Azaziah

The world is abuzz over ZOG Figurehead 45 Donald Trump’s “historic” tweet which signifies the United Snakes “giving” the occupied Golan Heights to ‘Israel’ and recognizing the Zio-Tumor’s “sovereignty” over Syria’s resource-rich southern territory. Everybody ain’t bzzz-bzzzz-buzzin’ in ecstatic happiness though. Neocon warlord and former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul idiotically said that Trump’s tweet has the Russians feeling “quietly thrilled”. McFaul’s “chosenite” fellow traveler, Max “Bathing In Iraqi Blood” Boot, wrote a scathing piece in CIA-Mossad dumping ground WaPo called “Trump Just Made A Huge Mistake In The Middle East”. The neocon Parasite lambastes Trump for a “typically thoughtless and impetuous act” that will open “a Pandora’s box where states are allowed to change international borders by force.” Rich coming from a war criminal who has sought to do just that–change international borders by force–to every last one of the usurping Zionist entity’s adversaries.

Chabadnik Jew Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal also joined the fray against Trump’s announcement with a piece called “Trump’s Golan Heights Endorsement Draws Ire From Friends and Foes”. The ‘Israel’ Policy Forum, a Rabin-founded mouthpiece funded by the likes of S. Daniel Abraham, the Bronfmans, Haim Saban and ex-chiefs of the ADL and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations like Alan Solow and Robert Sugarman, condemned the timing of Trump’s decision because it may embolden Syria and give Netanyahu the green light to annex the occupied West Bank too. They’re “peacenik” Jews, after all.

Anshel Pfeffer, the popular British-‘Israeli’ Haaretz correspondent who echoes what many of the Entity’s politicos and security regime thugs are thinking, penned a fascinating piece in response to the Orange Oaf’s Twitterism titled, “Trump’s Golan Heights Diplomatic Bombshell Was Bound to Drop. But Why Now?” Pfeffer says the Tangerine Twit’s move is going to “cause ‘Israel’ diplomatic damage”, and, in his conclusion, says, “the United States is treating ‘Israel’ as a vassal state and a banana republic by flagrantly interfering in its election. This time, though, the ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister won’t be complaining.” No. Netanyahu most certainly will not be. He called it a “Purim miracle”. He’s over the moon, as are his Likudnik allies.

Right-wing Jewish terrorist Naftali “I’ve Killed Many Arabs In My Life and There’s No Problem With That” Bennett though, is one pissed off land-thief. The devilish colonizer said straight up, “With all the joy of American recognition of the Golan Heights, it is essential to say: The ‘Golan in exchange for Hamastan’ deal is a danger to Jewish settlements and to ‘Israel’.” This is particularly jocular too, because just 4 years ago, Bennett was barking like a rabid mutt about the whole planet giving Al-Jaulan to the Jews, “I want to challenge the entire world. I want to give the international community an opportunity to demonstrate their ethics. Recognize ‘Israeli’ sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” Now… All of a sudden… He and Pfeffer are seemingly on the same page. Why? Because Trump’s “recognition” of an ‘Israeli’ Golan is a pretext to get the illegitimate Jewish “state” to succumb to his upcoming “Ultimate Peace Deal” so he can go down in the history books as the one who closed the file on the ‘Israeli’-Palestinian “conflict”. ZOG Figurehead 45 is trying to reclaim America’s status as the hegemon and run ‘Israel’; the dog wagging the tail instead of the tail wagging the dog.

This is Imperialist thinking in its purest. Good, bad or indifferent, that’s the purview that Trump is operating from. The ‘Israelis’ and their US counterparts, as evidenced by the mouth-frothing from Bennett, McFaul, Boot, etc., hate it excessively because they’re the ones who have been sitting pretty in the Ivory Towers of Imperium Judaica for decades, dictating WHATever needs to be dictated to WHOMever needs to receive dictation. They don’t like the mask getting ripped off of the “peace process” because it defeats the very purpose of “peace process” to start with. It is supposed to continue on in perpetuity while Zion gobbles up all the Arab-Islamic lands that make up “Eretz Yisrael” as per the maps in the corrupted “Torah”… All as the ILLUSION of “negotiating” and “peace-making” rolls onward. This is why, when the “biggest Yerushalayim in history”, to use PA traitor Saeb Erekat’s stomach-bubbling Hebrew phrase, was offered to the ‘Israelis’ in May 2008, they still rejected it. Not because they didn’t want it and aren’t aiming to claim just that. But because they refuse to be pinned down; because they won’t have their Halakhic-Talmudic expansionism contained by Gentiledom.

All of this aside however, there is, obviously, a glaringly, massively gaping hole in this scenario put forth by Trump: It has never worked. Give the ‘Israelis’ an inch and they not only take a mile, they put a rope around your neck and drag you down the mile with them while calling you a “Goy toy” and a “filthy Amalekite”. Give them everything, only to apply “the takeaway”–a sales tactic to get your targeted client to sign on the dotted line before they lose it all –at the negotiating table and risk getting JFK’ed. Trump ain’t that brave. Trump ain’t that principled either. Which means that his Imperialist thinking is also his Imperialist folly.

So could he be setting up ‘Israel’ for the death-blow like Reagan before the Zionist-instigated Watergate, Bush Sr. before a Mossad assassination attempt and Clinton before Lewinsky? Possibly, one can guess. But unlikely. For regardless of what the Apricot Addlebrain thinks, says, tweets or plots, his actions have indicated that he absolutely isn’t willing to stand up for what is right when the proverbial (or actual) gun is to his head. He has already capitulated on removing troops from Syria, reversing his withdrawal plans after months of pressure from the ZioCon machine and vowing to keep the US occupation going–a boost to ‘Israel’, assuredly. This follows his regime providing the Kurds and their SDF/YPG/PYD gangs with more arms and working with them to balkanize Syria; destroying Raqqa’s bridges and water supply; blowing up Syria’s air defenses at Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs; implementing new sanctions and facilitating ‘Israeli’ raids on critical Syrian infrastructure, which we now know number over 200 since ’17 alone; outright attacking the Syrian Arab Army at Al-Tanf, and doing it more than once; and deliberately letting ISIS fester to perpetuate the Zionist-designed Global War On Terror.

And do also keep in mind that contrary to what some of his critics, like Pfeffer, are screeching, this move isn’t merely “symbolic”. It comes on the heels of ‘Israeli’-owned Shabbos Goy Lindsey Graham promising Netanyahu that he’d work day and night to secure American recognition of the ‘Israeli’ occupation of Al-Jaulan as “legitimate”. His congressional cohorts, Rubio, Cruz, Cotton and Gallagher, all Jewish-funded, put the legislation on the floor to this effect a month before he went to the Zio-Tumor. As a result of this gerrymandering from Congress to “Tel Aviv”, America’s annual “human rights” report has called Al-Jaulan “‘Israeli’-controlled” instead of “‘Israeli’-occupied” for the first time ever. Next stop is the UN. For wherever the American ZOG goes, the “international community”, long bought and paid for by Washington, tends to follow. This could set the stage for further conflict on the global stage because Russia–which said that it will never recognize ‘Israeli’ claims to the Golan and called the maneuver the opposite of peace–will indubitably veto anything Zio-Amreeka brings to the table.

Speaking of Russia, it’s impossible not to notice that the moment Trump makes his Golan Heights tweet and the “Purim miracle” is hailed all over the Jewish world by Netanyahu’s acolytes, the Mueller probe is concluded with the notation that there won’t be any further work on the matter as well as without a single individual being indicted for “Russia collusion”, thus putting to bed one of the greatest Zionist media deceptions and mis-narratives of all-time. The thing about the Mueller probe though… Is that it’s really the Goldstein probe.

As the Sulzberger-owned New York Times reported in a February 25th, 2019 piece called “It’s Mueller’s Investigation. But Right Behind Him Is Andrew Goldstein”, Goldstein is the one running the show, for he has a “much more involved, day-to-day role in one of the central lines of investigation.” He’s done all the major interviews and signed the plea agreement with Michael D. Cohen too. Also reported by the New York Times, 15 years ago and not on purpose, is that Goldstein comes from a major Zionist background. His mother’s a board member of the metro New Jersey chapter of the American Jewish Committee and his father is the senior partner in Hellring Lindeman Goldstein & Siegal, a Newark law firm staffed to the brim with powerful East Coast Zionist Jews. Was this another quid pro quo? Is Trump hedging his bets before the 2020 election (read: selection)? “I give you the Golan, you end this ‘Russiagate’ lunacy, huh Jews? You know I’m a ‘righteous Gentile’, believe me!”… That sorta thing? Definitely seems that way.

Plus, affiliates of Trump stand to profit in a major way from the ‘Israeli’ theft of Al-Jaulan becoming legitimized. It’s widely known at this point that the Syrian Golan Heights is sitting on top of a hell of a lot oil and gas. A soup-to-nuts Zionist company called Genie Energy is already illegally drilling for it. Ira Greenstein, a former president of the Jewish supremacist pillaging outfit, is personally and financially close to the Kushner family, Trump’s son-in-law Jared in particular. Gary Cohn, a former Trump economic advisor, also used to be a bigwig at Goldman Sachs, which is heavily invested in Genie. Trump’s Special Representative for “International Negotiations” Jason Greenblatt has quite a pretty penny in Genie’s coffers too. Essentially, just as Venezuela’s sovereignty is under attack in the name of Zionist oil interests, Syria’s sovereignty is facing an onslaught for the exact same reasons. Trump being the neo-capitalist swine that he is, has to see this as a win-win-win. Lock down the “Ultimate Peace Deal”. Get the Mueller (read: Goldstein) probe dropped. Have the family–or should we say, Mishpucka–make a little money–or should we say, gelt–in the process.

Imperialist thinking, Imperialist folly as our title says though. Because the silver lining to all this, ironically enough, can be found in aforementioned neoCOHEN maggot Max Boot’s pile of swill in WaPo. “Find the truth in the lies” as the cliche goes. “Trump is stirring up a controversy where none existed and thereby handing a present to Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad by allowing them to posture as the resistance to ‘Israeli’ occupation rather than be recognized as what they are — the butchers of their fellow Muslims.” Obviously… Hizbullah, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army as well as the NDF, Liwa Al-Quds, Iran, the Iraqi Mouqawamah, the Fatemiyoun and the Zaynabyoun aren’t “butchers” of anything but the Zionist scheme designed to topple the Syrian government and replace it with a Zionist-normalizing regime of Wahhabi-Takfiri surrenderists. Moreover, they are the saviors of our region’s Muslims… And Christians. And OBVIOUSLY, they are not “posturing” as the Resistance to ‘Israeli’ occupation… They ARE the Resistance.

And over the last 8 years of intergalatic war on the Syrian Arab Republic, the Resistance Axis – led by several now-martyred Hizbullah commanders (R.A.) and Iraq’s Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, the leader of Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba – has built up a Mouqawamist infrastructure in the occupied Golan Heights. ‘Israel’ fears it greatly, that’s why it tried to assassinate al-Kaabi. The moujahideen, an “Islamic Army” as IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami labeled it, are merely waiting for the order to get operations underway. So while it was inadvertent, much like Trump’s dismantlement of the JCPOA–a Zio-Trojan Horse to liberally infiltrate and culturally subvert the Islamic Republic of Iran– his tweet about the Golan very well may have accelerated the inevitable liberation of the ancient Syrian plateau from ‘Israeli’ clutches to the status of “sooner” rather than “later”.

In the final analysis, Donald Trump, like many other American presidents before him, stands on the precipice. This is an individual who has been working side-by-side with Organized Jewish Interests – just like his father did – for his entire life, from real estate to entertainment to politics today. But that still hasn’t stopped them from raking him over the coals. They completely crushed him with the “financial 9/11” of 2008. They stuck him in Miami too. And they’ve done it again with “Russiagate” during his presidency. It’s Parasite-on-Parasite violence for sure, but that’s not the point. This power struggle between Nouveau Riche Yahoudlings and Old Money Anglos is having global implications. Trump has to comprehend this fully. He knows how the game works. He knows how the Jews work too. Does he want to continue being the Kehilla’s slave or does he really want to be the “Red-Blooded American Commander-In-Chief” who actually did “drain the swamp”? All the evidence indicates the former. We’ll see if it shifts with the fluidity of the situation on the ground.

As for the Syrian people of the Golan Heights themselves, the most important part of this equation, they’ve made it known what their stance is, with one protester in Majdal Shams declaring, “From here we say that the Golan is Arab and Syrian and neither Trump nor any other person can decide its fate. The word that matters the most on the Arab land of the Golan, at first and last, is the word of our heroic Syrian Arab Army.” Another bellowed, “He [Donald Trump] wants to give ‘Israel’ land, he can give them one or two of his states in America. But al-Golan has its own occupiers, ‘Israel’ or any other ‘state’ cannot take it.” Such steadfastness and defiance cannot be beaten–even by the biggest, vilest and baddest Imperialists. Victory to Syria. May the American-Zionist scheme against Al-Jaulan burn in the same defeated manner as the Takfiri destabilization scheme against the whole of the Syrian nation gloriously burned before it.

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